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Title: Why Higher Education Institutions should worry about Quality
Post by: tanchi on May 17, 2018, 05:38:57 PM
As teachers, principals, heads of the department and policy makers in education we should worry about quality of teaching, programmes, and institution because of the reasons
(1)   Competition:
We are entering a new regime, where competition among educational institutions for students and funds will be highly significant. With globalization and
GATS (Global Agreement on Trade in Services), the educational environment will be seized by increased competition. In order to survive in such situation, educational institutions need to worry about their quality
(2) Customer satisfaction: Students, parents or sponsoring agencies as customers of the educational institutions are now highly conscious of their rights or getting value for their money and time spent. They are now demanding good quality teaching and receiving employable skill set and thus we should constantly worry about the relevance of our courses and programmes to the needs of the market.
(3)Maintaining standards: As educational institutions, we should always concern about setting our own standard and maintaining it continuously year after year. In order to maintain the standard, we should continuously make efforts to improve quality of educational facilities
(4) Accountability: Every institution is accountable to its own stake holder in terms of the funds (public or private) used on it. Concern for quality will ensure accountability of funds utilized and inform the stake holders about taking appropriate decisions. Thus quality can be considered as a monitoring mechanism.
(5)Improve employee morale and motivation: Concern for quality as an institution will improve the morale and motivation of the staff in performing their duties and responsibilities. If quality system is in place, the internal process would be systematic making every department complementing each other’s service domain and helping in developing internal customer satisfaction leading to high morale and motivation.

Credibility, prestige and status: If institutions are concerned about quality, continuously and not once in a while. It will bring credibility to institutions and individuals because of consistency leading to practice, status and brand value.
(7)Image and visibility: Quality institutions have the capacity to attract better stake holder support, like getting merit students from far and near, increased donation / grants from funding agencies and higher employer interest for easy placement of graduations.

Title: Re: Why Higher Education Institutions should worry about Quality
Post by: shahanasumi35 on May 23, 2018, 11:14:55 AM
Informative post .Thanks for sharing.

Shahana Kabir