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Title: Be Aware About Ransomware Attack
Post by: nadir-diu on May 14, 2017, 12:14:06 PM
Dear all,
On Saturday to prepare for a renewed cyber-attack, convinced that a lull in a computer offensive that has stopped car factories, hospitals, schools and other organizations in around 100 countries was only temporary.

The pace of the attack by a destructive virus dubbed WannaCry slowed late on Friday, after the so-called "ransomware" locked up more than 100,000 computers, demanding owners pay to $300 to $600 get their data back. Companies rushed to protect Windows systems with patches that Microsoft released last month and on Friday. WannaCry exploited a vulnerability to spread itself across networks, a rare and powerful feature that caused infections to surge on Friday.

The worm is primarily impacting business, where it can spread quickly through a network to take down an entire company. Business take longer to install critical updates and patches, often to avoid impacting any legacy software they are running.

Few precautions:
•   First, install any software updates immediately and make it a regular habit. Turn on auto-updaters where available (Microsoft offers that option). Microsoft also recommends running its free anti-virus software for Windows.
•   If you don't already have a backup routine, start now and regularly save copies of all your files. That way if your machine gets infected and your photos and documents are encrypted, you don't need to worry about losing them.
•   Finally, always stay alert. Don't click on links that you don't recognize, or download files from people you don't know personally.
Title: Be Aware About Ransomware Attack
Post by: nadir-diu on May 16, 2017, 09:37:43 AM
Dear all,
Trust you are already aware of the massive RANSOMWARE attack occurred last Friday. It affected organizations around the world.

Based on initial analysis of this ransomware, it appears to be taking advantage of a recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerability (MS17-010 –“Eternalblue”) associated with the Shadow Brokers tools release.

Here are some basic tips in this burning situations:
·  Backup your data regularly: To always have a tight grip on all your important files and documents, keep a good backup routine in place that makes their copies to an external storage device that is not always connected to your PC.

 ·  Email Security: Always double-check before download any document as attachment in email. If document opens automatically, do not enable content or macro in it. Also, keep email security policy up to date. Never click on links inside those documents unless verifying the source.

 ·  Keep your systems Updated: If you are using Windows operating system, keep your system up to date,  or simply upgrade your system to latest Windows version i.e. Windows 10. Alternately you may choose for Linux variants as well.

·  For other versions of Windows OS: If you are using Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 or 2008, apply the emergency patch released by Microsoft.

·  Disable ActiveX and Macro in Microsoft Office like Applications: Disable Macro function in office applications, never enable content in Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel etc.

 ·  Enable and Configure Firewall: Enable widows firewall.

Title: Re: Be Aware About Ransomware Attack
Post by: Nujhat Anjum on September 12, 2017, 02:16:44 PM
Thanks for your post.