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Title: Meeting Your New Team
Post by: Sultan Mahmud Sujon on April 12, 2017, 09:24:15 AM
As a manager, meeting a new team for the first time can be nerve-racking. You want to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and that you establish your leadership, but you need to do this without destroying the team's culture or dynamic, or trampling on its achievements.

Being too heavy handed can be disastrous, but not establishing the right degree of authority can be, too. However, when it's handled well, an informal introductory meeting can be a great opportunity to learn about your team, to build trust with its members, and to establish a climate of mutual respect.

This article will help you to prepare for your first meeting with your team. So, follow these five steps to make your first meeting count.

1. Find Out About Your New Team

If there's a corporate intranet with employee profiles, read up on your team's professional skills and accomplishments, and any other information that you can come by. This will demonstrate to your team that you value it enough to spend time learning about its members before the meeting. If you can't find this data on the intranet, talk to your HR department, who may have photos and background information on the new members of your team.