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Title: Notice on Laptop Token Collection for the Students Fall 163 Semester
Post by: Md. Nasim Howlader on May 13, 2018, 03:41:36 PM


Date: 12/05/ 2018

Students with initial part of ID number 163 (admitted in Fall 2016 Semester and eligible under the scheme of “One Student: One Laptop”), are requested to collect their Laptop token from Mr. Md. Nasim Howlader, Assistant Officer, Students' Affairs (DSA) office at Daffodil Tower, 4th Floor during 15 May to 22 May 2018 from 10 .00 am to 4.00 pm.


Students of Permanent Campus have to collect their token from Mr. Saiful Islam Assistant Accounts Officer (accounts section), Permanent Campus within the scheduled date and time.


Students of UTTARA Campus have to collect their token from Mr. Mir Muhammad Ehsanul Haque Student Counselor Officer UTTARA Campus within the scheduled date and time.

*** If Students are found their ID number in the attached file, please go to jobsbd.com Office at DF Tower (Shafin’s Asha Tower) 7th Floor and confirm your registration for attending the Training session. After training please open your student portal then select the Laptop option and read and tick carefully OATH and AGREEMENT. And submit your own VIDEO RUSEME/CV LINK (Duration Limit: 50 SECOND OR 1 MINUTE 50 SECOND LONG) and finally collect your Laptop from DCL according to the next instruction via E-mail. ****

*** Remember that , you must have to submit your Video Resume/CV Link for receiving your laptop.

*** For Video resume you can use any kind of device such as : Mobile, Video Camera.  For a better Video resume you may contact with DIU media Lab at Daffodil Tower.

For further query please contact to Mr. Muhammad Arif Sheikh, Accounts Officer (Cell-01713493088).
Token Serial

Date to collect


15 May, 2018


16 May, 2018


17 May, 2018


19 May, 2018


20 May, 2018


21 May, 2018


22 May, 2018

Note: Students must take their token within schedule date otherwise none will be permitted to receive Laptop.

Please Find the attachment file and receive your token

The final schedule of the Laptop Distribution Ceremony will be declared soon.