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Title: Brand Glossary-7
Post by: Bipasha Matin on November 27, 2016, 09:43:06 AM
Brand Efficacy – Brand’s ability to produce the desired result.

Brand Equity – Brand’s value over other brands.

Brand Family – A group of brands under the same umbrella of development.

Brand Hierarchy – Similar to Brand Family.  The use of brand to move customers up the value chain.  i.e. BMW moves consumers from a lower priced model to higher priced models throughout the life of the customer.

Brand Identity – The way a brand presents itself to the consumer.

Brand Loyalty – Extended brand preference and deliberate decision to repeat purchase of the brand.

Brand Management – Keeping close records of how the brand is adhering to the Brand Charter. The process by which an organization’s brand is directed like any other business unit.

Brand Meaning – How the brand is defined in the mindset of the consumer.

Brand Message – The expression of the brand meaning to the consumer.

Brand Model – The processive organization of the brand.

Brand Mythology – The story behind the brand’s derivation and meaning.

Brand Permission – What the brand can and cannot do according to the implications of the Brand Charter.