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Title: apparel terms iv
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RMG   Ready Made Garment
ISO   International Organization for Standardization
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
CIF   Cost, insurance and freight
CITA   Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
CM   Cut and Make
COP   Cost of Production
EIN   Exporter Identification Number
ETD   Estimated Time of Departure
EXW   Ex-works
EU   European Union
FDI   Foreign Direct Investment
FOB   Free on Board
FTA   Free Trade Agreement
GATT   General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GDP   Gross Domestic Product
GSP   Generalized System of Preferences
ILO   International Labor Organization
JICA   Japan International Cooperation Agency
L/C   Letter of Credit
LDCs   Least Developed Countries
MFA   Multi-Fiber Arrangement
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
P.S.I.   Pre-shipment Inspection
WTO   World Trade Organization
COC   Code of Conduct
EPZ   Export Processing Zone
BTMA   Bangladesh Textile Mills Association
BGMEA   Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and exporters Association
BKMEA   Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and exporters Association
EPB   Export Promotion Bureau
GTZ   German Technical Cooperation
CAD   Computer Aided Design
CAM   Computer Aided Manufacturing
ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning
MRP   Material Requirement Planning
POS   Point of Sales
CAP   Corrective Action Plan
AQL   Acceptable Quality Level
CSR   Corporate Social Responsibility
ETI   Ethical Trading Initiative
BSCI   Business Social Compliance Initiative
WRAP   Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production
DC   Distribution Centre
QC   Quality Control
QA   Quality Assurance
FRI   Final Random Inspection
IPC   In- process check
 PPC   Pre production check
 IPC   Initial production check
 Du-Pro   During production check
MIL STD   Military Standard
DIN   Deutches institut fur Normung
BS   British Standard
AATCC   American Association for Textile Chemists and Colorists
ITS   Intertek Testing Service
BV   Bureau Veritas
LG   Letter of Guarantee
ETA   Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD   Estimated Time of Departure
SOP   Standard Operating Procedure
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
P.O.   Purchase Order
PSS   Product Specification Sheet
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AMT       Apparel Manufacturing Technology
BOG        Board of Governors
BQSP      Bangladesh Quality Support Programs
CEPD      Center for Export & Product Development
FDT        Fashion Design Technology
HRD        Human Resource Development
HRM        Human Resource Management
MIS        Management  Information System
PTS        Primary Textile Sector
SA         Social Accountability
VAT       Value Added Tax
TIFA      Trade & Investment Framework Agreement

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