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Title: Papaji - Sri H.L. Poonja Quotes
Post by: Badshah Mamun on May 14, 2012, 05:22:25 PM

Papaji - Sri H.L. Poonja Quotes

Thoughts are impediments to seeing your own face. Don't give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.

What is purification of the mind? No thought. This thought-less mind, sattvic mind, no mind, can be called Consciousness itself. Self itself.

If you address the mind with "Who are you?" it will disappear.

Mind is nothing but thought. You can't separate thought itself from the mind.

When we use the word "I", there is ego. Then there is the mind, then there is a body, then there are senses, then there are sense objects, and then all manifestation arises.

Who is journeying for freedom? The one who is already free. Just get rid of the concept, "I am the body, separate from the source." You return to what you always were.

Nothing arises without Self. All existence is one in one's own Self.

Meditation is to effortlessly turn the mind toward that energy which energizes mind.

The Silence that I speak about is neither meditating nor sitting quiet. The Silence that I speak about has nothing to do with meditation or talking or not talking because then the mind is still running about here and there and everywhere. What I mean by Silence is that should be no thought rising from the mind. No thought rising from your mind is Silence.

Stillness of mind comes from giving up all attachments except that attachment to Self.

When the mind is quiet, all is Self.

When mind moves the world arises, so be still, throw away everything, and be free.

Self is what you are. You are That Fathomlessness in which experience and concepts appear. Self is the Moment that has no coming or going. It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness. It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself.

Self is what gives breath to Life. You need not search for It, It is Here. You are That through which you would search. You are what you are looking for! And That is All it is.

You are the unchangeable Awareness in which all activity takes place.