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Title: Five habits of effective English language learners 3
Post by: Md. Sadequle Islam on April 17, 2018, 06:58:16 PM
3. Review your lessons and self-study notes regularly

To successfully learn new vocabulary and grammar, you need to review your lesson or self-study notes regularly. Go through the notes you took in a particular lesson and try memorising some or all of the important language or grammar points (remember, set yourself realistic goals). Then, writing on a blank piece of paper, see how much you can recall. Repeat the process until you've memorised all the things you set yourself at the beginning of the task.

Tip: Some learners benefit from creating flashcards that you can store on a smart phone. Quizlet is one such app. There is also GoConqr, which can help you bring all your lessons together in one place. You can even create vocabulary mind maps from your lessons! With so many tools to help you online, find out which ones work for you.