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Title: How you can add a Shortcut Key to Your Internet Connection?
Post by: Sultan Mahmud Sujon on February 25, 2012, 07:43:56 AM
This basic and common way to dial the internet connection using giving path:

Click on Start Button > sittings then click on Network and dial-up connections option, here you can dial your internet connection.

Another way to dial your internet connection if you have a shortcut to your internet connection on your desktop. Simply boot your system and dial your internet connection from your desktop shortcut.

    A new cool tip to dial internet connection with out using the mouse, simply add a shortcut key that will allow you to do this. Just right-click on your Internet connection and go to  Properties option. Click in the Shortcut Key box and then press a key combination that you would like to use here like  (Ctrl-Alt-I). When you have a combination you like, click OK. Next time no need to use mouse to run your internet connection simply use this shortcut from your keyboard, you can just press your shortcut key combination (Ctrl-Alt-I) to launch your Internet connection.