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Title: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline
Post by: Jasia.bba on January 19, 2018, 12:57:38 PM
A simple and effective technique to strengthen these two skills, is to do things, which you would rather avoid doing, due to laziness, procrastination, lack of assertiveness, shyness, or other reasons.

By carrying out such actions, despite your inner resistance and reluctance, you become stronger.

As muscles get stronger by resisting the weight of barbells, so these skills are strengthened by overcoming the inner resistance.

Willpower and Self DisciplineStrengthen Your Willpower & Self Discipline

Guidance and exercises for improving your willpower and self-discipline, gaining inner strength, and overcoming procrastination, laziness and indecisiveness.

Learn how to master yourself and your life.

Strengthen Your Willpower & Self Discipline

Simple and Powerful Exercises

Exercise no. 1
You are sitting in a bus or train and an old man or woman, or a pregnant lady walks in. Stand up and give up your seat, even if you prefer to stay seated. Act so, not just because it is polite, but because you are doing something that you are reluctant to do. This is an exercise in overcoming the resistance of your body, mind and feelings.

Exercise no. 2
There are dishes in the sink that need washing, and you postpone washing them for later. Get up and wash them now. Do not let laziness control you. When you know that in this way, you are actually strengthening yourself, it becomes easier to take immediate action, despite laziness and the desire to procrastinate.

Exercise no. 3
You come home from work and sit in front of the T.V., because you feel too lazy and too tired to take a shower first. Do not succumb to the desire to sit in front of the T.V, and go take a shower immediately.

Exercise no. 4
Do you like your coffee with sugar? If you do, then for one whole week drink it without sugar. Do you drink three cups of coffee each day? If you do, then drink only two cups a day for one whole week.

Exercise no. 5
Do you, like many others, like to read some unimportant gossip in the newspaper or magazine? Then, for one whole week, abstain from doing so. This might not be easy, but it's good for your training. I am not telling you to do so indefinitely, but for only one week.

Exercise no. 6
If you have the choice of going up with the elevator or climbing the stairs, choose climbing the stairs. However, climb the stairs only if it's not a high storey, and you are in good physical condition.

These are very simple exercises, which everyone can practice. Remember, the purpose of the exercises is to develop inner strength, not to make life difficult for you.

Do you want more exercises, more guidance and more advice, so you increase your self-discipline and willpower much more? If you do, I highly recommend that the read my book about this topic.

When you practice weight lifting, aerobics, or any other kind of sport, you strengthen your muscles, and can therefore, use your physical strength whenever you need it.

It is the same with willpower and self discipline. When you strengthen them, you make them available for your use anytime you need them. They give you more control over your life, help you change habits, and give you the necessary inner strength required for personal and spiritual growth, and for achieving success.
Title: Re: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline
Post by: Fahmi Hasan on May 13, 2018, 11:08:41 AM
Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. It will change our entire life style, if we practice sincerely.
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Title: Re: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline
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