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Title: Stop Thinking, Start Doing
Post by: anwar.swe on November 29, 2017, 01:46:44 PM
You claim you’re content with life. “I have a decent job, a home, and a family who loves me, what more could I ask for?” The answer is…a hell of a lot.
I don’t write about personal development because I believe in being holier than thou. I write about it, because deep down, we all want better for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with that.
You want more for your life, have a dream you’d like to pursue, or at minimum an inkling of wanting to change.
There is only one method for achieving…well…anything. You have to become a doer.
Thinking is For Suckers
You’ve heard the saying “God laughs at your meticulous plans for the future.”
Life almost never works out the way you picture it in your mind. Thinking long and hard about what you’re going to do won’t help you actually do it. In fact, overthinking will keep you from doing anything.
I’m not saying to follow every impulse you have or make no plans for your future whatsoever. I do, however, encourage you to realize the thinking part of the equation covers ten percent of the process. The doing makes up the other 90.
I’ll use my own experience as an example. I thought about writing for years. I read blog post after blog post on starting a writing career. Before I’d pull the trigger, I weighed the pros and cons in my mind. For a while, the cons won out.
“Nobody knows who you are. How will you stand out?”
“Writers don’t make any money.”
“Quit kidding yourself.”
Title: Re: Stop Thinking, Start Doing
Post by: tasnim.eee on June 19, 2019, 07:10:51 PM