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Title: 5 ways to Celebrate Earth Day-4
Post by: Md. Abrar Amin on April 22, 2017, 03:58:52 PM
Spread the word. Everyone has environmental knowledge they can share with others. Just talking about the environment with people who may not think about it that much is a good way to celebrate Earth Day. Talk to your parents, friends, teachers, siblings, and anyone else you'd like about the issues you care about most. Here are a few ways to educate others about the earth:
Give a speech at your local library on how to compost with worms
Take a group of children down to the recycling center to show them how things are recycled
Recite nature poems in the park
Offer to teach your office colleagues how to make environmentally-friendly choices at work during lunch hour
Encourage people to respond and if they have no opinions or they seem to not know much, help them learn some more by imparting your environmental knowledge in a friendly and helpful manner.
Get a group of friends to wear green and brown. When people ask you why you're dressed like a tree, take the opportunity to talk about Earth Day.