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Title: Brand Glossary-9
Post by: Bipasha Matin on November 27, 2016, 09:44:08 AM
Brand Trigger – A specific characteristic or message of a brand that causes change.

Brand Visioning – The projected path of action upon which the brand needs to tread in order to steal share from the competition and increase market share.

Branded House – A centrally focused group of brands that are clearly connected and coherent. A very large Family of Brands.

Brandface – Who the consumer believes himself to be when using or deciding to purchase a brand.

Branding – The active process of Brand Development.

Branding Firm – A group of Brand Strategists and possibly a few others who focus time and energy upon the development and analysis of brands.

Business – A group working toward a financial purpose.

Business of the Brand – The function of the brand within the mindset of the consumer.

Business of the Business – The function of the product/service.

Business Plan – Structuring and goal-setting process of the business.

Category – A family of businesses sharing the same purpose.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) – A method of data gathering using programs that enable interviewers to input data directly into the system and that is adaptive based on previous answers.  CATI systems allow for responses to be randomized so that the manner in which questions are asked to not prejudice the responses.

Competitive Audit – A close analysis of a brand’s competition within the market that defines the other brands present to the consumer.