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Title: Pioneers Under 35 2018
Post by: Samsul Alam on December 10, 2018, 02:36:24 AM
Their innovations are leading the way to better gene editing, smarter AI, and a safer internet.

    Joy Buolamwini

    When AI misclassified her face, she started a movement for accountability.

    Alessandro Chiesa

    A cryptocurrency that’s as private as cash.

    Chelsea Finn

    Her robots act like toddlers—watching adults, copying them in order to learn.

    Alexandre Rebert

    He asked, what if a computer could fix itself?

    Nabiha Saklayen

    She developed a way to edit genes with cheap lasers.

    Julian Schrittwieser

    AlphaGo beat the world’s best Go player. He helped engineer the program that whipped AlphaGo.

    John Schulman

    Training AI to be smarter and better, one game of Sonic the Hedgehog at a time.

    Humsa Venkatesh

    She discovered a secret to cancer growth that could lead to a new class of drugs.
Collected from MIT Technology Review