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Title: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Shamim Ansary on June 04, 2012, 12:45:49 PM
Session 1: By Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC

In this session we learn how to speak politely in front of the people and think positively. we also learn to tell SORRY to anyone is not a shame to us Because it is a great quality. To learn that matter Our beloved Raju sir read a line of the poetry of “Nirmollendo gun” that is “Sometimes I love to lose but it does not mean that I have no capability to win”

Raju sir also told that we must have to take our own decision. The learning was “Do the work how it is instructed rather than not to see any thing”. It seems like a silly mistakes but it may cause a big loss.

We also do some group performance in some vital issues, such as “eve teasing, problems in garments sector, try to be a good person etc.]

Session 2: By Mr. Md, Sabur Khan,Honorable Chairman  & BOT-DIU

Our Chairman sir is really a outstanding person in every sector of his life. We all should be inspired from him. He told us how to upgrade our self in all sector such as in technical sector. He suggest us to buy a in ternate enable mobile set for using the latest version of mobile apps. He also told us how we can utilize traffic jam. Truly I am word less by his speech.
He told us success comes by handwork, honesty & self confidence, he told us how to sell us either it is in job field or in the business field.

Session 3: By Prof. Dr. Yousuf  M. Islam, Executive Director-HRDI

Mind Mapping
This session was so much helpful for Building leadership manner in our mind. Yousuf sir told us to make a mind mapping, at first I like to tell you what ‘Mind Mapping’ is. Mapping means Planning, so mind mapping means make a plan in your mind that how we can achieve our any kind goal. Yousuf told us to make a group and draw a mind map that “How can we achieve success”. We were draw these steps which are given bellow—
1.   Set a Target: - Such as my target is to do a JOB.
2.   What kind of job wants to do: - such as “Banker”.
3.   How you achieve that goal:- By Honesty, Dignity, Handwork, Proficiency.
4.   Skills:- Good academic result, Motivation, Excellent Communication skills(In English)
5.   Obstacles: - Lack of Financial Support, Lack of Experience, poor motivation.
6.   Gratitude: - To all through of my Career path.

Palash Chandra Das
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 12:49:53 PM

Learning from DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt

Session By Syed Mizanur Rahman (Coordinator-CDC):

I have got a basic idea about attitude, morality, ethics, professional behavior which will provide me a guideline for the success in job and professional life.

Session By Mr. Md. Sabur Khan- Honorable Chairman, BoT-DIU:

From this session I have learnt a lot of tools for Success in personal, Professional and Social life. Some of these are given below:

   To be honest.
   To be more confident and conscious for utilization of time.
    To learn and gather skill, knowledge and adapting with updated technological era.
   To have an efficient presentation skills so that you can show yourself that you are different from others and you have unique knowledge and skills which is required for a specific job. In this way, you will become successful in your life.
   You must think out of the Box which is pushed by our society. For example: Traditionally we think that after our graduation, we want a job not work. This is a negative thinking. We need to want work. When any graduate face an interview for job, if he/she present himself/herself that he/she want to work for the company and also want add values for the company, I think the company will recruit him/her.
   To have self motivation, competency, self driven towards the task provided by the top management.
   To be optimistic, enthusiastic and patience.
   We have also learnt a lot of tools how well we can face a successful job interview so that we can get job easily.

Session By Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director-HRDI, DIU:

From this session, we have learnt about Mind Mapping. The details of Mind Mapping are given below:

Mind mapping is the thinking tools of human being. If the human being practice mind mapping on a regular basis, they will become happy and successful in their life.

For example:  if anyone wants to happy in his the mind mapping should be following:


1.   He should set up a target.
2.   Prepare a plan how to achieve the target.
3.   Gather knowledge and skills required for achieving the target.
4.   Find out the obstacles and also find out the way to overcome the obstacles.
5.   Should have the gratitude towards the parents, teachers and other respectable persons.


From the whole day session provided by our Honorable Chairman, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, BoT-DIU, Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director-HRDI, DIU and Syed Mizanur Rahman (Coordinator-CDC) provide us a lot of knowledge and skill by which we will become successful and happy in our every spares of life such as personal, professional and social life.
This is really an effective training program for us.   

A.K.M. Fakhruddin Ahsan

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 12:52:53 PM

It was one of the memorable day in my varsity life with some enthusiastic, inseparable faculty members and along with chairman sir to spend the whole day in the program of ‘DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt.’ I learned a lot from this workshop. Now I can say confidently that I have that capability to face any kind of interview board with my boost power of confidence level. Yes, I know myself that I am not overconfident but after this workshop, my fearfulness is gone away. Now I know that how to talk in the job interview board and know how to convince people who are in the interview board.

At the beginning of the workshop Raju sir taught us some basic manners that we should follow every times in my life not only in the interview board but also in my daily life activities. Now I know how to take seat in the bus, classroom, auditorium and any other public places. He groomed up that what kind of my body language in the interview, how to start talking from the bringing in the interview board.

After end of the session of Raju sir, our honorable chairman sir came and started to groom up ourselves in the workshop. He took 2nd and the 5th session, which is the last session of the workshop. In addition, it was a great day in my life to get this chance to spend most of the time with chairman sir. Moreover, I am impressed with his motivation way, way of inspiration, way of his business logic. I learned so many things from his session but one thing  which I never learned before that, is ‘we should want WORK not job.’ From his speech I learned how to utilized the time, how to segmented the time slot in my life. Always be up to date with the latest technology, use the full facilities of the mobile phone, computer, internet. Setup my perfect career path, should have to work hard to know about the company before going to the interview. How to be polite, how to say sorry, how to criticizes myself, what should I say if do not know the question which will be ask in the interview board.

3rd session was taken Yousuf sir. Who Is really great with his unique style of teaching with powerful mind map. Being a student of CSE I am so lucky that I to be a student twice times of Yousuf sir class. I still can remember that when I started my CSE in this university at the first day Yousuf sir taught us mind map. From the first day of my cse life I always use mind map. To discover myself , try to draw my thinking in through my mind map. From session of Yousuf sir I learned about my skill, know about my obstacles, where I want to go in the future, how to go in that position which I want. And this things I learned from the mind map. Already I made a mind map of myself. Which give me direction that what to do in the next.

From the 4th session Shible sir showed up the steps how  to go to top of the ladder of my career. He taught us how to visualize, how to be passion, how to grateful to my creator what are the steps I should follow. What type of dream I should see and the most important things that is I have to work to achieve the top position of the ladder. I have that confident but without my real life implementation I can’t go there. Therefore, I should start.
Overall, it was unforgettable day in my life. And I promised myself that inshallah I will be one of the successful man from that workshop that the dream see by faculty members and the chairman sir have. And YES I CAN DO IT.
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
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The program ‘Student Grooming and Talent Hunt’ is a milestone in the history of Daffodil International University which has never been undertaken by the authority itself.so I feel very proud to be a selected participant of the program. In my point of view the program is not only a grooming session or talent hunt but also it warms up the students and leads them to fit their confidence level. Anyway the session by Sayed Mizanur Rahman sir, our honorable co-coordinator (CDC) who is an excellent presenter also a very good performer taught various important thing which are very essential in the way of our daily life. As per real view all of the students like us are so many aspirants to have a suitable job for themselves but most of the cases they are failed to find such job which suits them most. And the beginning question is that what’s the problem with us? Is there insufficient job market or we are inefficient for the job market? We found all the answer from the briefing of our co-coordinator sir. We learn how a student can find celestial happiness in the earth,how he make himself suits for the job market,what should be the attitude,what is the strength and weakness of a human being,what’s the difference form other species,how to be a conqueror,how to consecrated our soul,how to be evergreen all of the things are covered by his consecutive briefing. And I find that the problem lies on our vital roots. We always used to see everything with the bird eye view and gather some vague idea from them but if we always used to take a few thing very deeply then it would rather effective in our practical life.

The second session covered by our honorable chairman of  the trustee Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. How a cherished dream can make a man successful he explained,he also said that always to be loyal and positive to your deeds.We should built our mentality such a way that we expect work or task rather than a job.

And rest of the part are covered by Dr. Yousuf M Islam and Shibly Shahriar sir. A mind map can help us in a lot of way to fix our final destination and we learnt it from Yousuf sir, not only we learn but also we achieve the skill how to present it. A lot of obstacles may arise when we walk up,and we can overcome all the problems through the mind mapping. And Shibly sir taught us not to copy someone and how to be confident.

Finally the powers  of a human being is conscience by which we distinguish right from the wrong.A conscientious person can only be the leader of any society or nation by having the faculty of consciousness he or she can achieve everything he or she deserves.So we have keep such power lies In our soul, human life is eventful and if we take all the event positively the life become more easier day by day.

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:02:54 PM

At the name of almighty Allah, now I want to explain what I learnt from the event. The event is very significant for me because i attend such kind of unique event organized by our University for the first time. Before attend the event I thought that this event is going to be an ordinary event but after the end of the day it became clear to me that how important it was. The event is divided into several sessions and conducted by different personality. As sessions are conducted by different persons so they all are try to give us their own experience, method and way of success.
Session by Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC
This is the very first session of the event try to give importance some very special things which is very much needed for make a good career. Things I learn from this session
•        What’s my behavior will be ?
•        Manners have a great importance.
•        Everything should be in a disciplined way.
•        Have to think in a creative way.
•        Have to be polite.
•        Careful about what one say rather than what he do.
•        Planning in a very specific way.
•        Faster movement.
Session by Mr.Md.SaburKahn, Honorable Chairman
This session is full of excitement because the person who takes the session is our honorable chairman, learning from the session
•        First have to determine the target.
•        Alternate target also have to fix up.
•        Be confident.
•        Be pious.
•        Politeness.
•        Try to say sorry.
•        Try to manage difficulties.
•        Control ego and tolerance.
•        No alternate way without use technology.
•        Use of mobile technology.
•        Proper use of time, don’t waste not a single second.
•        Make a good use of traffic jam.
•        How to be a good entrepreneur.
•        Tactics of start a new business.
•        Try to avoid the illegal way of establishment.
•        Fast and smooth when accomplish a task.
•        Try to make establish in a slow way, step by step.
•        Make a strong network.
•        Reference make by the person who actually know you.
Session by Dr.Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director
This session is totally based on mind mapping, set the target, to fulfill the target what types of skills needed and what obstacles are in the way of success.
•        Target has to fix at the very first stage.
•        Go for work hard at the right way for success.
•        Skills need for success.
•        You may face obstacles.
•        Gratitude.
Session by Mr.Md.Sabur Kahn, Honorable Chairman
This session is the last session of the event. Interview makes the much importance in this session. Way of interview, tactics and suggestions for a good interview.
•        Confidence is the main thing needed in an interview.
•        Know about interviewer and the company.
•        Internet can be the way of gather knowledge.
•        Forum can help one in many ways.
•        Google labeling and dusting.
•        Have to sell myself.
•        Efficiency is must.
•        No pretend, because it’s destructive.

This is a very significant and unique event I have ever participated. I  hope if anyone can follow the method and suggestions he must make success in his career. I am determined to apply those things in my life. I need success, I have no way to escape without success.

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It was a terrifick day.we have learned a lot,which is very important for us.I am going to discuss it briefly.
Session by syed mizanur Rahman,coordinator-CDC


First  decision making,team work, punctuality,aware about illusion.
Appearance,explore   your  quality,punctuality,hard work,honesty.
Mind mapping,Group work,profession plan(problem & solution).
It is very helpful  for  us.
Thanks to organize this event.we want to participate this kind of event.
Thanks,thanks a lot.

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‘DIU Student Grooming Session & Talent Hunt,2012’ is very essential for all departments of students at DIU. Our honorable Chairman Mr. Sabur Kahn, Raju Sir and Yousuf Sir have given their own speech. They are not only share their opinion but also explain their personal experience. First of all, Raju Sir has given us different types of advice. For Example, how our body language, dress up, gesture and communicative skill should be. He also encouraged ourselves and we performed many interesting events. So we enjoyed very much in that part. In second session Chairman Sir has shown his personal experience. He has taught us that whatever he tells, he always thanks almighty Allah. He also teaches and tips us how to face viva board. He shared a BBA student named Sohel. Sir told that one day he said, “I want to be rich quickly”. Sir advised him and he worked in that way. Now he is a successful business man. Basically he was benefited by this type of talent hunt program. He explained when we should be positive, our motivation and communicative power and so on. In CV the reference contact number shouldn’t be our teacher. It should be our relatives who can give more information. In third session, Yousuf Sir learned us how we will select our mind mapping, our aim. We also do a group presentation. I think this program is very helpful for us to reach our destination. It also gives us a proper guideline. At a glance, this program will be successful when the students of DIU get the good job in the market. Varsity’s aim is that it will want to see that one graduate’s of DIU will work as a first class officer at every Thana by 2020.

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
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This is 21st Century,
2012. The world is moving fastest than faster. I
would like to thank: Syed Mizanur Rahman-Coordinator of Career
Development Center(DIU); Mr. Md. Sabur Khan-Honorable Chairman, Board
of trustee, Daffodil International University; Dr. Yousuf M. Islam,
Executive Director-HRDI, DIU; Mr. Mohammad Shibli Shahriar, Assistant
Professor of Daffodil International University and other all people
who were related to arrange such
a dynamic, conversant and grooming

The first eye catching matter of this session was Our Honorable
Chairman, BOT (DIU) Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. His self-participation in the
2 parts of the session, taken by him. The 1st part taken by Syed
Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC. The 1st part was one of the very
informative and practical  learning session among the 4 parts. From
this part I have learnt team working, decision making capability,
positive thinkings toward any task, providing importance in any task
with honesty, confidence and hardworking. And foolishness is better
than cunning like fox.

The 2nd session taken by Honorable, Md. Sabur khan. He is an one of
the persons of most active, knowledgeable and hardworking. Actually he
took 2 sessions and I learnt most from his sessions like be positive
in any work, more concern any work, planning, preparation, control,
tolerance, ego, technology, utilization of time in proper ways, self
motivation, reference, approach, attitude, smartness, hard working,
honesty, politeness, how to learning, how to say sorry, how to act and
answers in interview board. And many other things also.

The 3rd session taken by Dr. Yousuf M. Islam, Executive Director-HRDI,
DIU. From his session I learnt mind mapping, team working, creativity,
showing confidence, making target, providing gratitude, how is
possible, what is possible, skillfulness and above a stunning session.

Regarding, all sessions of this workshop, I just want to say every
year this type long day (9 am. to 6.50 pm)  workshop is should
arranged so that students can teach how to adjust to the work place,
act in this environment. Moreover student can learn  many informative,
knowledgeable, practical learning and grooming lessons.

Thank You.

Jannatul Ferdousi

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
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At first I would like to give a lot of thanks from deep of my mind to DIU authority to arrange such a kind of program. This kind of career related programs are very helpful for students in the professional life. Like others I have also facilitated from this event from many ways. This event was segmented into various session from different persons. They have given emphasize on different aspects related to professional life.

Event's first session was conducted by Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator CDC, about time management, team performance, motivation, decision making in different circumstances and so on. From this session I have learned how to manage a team, take effective decisions in different situations and develop career in professional life.

Next session was on career management, facing viva board, CV writing tips, self confidence build up, way to showing skills, how to ensure promotion in job etc. This session was conducted by our Chairman Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. From this session I have learned different skills that is mentioned above that will be very much helpful in our practical life.

From the third session i have learned how to build up a mind map to complete a task successfully that was taken by Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director - HRD, DIU.

At the end of grooming  session DIU chairman  Mr. Md. Sabur Khan explain different tips on how to be a successful man in the professional life and answer different question asked by students and so on . From where really i have learned how to make a successful professional life.

 Basically it was a long day workshop and broadly described grooming session that has a great impact in the real life to build up a successful career although i have mentioned above  a concise view of the workshop.

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
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At first, we start our orientation session which was guided by Syed Mizanur Rahman. That helped us to warm-up our selves by doing some specified activities as well as norms and behaviors identification.
Afterward, honorable chairman Mr. Sabur Khan (BoT-DIU) delivered his speech regarding to improve our career management with slideshows and through some practical instances. From that second session of “DIU Students Grooming and Talent Hunt, 2012” we have derived corporate world’s circumstances that we have to face in near future. That sensible speech includes from perfect steps at success target, positive approach to ego controlling. So, we can easily distinguish our position with competent person for profession.
Thirdly, at the next session of mind mapping was shown by Dr. Yousuf M Islam (Executive Director-HRDI, DIU) for targeting three specific careers in our career path for succession. That mind mapping not only for career targeting but also to apply at any challenging or problem work solution in our existence.
Moreover, Md. Shibli Shahriar subsequently added inspirational session that “how we can sell ourselves?”  So from him we have understood why company or organization will pick me? As well as what skills and competences we have to add value at their organization in selective aspect.
Finally, I strongly believe that the most effective session we have had through honorable chairman Mr. Sabur Khan (BoT-DIU) that is questioner session. Where chairman sir made open conversation with students, why candidates are lacked to get a job? Nevertheless, which point of view placing them at behind from others successful candidates?  That practical oriented session has figured out our candidates negative approaches at real life job interview and its solutions and remedies in a short session.
In the conclusion, I tend to think that several segments had taken place at “DIU Students Grooming and Talent Hunt, 2012”, although, every session had similar objective how to survive at job market. Since, we are going to face our job interviews and getting desirable position in an organization.

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Today I spent a very good time by attending the Workshop, which was held in DIU auditorium. Here we learnt many valuable things which will help us to get better work & also help us to make our future brighter.
Session of Raju Sir:

Raju sir is very funny but effective man. He taught us in a funny way. He taught us many simple things but not negligible. In his session he gave us group work & also took single exam. The points of view of Raju sir’s lecture is pointing out below------

•    Do not do anything by seeing,
•   Make yourself smart,
•    Do not be clever; be a intelligent person,
•    Speak in loud voice,
•    Avoid unnecessary movements of the body part
•    Always in conscious mind etc.
Session of Sabur Khan Sir:

“Sabur khan” our honorable chairman of DIU was also giving lecture. The points of view of Sabur khan’s lecture
is pointing out below------
•    Make your future plan,
•    Using internet enable mobile to connect the world,
•    Properly utilize the time,
•    Completing the task as early as possible,
•    Always be honest,
•    Dressed well,
•    Moving forward step by step; starting from the low position,
•   Try to be a honest business man,
•   Join the first job to prove myself etc.
Session of Yousuf Sir:

Yousuf sir is the honorable executive director-HRDI of DIU. He taught us about mind mapping. In his session we made a group & drew a mind map. This mapping helps us to find our future plan, how to implement them, the obstacles we may face, our skills etc. At least we changed our map with another group & then we discussed about each other works. After that we were self evaluating ourselves.
Session of Shibli Sir:

Our next session was with Shibli Sir who taught us how we can be a successful man. The points of view of Shibli sir’s lecture is pointing out below------
•   At first be happy, then enjoy the work & finally we will be succeeded,
•    Always dream big,
•    Take the first opportunity we will get in the job life,
•    Change our mind into that “we can do”
•    Follow a man who is successful now,
•    Try to be a different, distinguished person etc.
In this session Sabur Sir came again & inspired us all. He also gave answers of our questions.
 The whole day I enjoyed very much & this day is one of the memorable days of my life. This workshop was the guideline of our future life.
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DIU Students Career Grooming and Talent Hunt’2012


Today I have joined this day-long workshop. I was present from beginning to end. This workshop was scheduled different session and I enjoyed all the session very much. After completing this workshop, I want to say, I have learned a lot which would be more important for our career as well as our life. Now, I give my feedback about this workshop.       
Registration: At 9.00 am our registration process started. After that we entered the Auditorium and took our seat. DIU given us a diary and coupon .

Session by Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator CDC

He delivered his speech and taught us how to develop our skill. He has given some idea about skill development. He focused this major things what we should be developed.

   Grow up our concentration
   Self-Confidence
   Emotional growth body language and personality
   Presentation skills anywhere
   Impression management, who am I and how people know me.
   Group working
   Creating story. Knowing self & surroundings for writing a gorgeous personal history.
   Discipline and personal behavior.
After this session we got a short break for refreshment.

Session by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Honorable Chairman BOT-DIU

In this session I learnt a lot. It was very effective session. Sir given us idea about most essential skills which we have to gain for 21st century survival. I have got a clear idea about our career. Major points that was focused by chairman sir.

   Becoming out of Box
   Be polite and humble in attitude
   Planning and thinking
   Fix destination step by step
   Developing our leadership skill
   Positive thinking then knowing
   Motivation
   Transforming failure into success
   Proper utilize traffic jam
   Developing skills by using technology
   Gratitude to Almighty, to family, to surroundings
   Develop our communication skill

Finally asking question and answering session. He also encouraged us to ask question. Sir answered the entire question and gave us instruction what we have to do.

Session By Dr. Yusuf M Islam, Executive director HRDI,DIU

In this session I came to know how we have to mind mapping which is very essential in our life and living. It was also very essential session. We also had done our team work. The theme which I have learnt in this session
   How to be happy
   What should be our target?
   What is obstacle?
   Mind mapping
   He divided us into different group and we have done our group work.

Session by Shibly sir

In this session I learnt how to be successful man. He focused we should be passionate, have high dream, visualization power, how to be a extra-ordinary a smart guy.

Last session by Chairman Sir

In this last session chairman again taught us Interview technique, how to be a happy and smart guy, How to develop our impression management – what kind of skill I have, what should be our mind mapping, and finally asking question answering session.
In the above mentioned feedback about DIU student’s career grooming and talent hunt, I can share my achievement which I have gained in this workshop. I didn’t know how they evaluate me? It may be the team found some skill or not. But the approach, the skill, the confidence, the attitude which I have learnt today it obviously very essential for me to build up my career as well as my lifeline. In the long run I can say it was a very essential and important workshop for students. That’s all about my feedback.

Name: Md.Mehedi Hassan
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DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt

‘DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt’ program was a special program in my life. It was 2nd June 2012 and started at morning 9 o’clock. At First Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator of CDC has started the program. He started with fun and interesting stories and shared a lot of experiences. He gave us some special tips to be confident enough and to be brave to accommodate for the world jobs and businesses. His wonder method of speaking and extraordinary look for attracting audiences inspired to be humble and maintains common values, custom and social norms with gentle behave. In the program he was the man who at first gave us ideas how to accomplish group work with better performance. In this interesting session we were so busy by lots of interesting things and the first session ended unknowingly at 11:30. At 11:30 we got a break for 15 minutes. After the break our honorable Chairman sir Mr. Md. Sabur Khan came before us. We were so much delighted to see our chairman sir. He started to deliver his valuable speech before us. He told us so many important things those were very important to lead our practical life to get proper job or to run a personal business successfully. He told us we need confidence, honesty, future ambition and mind mapping. Firstly, we need to be brave enough to get any job. For this we need more study and talent to be successful, he said. He exhibited so many images by projector and told a lot to become a proud, honest and successful person. He also told about religion what gives people strength and power to be cool, to be honest and to be successful. We enjoyed the session very much. After this session we got a lunch and prayer break for 45 minutes. After the break, next session started by Executive Director of DIU Dr. Yousuf M Islam. Dr. Yousuf M Islam gave us the idea how to map our mind and how to map our future. Very talented person M Islam who practically made us understands how to become successful in life. At 4:30 we got a tea break for 15 minutes. After the tea break our honorable chairman sir Mr. Md. Sabur Khan came again with interesting things. He showed a note one thousand taka and told us who would be the owner of the note. Maximum audiences raised their hand to become owner but none of them went to take the note. At last Mr. Sabur Khan told us to make us understand that you all have desire to become owner of the note but you all did not work for that. So, you all are looser. Like that you need to work hard to fix up your destiny, he said. I like that very much. Later on Mr. Sabur Khan told us a lot of things. After that Session by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan ended at 5:30pm. Then Dr. Yousuf M Islam and the team came again and gave us task to map our future plan. After planning our future he tasted us all and gave us feedback. At 6:00pm the program was ended. The program was whole day long but none of the audience was bored. All of the audiences were enjoyed and gathered a lot of information for practical life. I am thankful to Mr. Md. Sabur Khan and CDC Team to invite me and arrange a beautiful and effective Student Grooming and Talent Hunt program. 

Md. Akhter Hossain
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An  Assignment
DIU Students Grooming Session & Talent Hunt 2012

Submitted by:
Md. Fazlul Hoque
ID: 010  Admin. Officer (Applicant)
DIU E-mail: Fazlul@daffodilvarsity.com
Another E-mail: fh_fazlul83@yahoo.com
Mobile: 01716818883

Daffodil International University

At first I would like to convey my veneration to our honorable Chairman of our University for giving me the  chance to attend DIU Students Grooming & Talent Hunt. It is a unique opportunity to learn how to face interview before viva board. Having done this workshop I learned many things. First of all, it is undoubtedly good for us. I can mention that; if a man wants to be successful in his life he has to have honesty, industry & patience. Secondly I’ve learned &believed, everything depends on presents tense. We can’t make the most of tomorrow without making the most of today first. We can change our tomorrow by changing our today. That does mean, make the best of now. Thirdly I’ve understood from Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju sir that unity is most important among the employee. He also told about motivation & taught how to motivate the people & make unity among the employee.

The speech of Chairman  sir was extream exceptional important to develop our career. We’ve learned what we will do till enter to exist of an interview. He taught us how to make a salam before honorable person in interview board, how we will start conversation with them, what will be our conversation, how we will get a good result. He has also taught us what will be our attitude to another person in different situation.

Dr. Yousuf M Islam sir taught us practically how we can build up our career. He has given the some technique to be happy and lead a peaceful life, what will be our attitude in different situation, how we can convince one etc. He taught us to find out  positive & negative sides of a career, how to present a diagram to another party.

I don’t know, in future won’t I get the opportunity to attend this kind of Workshop ? Because I have already had graduation & post-graduation from the University. But as a former student I think if the process be continued, it will be better for developing University & it’s students.
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
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Session 1: Syed Mizanur Rahman,

One sentence which was very touchy to me “Sometimes I love to lose but it does not mean that I have no capability to win” by Nirmolendo goon. By this sentence our beloved Raju sir wanted to say, be polite and positive in your work. He also pointed out that many of us can’t take decisions immediately and leaves a cause. For example, “one employer said, we are offering you a job but your posting will be in Chittagong, so the candidate may show confusion and may say I need to consult with my mom”.
One another learning is that, we hear several instructions but we just follow whatever we see, no matter what was instructed. It may seem a silly problem but it may cause a big loss.
There was also stage performance of five teams with different unique issues which we face in our life. Here we have learnt about group work, decision making & creativity.

Session 2: Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of trustees

The conversation of our honorable chairman sir was really out of box. He has very talent showed how to utilize our hidden creativities. Lifestyle is related with future and we must maintain planned guidelines for our career.  We must be well conversant in using technology. Time management is very essential in the 21st century as the world is moving very fast. An example sir used, “I enjoy the traffic jam of our city because I can finish my pending tasks with the help of technology while facing traffic jam”.
I have learned that success comes from hard work, honesty and confidence. No matter whether I am In a small position, but if I can show my creativity and hard work the success will come.
He also insisted, be positive and confident about yourself. You should find out your selling point. Whenever you are going for Job, you must know and capable to answer, why should the hire you?

Session 3: Mind Mapping (Professor Dr. Yousuf M. Islam)

This session was really very fantastic. Several groups were formed and asked to prepare a mind mapping on how to become happy? The mapping was like that,
1.   First we set up a target that is (success in life)
2.   How it will come? There were several factors, like self and skill development, positive attitudes, confidence, high tolerance, hard working with honesty, time management, use of technology.
3.   What are the obstacles? We find out three problems such as, personal, social & financial obstacles.
4.   Gratitude? Self actualization, thankful to almighty allah, greatful to parents & self Motivation.
After whole day grooming session, I have learned several things which will be very helpful to prepare my career guideline. From this session, I have found out some of my lacking and I will be trying to solve it and I am now confident that I can do something best.

Name: Md. Habibur Rahman
Student ID: 091-11-742
Registration ID: 002
Email: Habibur_742@diu.edu.bd
Contact Number: 01923494689
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 Yesterday's program was really a good initiative by the authority I should say. because many unknown think i just Learn from there. which will show me to chose  the enlighten way in future and help me to fixed a good dream goal. again i would like to give a warmest and wonderful thanks to the authority and chairman to arrange this types of progressive event.

Thanking You.

Name: Md. Imdadullah Siddiquee
Dept. : JMC
Stu. Id. No: 091-24-160
Program Id No by CDC: 029
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DIU Students Grooming Session & Talent Hunt, 2012

My blog post

The most common cry for help we hear is: "We don't know what career we want to do!" Our Careers Service can help us to make this important decision Choosing our career or course for further study is a big decision, affecting our future happiness. We can only make an informed decision if we have an accurate idea of the options open to us. We can help by guiding us and suggesting sources; however, we have to do the research for ourselves.
Some jobs require specific skills, such as IT. However, we can develop general skills that will make us an attractive prospect for any graduate career.

Key skills-

•   Teamwork and leadership.
•   Written communication.
•   Interpersonal communication.
•   Problem solving.
•   Numeracy.
•   Networking.
•   Initiative.
•   Planning and organization.
•   Adaptability and flexibility.
•   Computer literacy.
•   Time management.

Increasingly graduates are starting their own business as their chosen career path, rather than pursuing the traditional graduate recruitment job, perhaps seeing self-employment as a more flexible way to live and earn. One of the keys to success is creating our enterprising streak - thinking creatively, using our initiative and making the most of opportunities to learn and develop new skills. If we want to start our own business in the future, we should consider working for a small business.
Interview is simply an imperfect form of human communication designed to increase the predictive validity of potential employer-employee relationships. No matter where we went to school, no matter what our GPA is, no matter how much experience we have, no matter whom we know--if we aren't able to interview successfully, we won't get the job. Following are some insights designed to help you successfully interview and get the job we want our objective in every interview should be to take ourselves one step further toward generating the job offer. We can do that by doing our very best in each and every interview. Treat every interview as if it were the only one we will ever get with that company and our only opportunity to convince them that we are the right candidate for the position. Although there may be several interviews before the eventual offer, we must score positively in each interview.
Before you go through an actual interview, we should first go through a mock interview. The mock interview is more than just a chance to work out our interview jitters. It is an opportunity to practice our interviewing technique and answers live. It is also a chance to hear constructive feedback from someone who can guide us toward improving our interviewing style and presentation
One critical aspect of job search preparation that can truly set us apart is employer research. Employer research is what brings us together and keeps us together with those who have the power and authority to potentially offer our first position. Employer research serves a dual purpose. First, we will need to identify and target specific hiring companies in our job search. Second, we will need to gather detailed information about each target employer in order to be adequately prepared for making direct contact. While the research guides provide the basic information that will give us a broad overview, it is the detailed information that will set us apart from the crowd.

Facts to Gather Before Interviewing-

•   Key people in the organization
•   Major products or services
•   Size in terms of sales and employees
•   Locations other than our community
•   Organizational structure of the company
•   Major competitors
•   View of the company by clients, suppliers, and competition
•   Latest news reports on the company or on local or national news that affects the company.

Many interviews fail because of lack of proper communication. But communication is more than just what we say. Often it is the nonverbal communication that we are least aware of, yet speaks the loudest. Following are the top five nonverbal, ranked in order of importance, when it comes to interviewing:

•   Eye Contact
•   Facial Expressions
•   Posture
•   Gestures
•   Confidence
•   Nervousness
In that first five minutes of the interview, I will have noted many critical aspects.
•   Our appearance
•   Our grooming
•   Our handshake
•   Our personal presence
•   Our eye contact
•   Our articulation
•   And, most importantly, our personality
Notice that I did not mention anything about our coursework, our GPA, or our work experience. That is what got us to the interview in the first place. But it is the "soft factors" that will take us to the next level.

10 Steps to a Successful Interview-

•   Arrive on time.
•   Introduce ourselves in a courteous manner.
•   Read company materials while we wait.
•   Have a firm handshake.
•   Listen.
•   Use body language to show interest.
•   Smile and give nonverbal feedback to the interviewer.
•   Ask about the next step in the process.
•   Thank the interviewer.
•   Write a thank-you letter to anyone you have spoken to.

Other capabilities that you must have-

•   We should love criticism.
•   Always think positive.
•   Try to help people.
•   Leadership ability.
•   Time concern.
•   Clear and loud speaking ability.
•   Maintain a career guide book.
•   Set the destination.
•   High tolerance level.
•   Ability to take responsibility.
•   Aspiration to build up a career showing superior performance.
•   Hard working, sincere and eager to learn.
•   Strong desire to achieve results.
•   Strong desire of leading an honest life with dignity.

Name: Md. Imran Jubaed Khan
ID: 092-11-1115
Department: BBA
Email: imran_1115@diu.edu.bd
Contact Number: 01715400270
Registration Number: 064
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Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:36:55 PM

At first I would like to thanks to Daffodil International University for that they give me chance to participate the program “DIU Students Grooming Session & Talent Hunt 2012” .In this program I attained   all the session which was started at 9:00 am & ended at 6:00 pm. From this program I am able to learn so many things which are very much important to build up my career best. From 1st session I can learn how to evaluate myself. I can learn that clear and loud speaking, avoiding fear is part to become a successful person. If I am committed and confident to my work I can do everything, Mr.Syed Mizanur Rahman sir try to prove by arraigning certain group performance. He tries to find out lacking about performance and give us tips how to reduce it.

From the 2nd session by Mr. Sabur Khan, honorable Chairman, BoT- DIU, I can gathered knowledge a lot. He gives us lecture about how we can represent ourselves to the interview board and make sure them I am the best option to do this work. I’ve to impress them and bound them for picked up me. From his lecture I am able to know how I can get a job and how I can raise my position at best .he teach us that “not to find job only find work”. I learn how I can build human relationship and get success.  By help other a man never be a loser, I must be a gainer if I have helping mentality. I can learn about proper implementation of time, now I know well how I can implement my time when I am in traffic- jam. He teaches us always taking more work and tries to finish it on time. And always say YES to boss about getting work, never said “no & I can’t do this work” boss. Self-evaluation, self- motivation is must for become a good entrepreneur. I have to prove me that I am the best / perfect. I have tried proper implementation of my talent. In this session finally I learn how can I’ll be a good leader.

From the 3rd session by Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director- HRDI, DIU. I can learn so much practical thighs like poster show, create group, and perform at a group.  I learn how to face challenge in do work. Quick decision making is a ability of a good and successful person. How to target a goal and for achieving that how, skill, obstacle, and gratitude of target a goal.
From the final session I able to know that any job is better than no job, employment is better than unemployment. And always believes myself that I can do it.  Luck is fixed but work is available, just need to find out. And always try to make friendship at a same level and that person who is better than me.

Finally I want to say that this program make me confident about my skill I have , now I am starting to belief that why I can’t do anything, I try to fill up my lacking and improve myself for future activities this program help me find out new  kamruzzaman who have a positive thinking  and confidence about himself and be honest with himself. This program is truly effective & necessary for betterment of my career.

Name: Md. Kamruzzaman    
ID#  092-11-946
Department: BBA
Registration Number. : 075
Contact Number: 01927148040

Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:39:00 PM

Blog Description

This program was really marvelous. I was so excited about this program. After attending this workshop I can realize my lackings. I can realize that in which sectors I should be improved. Thanks to Raju Sir for giving a lively presentation in the first session. Actually in my point of view the main obstacle towards our development is inertia. And Raju Sir always tries to pull us from this inertia.  I'll not forget his speech quoted from J.B. Shaw that ''you can’t find your life; you can create your life''. After his speech I spent some times in thinking that who  am I. But could not find any perfect answer. I'll try my level best to lead my life by his given tips. Then the second session was taken by  our honorable Chairman Sir. I got some opportunities to listen his speech but today I was speechless. How a man can be a multitalented, how a man can so successful by his own effort we can get the idea from him. From his speech I came to know that we should be aware about our works. We should be changed our view. We should look for works not for job. We the students don't want to start our career with a small job. By the speech of Sir we have to ignore this. We should start any job at first and then we will rise through our quality. We should develop our personality, gratitude. We should have faith on our own confidence. We have to be always ready for facing any kind of task. And the most important topic of his speech was 'technology'. If students are familiar and fluent in using technology then we will be welcomed for any kind of job as early as possible and he will definitely touch a higher position than the other ones. He gave some tricks to improve ourselves. After his speech he answered lots of questions of others. In a word if we can able to perform by his suggestion then we'll be able to obtain a good future. The third session was taken by Yousuf Sir. He was so fluent in his speech. Actually he gave some idea about mind mapping.  In his speech if we want to develop in our life then we should make a mind map and we should perform in a systematic way. Then he gave us a group work and told us to make a mind map about our future target. Then he made a change in two groups and told us to present the mind map to each groups. This session was really enjoyable. By this we learnt about group works, unity, increase our creativity, make a decision etc. The fourth session was taken by Shibli Shahriar Sir. He presented a presentation to us about our career. He suggested us that at first you should be happy then no works will be hard to ourselves, if we can maintain this then success will welcome us. He introduced with us some successful person who achieved success through hard work. At the last session Chairman Sir came again and gave more tips and suggestions and concluded the program.

If I criticize the program as a critic then I should say that it was a wonderful program. Helpful for the students to build up a strong base and improve their self confidence. I am very glad to be a part of this kind of program. I enjoyed as well as learnt so many things. And now I’ll try to use this in my life.


Name: Md. Masud Parvaj
Student Id. : 101-10-586
Registration Id. : 90
DIU Mail: masud_586@diu.edu.bd
Contact Number: 01913-808126
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Subject: DIU student grooming and talent hunt

First of all I would like to thanks CDC for arrangement such like a nice & effective program. From this student grooming session and talent hunt I am able to know about clear knowledge about my carrier.
There are some important thing I learned that would be helpful in my carrier.
To be success in carrier life   one man should give concentration the goal of carrier …….. First of all one man should fix a specific GOAL or destination of his or her carrier.
From today’s program I learn that some important thing as like
•       What is GOAL if my carrier?
•       What is my target in carrier?
•       Why?
•       How?
•       Skills?
•       Obstruction?
•       Gratitude
Now after choose the GOAL of my carrier I should develop of my skills which require my carrier
•       Nice presentation skill
•       Appropriate language skill
•       Hard worker
•       Knowledge about technology which require for our carrier ( I mean carrier related )
•       Friendly
•       Extrabold
•       Leaking’s of technology
•       Low confidence
•         No knowledge about target
Another important thing is always be positive I again write Be positive in any situation.
Be cool in any situation.
Respect to criticize
Say sorry without any hesitation & with polite
And finally I have to be a confident person ……….. that means in my work I have to confidence & honesty
Without honesty one cannot get success for long time     
 Finally again I give lots of thanks with gleeful CDC and honorable teachers & specially our honorable chairman sir to give us vital advice for our carrier and real life.

Md. Morad Hossain

ID: 093-19-1144
Department: ETE
Contract: 01917933152
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:43:14 PM
First I would like to thanks to career development centre (CDC) to organize this type of workshop. Honestly I really enjoy it. A student who said I have nothing gathered experience from this workshop, then I’m sure that he/ she was not mentally attended on this workshop.

Actually I have learned about how to get a job. From this workshop I’ve also learned about me.

There are some valuable points discussed by our honorable guests Mr. Md. Sobur Khan and our course teacher.

Honorable chairman said some important point for getting a job and being a smart. I’m successfully set up some points in my mind. I am sharing some point related with job.

•   We should be self confidence.
•   We should set our goal.
•   Beginning is important in case of job. Whatever our salary is.
•   We should be positive.
•   We should love criticism.
•   We should take traffic jam as positive, because we can perform our some task during traffic jam.
•   We should be more passion.
•   We should control our ego.
•   Tolerate capability must be needed etc.

And there are many points related with the job. After that I have gathered some experience from our honorable teacher Dr. Yousuf M Islam. Before going anything, we should first select our target; otherwise we can’t overcome our goal. In that case mind setup is very much important.

If my target is to be a banker then, I should focus some points in my mind.

•   In which type of bank, I want to get a job.
•   What will be my position?
•   How can I get this designation which I want?
•   Which skill is needed?
•   Which obstacles may be I will focus.
•   What should be my gratitude? etc.

There are some other facts I knew from this workshop. I’m just sharing some important facts among those points. I belief that this will help for the each student, if we apply this in our practical life. So, at last I personally want to say that, this type of workshop should organize at least once per month.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:56:39 PM


Last day, I got some experience from an effective workshop,which
organised by our honorable Chairman Sir.
I find out my talent from three session which I enjoyed very much with
very attentively. Some of my talent I found after compliting this
workshop are given below:

Attitude Building
Strength of hard working with group members
Mind mapping
Solving problems by group discussions
Skills Building
Target set up

I think it will help me to achieve my further goal.

Name: Md. Ramzan Ali
Student ID: 091-19-1072
Registration ID: 001
DIU Email: ramzan_ali@diu.edu.bd
Contact number: 01914855488
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Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 01:58:18 PM

DIU Students Grooming Session and Talent Hunt, 2012
My feelings and preparation to conquer the goal of 21st century after workshop

When I resisted to the programme of DIU Students Grooming Session and Talent Hunt, 2012, I saw in my Registration Form a instruction“Appear and act in such a way as you are facing a job interview, from where you be picked for a lucrative career”. But I was fully determined according to message from our CDC which I got before night written on “You are selected for the workshop”. I became very excited that I got a chance to learn something because I believe and know that workshop means a study on a particular subject which delivers knowledge and experience by some genus and experienced particular persons. I took it deep interestingly that it must be helpful to me to arouse my sleeping and silent keen genus and also innovative or creative faculty of brilliance. I didn’t think for a little moment as to the matter of Talent Hunt on the time of running day long workshop because my heed, brain and intention were busy all time to learn and achieve some ideas, experience of the successful men like our Chairman sir to change myself differently in the 21st century utilizing those innovative ideas. I have a confidence on a sentence like “an idea can change your whole life”. After the completing the workshop I thanked to God and the organizers and also paid him to give me a chance so that I can use in my life at least only one innovative idea.
Inshallah; I will be able to overcome myself in the 21stcentury because from my childhood I didn’t get any guide so sincerely and closely without any fee to prepare myself for the 21st century. Actually this is the reason of my environment growing up. My birth is in a poor family. In my childhood I lost my father. No one was and is able or fit to support my family. From my class three I and my immediate elder brother who is a hard worker as to me, we are both supporting until now our family and my student life. I’ve a confidence that I’m a brilliant guy as if my education career is not so smart because of unbelievable remoteness of mine. Now I believe that I’m also a little bit successful man. I’ve come to Dhaka 2009 to change my fortune by the support of wishing of one hand that I'll be able to go my target. When I couldn’t make a successful result in my HSC, the neighbours and my all ignore relative family members of my humble and rustic village told me that you are fruitless (falto). My friends told me that you may be brilliant but you are not capable to study any university. Your student life can not be run anymore. But I insisted of them mentally that I must study a renowned university in any such way. But I felt nervous hideously thinking as to my family condition. Shortly I want to finish that applying my honesty and private critical knowledge different work fields; I’ve started to study this university. Now I have two businesses in Dhaka city. I’m running on my businesses, student life and family. To be establishing myself no one helped to me except to Allah and my mother’s word “I want to see you as a self-establish man”. She asked me that what you will do after your graduation before my university admission, I’ve replied to her job. She told me that don’t do job, work hard in any place and I want to see that one day before my death that you are providing many jobs. Be boss.
My mother’s words and yesterday workshop’s advices are very similar. Yes, obviously I also believe that “We can find our life, we can create our life. I feel very shame to take any reference in any matter so; I’m always determiner to create my life. When I took admission in this university I only follow Chairman Sir, Sabur khan because as a chandpur boy I only know him who are established in the list of big guns. From today I follow to him more and also them whom he follows. I want to be also a big gun. Oh! God helps me as I can succeed my mother’s dream that she is until now sacrificing her all happiness for me. From my before life I also can tell as our Chairman Sir that nothing is impossible
Though I want to be a big business man, I must work using my education under any institution only for justifying myself and show my friends and some family members that nothing is impossible. To do so things together with, it becomes difficult to maintain time segmentation for my study. Inshallah, I promise myself I will be more aware regarding time segmentation. I believe that life is not stopped and there is no end of it. I’ve born in a poor and broken family so what; I must reach my target and achieve the goal. Recently I thinked and asked all time that shall I be able?…but after the workshop I don’t want to remember that thinking. Now I determine to my mind and soul if Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can fill up their vision, mission and target, inshallah I also can be able to do as them, as I’m a hard worker. I’ll complete my BCS, as though I don’t intend to take this professionally because nothing is impossible. My university friends and people think I’m a rich man, now I think I’ll be rich to stand myself mentally for 21st century. I don’t know why, but my target is one. Pray to me.
My life is struggle life, now I think it is a wonderful life, tasty life.
Creatively yours

Md. Sahin Khan

Id: 101-10-575
Department of English
Cell: 01758895671

Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:18:32 PM
Subject: - DIU Student Career Grooming and Talent Hunt

 My Observation about “DIU Student Career Grooming and Talent Hunt” workshop.

Everybody have some dreams in their life. But fulfill a dream a man
needs a proper guideline. Without proper guideline most of time it is
not possible for someone to gets success. When I was admitted in
Daffodil International University I have lots of dream. Still I have a
dream to work in an embassy. But when I search for a job I find it is
very difficult. I have found that only institutional education is not
necessary for a student to get a job. If one really wants to go a
higher position he/she needs some other qualifications. Previously I
know little about it. But after joining the workshop named “DIU
Student Career Grooming and Talent Hunt”, then I really feel I can do
something.  Through that day long program I learn how to become
success in life. Now it is my duty to utilize what I have learnt.

           When at first I know about that workshop I really feel
confused about it. Because as the title talents hunt I got confused.
However I always have some positive attitude. When I know about the
schedule of the workshop and the supervisor I again got nervous. But
the very first session took away my nervous. Then I really enjoyed
every session and now I really think that I have learnt something
which is very essential in my life.

            The first session was conducted by Syed Mizanur Rahman.

In this session I am clear about the purpose of this workshop. Through
this session I have learnt how to behave in a formal situation. We all
participant in this session actually filed relived. Group work, story
making through all students made this session more enjoyable to all
the participants.

            The second session is conducted by our honorable chairman
Mr. Md. Sabur Khan.
Our honorable chairman advice us various things.
The most important thing is he uses practical examples. He also
discuss about how to start a business and the process of starting a
business. Through his conversation he emphasized how one can be groom
up oneself.

            The third session was conducted by Dr. Yousuf M Islam.

Through his session we learn how to become a successful person by
proper planning. In this session he did not give a brief lecture.
Rather he imposed us for a mind mapping game which is very helpful to
all of us.

            The last session was conducted by Shibil Sir
. Through his
PowerPoint presentation I learnt again how to become a success not
only in job life but also in our real life. Than our honorable
chairman sir make our his final statement. He again emphasized that we
can actually change ourselves.  If we don’t try their efforts become

Name: - Md. Samir Sakir Khandaker
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Registration ID: - 012
DIU E-mail:- samir_08@diu.edu.bd
Contact Number: - 01674725137
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:22:00 PM

Dear sir

This program introduced a new dimension to the students of Daffodil
International University.I was a student of Dhanmondi Govt' Boy's High
School and Rifles Pubic College.I did not felt good after admission to
DIU but after this program I learn many things after which I did not think
before .Now am filling proud to be a student of DIU.I have worked with
National and International University.I am very proud to get Our chairman
sir in this program.I like his all tips to build up a good Career in the

We need a good Campus with stain able Eco building .We should use the
natural air and natural light to reduce the consumption of electricity.We
have set up Air Condition but we know we are going to face huge electricity
problem in our future.So I suggest to concern people to think about modern
Eco technology to buildup our new campus.

Another thing I should mention that we need a a biggest computer lab.I
found that we can not access to Facebook on our lab.But I want to give you
a suggestion we can use Facebook in a positive way.I have participated
different competition which news I got from Facebook.

So Facebook can be a good platform to our student to made them skilled and
competitive with the mordern world.

Last month we found some of students attended Akhoni.com competition and I
promote to vote for DIU on facebook but matter of sorrow that at that time
I found huge students who did not vote because of unable to acsess to
Facebook from our computer lab.
Name:Md. Tofazzal Alam
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:43:22 PM
    My Description about the Workshop
At first,I want to thanks my Universities honorable Chairman,Teachers And all of the Authorities Who are directly & indirectly related with this Workshop program.From this program,I am gathering more experience & knowledge.Firstly,I gathered how to make a perfect decision in a short time & i learn about how to present myself in future in the corporate level.Previously,i did not joined any workshop but it is the first opportunities for me to join this important workshop and i learn lots of experience through the team work activities & teachers guideline.Because our workshop environment task was full of practical.Secondly,our honorable chairman says to me how to be a successful person & by which way how i can reach in the top level in an organization.Thirdly,our teachers teaches us me how to create a mind mapping & how to apply in our real life.He says to me, when i apply mind mapping in correct way then my life is full of discipline.At last i can say that,student career grooming and talent hunt program is very effective all of the students because students know how to take a challenge and how to cope up with the corporate environment.     

Name:Md.Abdul Awal

Student ID:093-11-1179

Registration ID:035

DIU E-Mail: info@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd

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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:45:23 PM
Learning from the Seminar

From the very beginning of the Seminar Raju Sir gives us some tips about our daily life. He guided us how to achieve success in life and also how to give more concentration in life. It was very enjoyable part for each and everyone in the Seminar. Sometimes he makes debates and competition for the audience. This was also very attractive for the audience. This makes the audience wake up. He also created story by the first person to last person of the audience and it was remarkable.  And everybody participated in that story and get some confidence also.

2nd session was very exciting and was very memorable for all the members of the seminar and it was honorable Chairman, Mr. Sabur Khan’s Session. He gives us a lot of time and shared a lot of experience with us. There was various part in his lecture. And the main part of his lecture was building confidence. According to him confidence is very important for each and everybody in any stage of life. Without confidence it is difficult to success in life. By anyhow we need to build up this confidence. He told us a lot things and a lot of story and we heard those story as experience. He also told us how to face VIVA board. This was also very satisfactory learning point. Finally he asked questions and reply from us and also gave answer of those questions. It was really a attractive session for all the members of the Seminar.

Then we learnt about mind planning. This was awesome. This was absolutely a new concept for all of us. Mind planning means to set the target and also plan how to achieve the targets and find out if there is any obstacles in achieving targets and what sort of obstacles and also how we overcome those barriers. This is actually mind planning. And I think it will be very much helpful for me in near future.

In the break Authority arranged lunch for us and also gave us snacks at evening hour. That was also very fantastic. This is all about the

Name : Mir Md. Ehsanul Haque
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Cell : 01674548930
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:48:02 PM
My Blog / Description

Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to special thanks to our honorable Chairman  Md. Sabur Khan, Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahaman, Md. Shibli Shahriar, Md. Yousuf Islam and his team for organizing and successful completion of "DIU Student Career Grooming & Talent Hunt"  program. I would also like to thanks them for giving me opportunities to participate in this program. I think this type of seminar is very helpful to develop our career planning. From this program I have learned many things as follows:

01. Be honest, honesty is the best policy to reach my destination.
02. Never forget pray to almighty Allah to be successful.
03. Never try to be cleaver. That means, which work is not done by me, never try to prove that work is done by me.
04. Always try to be expose my intelligence.
05. Winner never be quit, always try to solve the problems and be positive. As I want to be winner in my career, I need to absorb
      this criteria.
06. I've learned, I have to loose sometimes to be happy others.
07. Always try to help others for getting benefits or social welfare.
08. To be successful in career, always try to get works, not jobs and have to love to do work.
09. To be success in today's world, have to cope with latest required technology. For example, use of internet supported mobile
      phone, browsing internet through it, familiar with Office Application Software, use of E-mail, post of my feelings and reading
      others' feelings on Forum etc.
10. Style of approach, it represents, how can i convince to my employer and others.
11. Ego & tolerance, I have to behave proper manner with the people and have to increase my tolerance power to be successful.
12. Have to increase my social network.
13. Have to learn "Say Sorry" politely, as it is a skill of a human.
14. Don't be shy, raise up voice and learn how to participate and contribute in a team.
15. Before going to face an interview, I should go with well dress-up, reach in time or 15 minutes before the interview time. Have to
      do homework about that organization, by visiting them or going through their web site and find out their problems, try to solve
      their problems or how can I contribute to develop their problems, have to describe. If I fail to get job, I have to say that thank
      you sir, I have learned many things from this interview. Besides, before going to handshake have to be careful that my hands
      are sweating or not and take care about my body whether bad smell coming or not from it and so on.
16. For fresh graduate don't bother about the salary, try to prove myself I am the right person for that position.
17. Should use references in CV who knows my details.
18. To reach upper level as quickly as possible, I should absorb any position of any organization, try to follow the instructions and
      try complete given tasks within half an hour to two hours and tell supervisor what tasks are giving it is completed in a short
      time. please give me more works to do. By doing that way I can be able to attract upper management.
19. Practice man makes perfect and have to be intention to be success.
20. To Be happy in life should be set up a "Mind Map" as follows:
      a) Target: I want to be happy or good man
      b) How: Offering honesty, through dedication, maintaining discipline etc.
      c) Skills: Working under pressure, motivating people, proper time management, proper use of technology and so on.
      d) Obstacles: Introvert, misuse of technology ( too much talking on mobile phone, spending too much time for chatting
                            through internet), etc.
     e) Gratitude: To almighty Allah, To my teachers parents and who help me.

Thank You.

Name                  : Mohammed Abdul Awal
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:55:01 PM

Topic: DIU Student Career Grooming and Talent Hunt –Participant’s Feedback

The objective of the workshop session is to ensure the right kind of career path for new students and proper grooming for the startup of their career. Different variables were being discussed regarding the issue by the presenters.

The workshop started up with the brilliant presentation by Mr.Mizanur Rahman which focused on group building. Through different interactive exercises among the participants he tried to focus on group building, coherence and more elaborately on group cohesion. It was established that synergy is the most influential factor for group building and other three variables worked as stimulators to group activities.

The second presenter was Dr. Yusuf M Islam .He focused on various aspects of Career Planning .The discussion was an enriching and enlightened one which will work as a true guideline for a good career seeker.

Last but not the least the true inspiration has come across through the brilliant delivery of the Honorable chairperson of the university Mr. Sabur Khan. He covered many variables for personality and attitude building and for Career management with different aspects.

Such as:

•   Building and Nurturing Personality
•   Life Style and Future career planning to get proper focus on Job responsibility
•   Time Management –To take care of every sphere of time even in the Traffic Jam we should utilize the time by doing some peripheral tasks.
•   Step by Step career planning
•   Fine Presentation for Personal and Job related Skills
•   Be confident and well motivated in each and every task related issues
•   Grooming is essential to avoid some bad habit like murmuring, nose sniffing etc
•   Always we have to have positive attitude which we have to attain through practice and from firm belief in our lifestyle
•   Strong determination

He cited the examples of many successful person like warren buffet who rather achieved their goals through Hard work and self actualization. Nothing is impossible in the world.

There is a Chinese Wise Saying –“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow in Mystery but today is gift. That is why it is called Present” For a better today and to convert it to a better future  we have to cherish all the learning from the excellent workshop.This kind of more workshop will make us aspirant and successful in our future career.

Participant Name:  Ms.Masuma Bilkis
Student ID :           Ex 032-14-157 (MBA –Regular)
Reg ID :                 041

Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 03:56:31 PM

It was a nice and effective sessoin held on 2nd june at DIU campus. I
learnt various technics deliverd by our respectable sirs. It was very
interesting to take part in that sessoin. I hope DIU will arrange
these kind of sessoin in near future.

Name:   Nahida Zaman
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 04:14:27 PM
Session 1: By Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator-CDC
In this session we learn how to speak politely in front of the people and think positively. we also learn to tell SORRY to anyone is not a shame to us Because it is a great quality. To learn that matter Our beloved Raju sir read a line of the poetry of “Nirmollendo gun” that is “Sometimes I love to lose but it does not mean that I have no capability to win”
Raju sir also told that we must have to take our own decision. The learning was “Do the work how it is instructed rather than not to see any thing”. It seems like a silly mistakes but it may cause a big loss.
We also do some group performance in some vital issues, such as “eve teasing, problems in garments sector, try to be a good person etc.]
Session 2: By Mr. Md, Sabur Khan,Honorable Chairman  & BOT-DIU

Our Chairman sir is really a outstanding person in every sector of his life. We all should be inspired from him. He told us how to upgrade our self in all sector such as in technical sector. He suggest us to buy a in ternate enable mobile set for using the latest version of mobile apps. He also told us how we can utilize traffic jam. Truly I am word less by his speech.
He told us success comes by handwork, honesty & self confidence, he told us how to sell us either it is in job field or in the business field.
Session 3: By Prof. Dr. Yousuf  M. Islam, Executive Director- HRDI

Mind Mapping

This session was so much helpful for Building leadership manner in our mind. Yousuf sir told us to make a mind mapping, at first I like to tell you what ‘Mind Mapping’ is. Mapping means Planning, so mind mapping means make a plan in your mind that how we can achieve our any kind goal. Yousuf told us to make a group and draw a mind map that “How can we achieve success”. We were draw these steps which are given bellow—
1.   Set a Target: - Such as my target is to do a JOB.
2.   What kind of job wants to do: - such as “Banker”.
3.   How you achieve that goal:- By Honesty, Dignity, Handwork, Proficiency.
4.   Skills:- Good academic result, Motivation, Excellent Communication skills(In English)
5.   Obstacles: - Lack of Financial Support, Lack of Experience, poor motivation.
6.   Gratitude: - To all through of my Career path.

Name: Palash Chandra Das
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 04:49:14 PM
  My  Blog:

1st  session  by Syed  Mizanur  Rahman,Coordinator-CDC:

1.   Don’t be clever  But  be intelligent .
Important  Quotation  “Intelligent person  always   try  to  behave   as   fool  But  Non-        intelligent  person always  try   to  carry   intelligence’s   dress “ .
2.   Be  honest   &  be straight forward
                  If  anyone  creates   mistake then   tells  it  honestly. 
3.   Increase    mental  strength   &  don’t    feel    weekness.
                 Important  Quotation   â€œ The world is not  for  week s  , it is  only  for  strongs”       
4.   Do  group work
5.   Sometimes    be defeated  by opposition.
Important  Quotation   â€œThere  is  no  fear  to  defeat  but  it   does  not mean  that we        are  not  able   to  be winner”   
6.   Be  conscientious  about   gender  sense.
       Notice  where  anyone   is  disturbed.         
2nd session by Mr. Md .Sabur Khan,Honorable Chairman,Bot-DIU:

            1.Plan  and  Success :
           specific  plan  for     career  should be made .Because  without  plan  I  can’t  build  it truly .
           2. Go ahead step-by-step:
 If  anyone  want to climb on a car, then at first  try to  climb on a  Rickshaw , after  that try to    climb  on a  BUS ,then  try to  climb  on a   CNG  and finally try to  climb  on a  CAR.   
           3.Utilize  Jam:
       In  our country  , Traffic  Jam  takes a long time .So, Everyone  should   use  this  time.
          4.Use   technology:
Without   technology  , it is impossible to be a successful  human. Suppose  anybody   want to   store  all   of  his/her  friend’s  contact  information  ,he/she  can use  Google  labels & nesting.
        5.Say  Sorry:
      Try  to  say  sorry.
       6.Control  your sleep:
                             Everybody   have to control    sleep.
   7. Control   Ego  :
Ego  should  be applied  to  challenging  work  but  not  at all. I  have  to  decide   it  that  where  I  should  apply it.
8. Increase  tolerance :
    Increase  your  tolerance  label. 
 9.Be  positive:
   Winner  always  say  yes  and  loser  always   say  no.   
10.Help others:
      Try to help others .Don’t worry   you  will  get it back.

3rd session by Dr Yousuf  Islam , Executive Director-HRDI,DIU :

   Mind  map:
     a.Me- Thinking

4th session by MD. Shibli  Shahriar, Member  of CDC:

   1.Big Dream
                        Dream should be Big.
   2.Be  Positive
   3.try to be Extra-ordinary
      At least  1%  more than others.
      Try to grow your network.
            5. Visualization
           6. Be the best
            7.Be happy
            8.Newspaper  can’t give job
            9.try  to  be a  best  presentor
         10.Find out your interest.
   Real Examples: Musa Ibrahim, Dulal  Hossain

5th session by Mr. Md .Sabur Khan,Honorable Chairman,Bot-DIU:

   Emphasizes  on Real job Market:
               a. Think  why I  get job.
   b. try to find out  my strength
   c. try to find out my weakness
   d. decide   my  career
   e.publish  my  work  in journal , media, forum.

Name                   :Parumita Saha
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 05:09:36 PM

Subject: DIU student grooming and talent hunt

First of all I would like to thanks CDC for arrangement such like a nice & effective program. From this student grooming session and talent hunt I am able to know about clear knowledge about my carrier.
To be success in carrier life   one man should give concentration the goal of carrier …….. First of all one man should fix a specific GOAL or destination of his or her carrier.
From today’s program I learn that some important thing as like
What is GOAL if my carrier?
What is my target in carrier?
Why?, How? Skills? Obstruction ? Gratitude
Now after choose the GOAL of my carrier I should develop of my skills which require my carrier
•             Nice presentation skill
•             Appropriate language skill
•             Hard worker
•             Knowledge about technology which require for our carrier ( I mean carrier related )
•             Friendly
•             Extrabold
•             Leaking’s of technology
•             Low confidence
•               No knowledge about target
Another important thing is always be positive Be cool in any situation.
Say sorry without any hesitation & with polite
Finally again I give lots of thanks with gleeful CDC and honorable teachers & specially our honorable chairman sir to give us vital advice for our carrier and real life   
And finally I have to be a confident person ……….. that means in my work I have to confidence & honesty
Without honesty one cannot get success for long time 

Shabiha sharmin
ID: 093-19-1143
Department: ETE
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 05:11:57 PM
DIU Students Grooming Session &Talent Haunt, 2012

Achievements of this session: There are huge important task I know that this session. These are considering the following –


This session presenting Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman sir, he give the some unique tips and this is fully involve in our real life and this tips will be needed for viva- voce.

 First of all, sir give us the tips to maintaining the unity of every task. When anybody try to expect anything he or she must be maintaining the team work or group basis. This creates the positive synergy.

Secondly, he also gives us the idea of can’t do anything by eye sight, we can do anything that we want to our mind.

Thirdly, he gives us the opportunity to perform anything by group on the seminar. This is real knowledge for us to maintaining the group.

This session also tips us , what is the progress or steps to success in our life. Every person must be needed to confidence to do anything.

And finally, sir gives us the some ideas of facing the viva-voce and develop our mentality to do anything by seriously.


This session presenting our chairman sir,  he sharing us real life experience. These are considering the following by list –

-   every person must be a positive thinker
-   mentality to do anything by our  confidence
-   making different from others
-   try to understand or to be a good listener
-   low igo and high tolerance
-   presenting myself very adapting
-   leave to selfish thinking
-   to maintain ethical in our life
-   ways of success in life
-    maintain high expectation
-   First of all need to small
-   Changing our behavioral approach
-   Presenting our extra-ordinary


This session presenting dear Yusuf sir, he gves us the tips of using mind mapping in our real life. Suppose we are try to se us HAPPY person afer 5 years. What is the target, way, gratitude’s, skill and obstacles.


Happy: it is the future expectation. There are some tasks to be a happy person after 5 years later. These are considering the following-

Target: there are two target
1.   by business
2.   by jobs
3.   by technique

Way or steps: there are some steps needed to be a happy person.

              - need to be the success in life
              - need to maintain time schedule
             -  Leadership capacity
             - clear perception

1.   personal skill
2.   technical skill
3.   interpersonal skill
4.   knowledge
5.   experience


1.   thankful to almighty
2.    thankful to employee
3.   thankful to supplier
4.   thankful to merchandiser
5.   thankful to buyer
6.   thankful to govt.

1.   personal obstacles
2.   social obstacles
3.   financial obstacles
4.   political obstacles

Finally we know that some unique ideas that must be needed our real life to do anything. Every person try to be a happy person in their life, when any person are capable to do this, he or she must be happy person in their life.

Name: Shamim Ahmed
SL No: 39,
ID: 091-11-757
Phone: 01935199839
E-mail: shamim01732@yahoo.com
Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 05:13:26 PM

On 2nd June, 2012, I got an opportunity to participate in an exclusive
grooming session organized by our beloved university. It was really a
nice experience for me though I was a little bit confused about what
was going on but at the mean time, I can found myself  in a new look.
I was simply stuck off on what the respectable people were saying and
indicating throughout the daylong session. The first session was about
the preparation to make thyself easy to accesses smartly at anywhere.
To improve the sensitivity and concentration power, there were several
sessions that were performed by us under the supervision of ‘RAJU
sir’. How to work under pressure with a group, how to make a decision
within time all these were taught by those sessions. After that, our
respectable chairman sir came on the floor with his immense
personality. He gave us instructions about how to manage our career as
well as our overall life in the broad sense. How to say sorry, how to
make myself positive, punctual, loyal, dedicated and grateful; all
those were discussed there. After lunch break a session was run to
make myself prepared that how to plan a dream career for me in a
scientific way through mind mapping. I came to know that satisfaction
in any work that I posses, is very important. I have to be self
motivated to be successful. At the end point of the session, I felt
very much satisfied and hope that these kinds of effective workshop
will be held frequently in our university to improve our inner

Name: Shatabdi Goon
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Title: Re: Career Grooming & Talent Hunt: Discussion Blog
Post by: Badshah Mamun on June 04, 2012, 05:14:47 PM
Subject   :  DIU Student  Grooming  And Talent Hunt

 I   believe  that  “ True success can only be  achieved in relationship with God”. Our honorable  chairman Mr. Md. Sabur khan also told that “we must be positive to achieve true success”. The dream  of a student is leading  a good  carrier. So I have also a dream to achieve a good carrier. This demand  was increased  when  I admitted  into DIU in 2009.Now I am in 11th semester in TE department .I have gathered a lot of subjective knowledge from our honorable teacher .But  there was a lack of technical knowledge which will help to improve our  carrier .When I listen about the workshop on “DIU Student  Grooming  And Talent Hunt”, really I could not understand what will be happened .When I entered into auditorium at 9.00 am, then I was very excited .At 9.30 am honorable teacher Syed Mizanur  Rahman started his lecture , then I impressed to him and I started to expand my dream.His technique was grooming us.Then  honorable chairman Mr. Md. Sabur Khan  gave a lecture to build up “our life style and confidence range”. Although the lecture was very short (2 hrs) ,But it’s effect  was  a lot. Then  honorable teacher  Dr. Yousuf  M  Islam gave us a essential  lecture . He gave us technique to creat “Mind  Map” which is necessary to fil up  our dream. We got essential  tips from honorable Shibli Shahriar. The finishing lecture was given  by honorable chairman Mr. Md. Sabur Khan .
Although the duration of workshop was one day (9 hrs) but it has given us knowledge like as 4 years . I could achieved “ Confidence” and “Inspiration to be Man “from the workshop.
I wish that the workshop will be held at every  session so that our university will be “Standard University(not only Top)” all over the country as well as the world.
`Thanks  to  honorable co-ordinator of CDC for arranging “The powerful and effective workshop”.

Name   :        Shibli   Kaium
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Experience about workshop on “DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt”

I am feeling very confident about my career after joining the workshop. I have learned many things in various aspects of my career. Now I am much better confident about my career. I got a great opportunity to work, share my feeling with some most knowledgeable person like- Honorable chairman & the board of trustees of DIU Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Syed Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator (CDC), Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director- HRDI, DIU, Shibli Shahriar, Assistant professor,DIU. The program was started at 9.00 am of 2nd June, 2012. The program was divided among four session. After completing my registration I got a registration card & entered into the auditorium. The 1st session was held by Syed Mizanur Rahman at 9.30-11.45 am. Sir gave some important tips which is very relevant to our professional & practical life as like as -   

                 Don’t be clever.
                 Speak the truth.
                 Keep passion.
                  Well behavior
                 Raise your voice etc.
Then sir divided 105 students among 6 groups & gave some times to prepare them performing any topic within 2 minutes on the stage. After performing we enjoyed a refreshment break for 15 minutes.

                                                   2nd session (11.45-1.45pm)
This session was presented by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan. The session was very much effective for developing our career. Sir presented his speech through a power point where lots of key points  were discussed with practical examples. Such as-
                 Before entering into any work you have to know what are you doing.
                 Control your Ego & emotions.
                 Select your target
                 Keep passion
                 Make a proper plan to be succeed
                 Help other people & motivate yourself etc
After that we had lunch break for 30 minutes.

                                        3rd session (2.30-4.30pm)
This session was directed by Dr. M Yousuf Islam. Sir basically tried to learn us how we can make an  effective mind mapping? The steps of mind  mapping & Sir divided the students among 10 groups and told us to make a mind mapping about our career and then we present our map. This session was so enjoyable to me. After that we had a tea break for 15 minutes.

                                          4th session (4.45-5.30pm)
In this session Mr.. Shibli Shahriar presented a documentary which is very much helpful for our career. Then Mr. Sabur khan wanted to know our feedback . what are we learned from the workshop? Are we confident? Then he shared his personal experience with us. Finally we filled up a self evaluation sheet.
From whole day workshop I have learned many things & this is remarkable day to me.

Sonia Zafrin
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From the very beginning i want to thanks to know our authority for arranging “DIU Students Grooming Session & Talent Hunt, 2012”. It was my first and foremost important session in my life. Every man has some expectations, as a student i am not anomaly to them. I really worried about my job. I didn’t know how to overcome the destination & how a person should go ahead for developing his/her career. But from this session i have learn many things such as how to create a plan, how to communicate to others. Specially I thanks to know our chairman sir, Mr. Sabur Khan. We feel very proud to get a such kind of prominent person. He is not only a successful person but also a good speaker. He assists to find out our weakness very articulately. He has learn to us that “look before you leap” & he also says that ‘ love the work not  the job’. Moreover, we have learn that we are very much back dated to use technology. So we must know how to proper use of technology. On the other hand, Yousuf Sir & Shibli Sir are really deliberate person. They guided & motivated to us how we present our self in a particular platform, since we are all workers. So we have to learn that how we sale yourself. And the key success factors are integrity & hard working. So I am very much grateful to get an opportunity to appear such kind of session. It was my grate experience.

And the morality is whenever we face any severe problem or negative impact fall in my life don’t be afraid because every negative aspect can provide a positive solution. 

Yours obediently
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DIU student career Grooming and talent hunt...

DIU student career grooming and talent hunt was an wonderful event organized by CDC.i am very much thankful to our chairmen sir and other person who are related with that event.from this event I have learn much about my career goal,and what my career should be at the perspective of Bangladesh.i have learn about group discussion in the session by Syed Mizanur Rahman sir.he said that ‘I may be a looser…but it does not mean that I cannot win’.i like this word most.i also like what chairman sir had said about us…about our fault in the interview board.i like the poster making at the session of Yousuf M Islam sir.here I learned about how to motivate myself.in a word before this event my confidence level was zero.but after that event I can understand my self.i can realize that if I wish I can do my best.I am very proud that I am a student of this university.Thanks to CDC to organize that event.

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Subject: DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt 2012.

Blog description:

Session by Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahmam, Coordinator-CDC (DIU)

1)   I have learned how to be discipline.
2)   I have learned how to develop my communication skills.
3)   Don’t look others, listen carefully and then do the works.
4)   How to walk properly and standing position.
5)   Avoid bad habits.
6)   Don’t be dishonest.
7)   Be smart and clever but don’t be make yourself over smart.
8)   We make a team group and sing a song; it helps to share each other knowledge.
9)   How to make a story.

Session by Mr. Md. Sabur kahn, Honorable Chairman (DIU)

1)  I have learned how to reach a top level:

i.   By working hard.
ii.   Do the work quickly, then go to the boss want more works and complete it properly.

2) Career Management:

i.   Planning the strategy and setup goals.
ii.   Utilizing the time; don’t waste time by gossiping with friends.
iii.   Utilize myself when I am in traffic jam. Example- by checking important mail,
iv.   documents, studying etc.
v.   Use technology like mobile device, internet because this device make do the work easily.
vi.   Utilize to sleep.
vii.   I have learned career planning.
viii.   I have learned how to build my confidence.
ix.   How to motivate others.
x.   How to increase my efficiency.
xi.   Should give relative as a reference in CV.
xii.   How to present myself on interview.
Session by Mr. Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Executive Director-HRDI (DIU)

1)   We make a group and by team work we make a assignment & present it with other group:

Topic: Career planning

To be success we need:
a.   Target- Business or Job
b.   What- Private organization like Bank, IDlC etc.
c.   How- Work Hard, Honesty and Sincerity.
d.   Skills- Proper communication skills for presentation.
e.   Obstacle- Lack of proper basic knowledge and experience.

Session by Mr. Md. Shibli Shahriar

1)   How to identify myself from others.
2)   How to be self-esteem.
3)   I have learned how to develop my quality.
4)   How to achieve my destiny.

So, finally thanks Mr. Md. Sabur kahn, Honorable Chairman to organize a beautiful Grooming session for us. It helps me to build my confidence and how to create my career planning.   

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Talent hunt program is first time held at our university. This helps us to remind our lickings for solving.  Our university’s students participate there and our presenters show their practical views for our betterment. Chairman Mr. Sabur Khan, Syed Mizanur Rahman sir, Dr. Yousuf M Islam and Md. Shibli Shahriar sir cobindly delivers their speeches about our interviews, practical bindings and lacks and dreams. So we can solve or take perfect steps at our career plan.

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Firstly I am very proud to say that I am student of Daffodil International University. Its one of the main reason the student teacher relation is very friendly. List day in  DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt workshop our honorable chairman sir prove that we live in a friendly environment in our varsity, and I realize that our chairman sir is a really innovative person. Last day workshop is very important for me. It teach me how to make a successful person. In this time I realize that what I am? It very useful to change my behavior. Now I completed my mind mapping. I hope now I am a confident person. Now I have can do attitude.

Finally I give thanks to CDC, raju sir and all related person in this event. And I am salute chairman sir for his innovative mind. personally I like innovative work.


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DIU Student Grooming and Talent Hunt

Learning feedback:
1)   From the Syed mizanur Rahman sir session , I learn way of behavior in the corporate world and time management, be a positive thinker, work with team wise, Enrich the confidence level,  adopt myself at any situation, protect the social unfair means, work with in unity.
2)   From the session of Mr. Md. Sabur Khan sir, I learn different things which are listed bellow:

   Out of Box: in case of job searching everybody should out of box that means links with different people.
     Be positive: think at first be positive if work that’s good ,if positive are not work than take necessary step.
   Be polite: the polite or genteel man are treated as good human being, this virtue help him/ her to reach in high position.
   Tolerant and Ego: we should maintain our tolerance at bad situation and most of the  cases Ego are not good  prosper in life but some times it need basis of the situation
   Facing viva: Everybody should basic knowledge about the company which he/she will go to for viva through help of internet.
   Confidence: everybody should confident what he /she doing.
   Way of thinking: in case of corporate firm there should not discriminate the female. We should think him as a human being.
   Communication:  everybody should communicable and able to influence the employer.   
   Skills: everybody should skills in his fild of work with the basic knowledge with IT.
   Helpful: try to help people bcz you may get the help from the helped person .
   Satisfaction: most of the time everybody should try to be satisfied which he/ she has.
   Legally: do work with legal way.
   Time management: we should manage our time properly.
   Hard working: we should have the intention of hard working.
   Goal setting: for hard working everybody should set a goal.
   Say sorry: to say sorry is a art.

3) From the session of Dr. Yousul M Islam Sir ,
I learn different thinks most of them I influenced much this is mind mapping path, which I do with team wise .here I set a three target but emphasis on job…

3)   From the session of Sibli sir, I also  know who to be successful in life / happy in life :

   Success in life:


   Communication
   How to search job
   Confidence
   Meet the experts.

Md. Farhad Sarker.
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Post by: Shamim Ansary on June 05, 2012, 10:10:50 AM
Today(02.06.2012) is memorable day in my life. I feel very lucky to participate such type of event or workshop. I think, this workshop must change my life style and thinking. I am so much inspired by the speech of our honorable chairman sir. I feel shy when i perform my presentation at class thats why my presentation never perfect. After participating this workshop, i feel much improvement in my mind. I always greatful to those people who arrange this workshop.

At first session of this workshop, i have learnt many basic theme to maintain holistic life and prestigious life. Group work also help myself. One thing that is very important, be intelligent but not clever. Consciousness, clear loud voice, attracting people, gesture, style are very important to build up carrier and leading a better life.
At third session of our workshop, we have learnt about mind mapping. I think, mind mapping is one kind of setting up plan. Planning can be for our daily life, event management, business activities, education, etc. This session is so helpful for me cause i have plan to start a business but that was not organized. By mind maping, i have learnt how to organize a plan and save it for future evaluation.
Now, i am writing about second session which has been done by our honorable chairman sir. I have 100% motivated by hearing his speech. I have enjoyed this session most. This is ever great motivated speech, i have heard. I give some points which i have achieved from speech.
•   Well dress up for interview or any other formal event or meeting.
•   Take care yourself.
•   Art or style of presenting myself.
•   Proper step should be taken.
•   Honesty.
•   Dreaming.
•   Making myself confident.
•   Step by step planning.
•   Search for work not job.
•   Job anywhere in Bangladesh.
•   Approach presentation.
•   Utilizing traffic jam.
•   We have to make plan properly.
•   Sleepiness.
•   Using technology to leading easy life and job.
•   Using mobile phone as diary, notebook.
•   Using mobile apps( i have prepared this mail by using iPhone app DocsToGo).
•   Motivation and responsibility.
•   Leadership.
•   Self confidence and self motivation.
•   Learn to say sorry.
•   Have to polite.
•   Facing problem, never escape.
•   Before facing challenge, interview or before giving presentation, you must have to do some homework.
•   Be positive at every moment of life.
•   Positive thinking.
•   Control ego and tolerance.
•   Prove your efficiency.
•   Forgiveness.
•   Be cool to react or facing any hard situation.
•   Need to know the reality.
•   Judgment.
•   We should love criticism.
•   Time management.
•   Winner always say yes.
•   Tips about Resume/CV.
•   Help others.
•   Take break/ spend free time with family.