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Dear  all,

You will be glad to know that already a system has been developed as well as implemented, which enables 24X7 connection between Teachers and Students.
And I am very happy for having my very small contribution which may help DIU to be Digitalized.

The system is First in Bangladesh, which may help us to be focused and may help to achieve the desired position. (Number 1).
                                                           DIU Teacher Student Class Feedback System
What is it?

DIU Teacher Student Class Feedback System (DIUTSCFS) also known as Socialweb; is a web 2.0 technology based  Educational System and designed for produce a better learning environment between Teachers and Students through online.  (url:


The main objectives of the system are:

-Get the feedback from the Students to the Teacher just after every class. (about the lessons)
-Get the immediate Answers or Solutions by the Teacher to the Students. (or by the Students to Students)
-Establish the Collaborative Learning Environment between Teachers and Students.

Who Are After This:

As the Honorable Chairman Sir of Daffodil International University as well as the former Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Dr. Md. Abu Taher and other Faculty Members were interested to implement the system in CSE Department as a pilot run for one semester, the system was implemented in 6 courses in CSE Department in summer 2010 semester.

In addition, the system was also implemented in 4 courses from 2 other Departments which were beyond the plans. As the 2 Faculty member, Mr. Siddiqur Rahman (Assistant Proffessor, Dept. of Business Administration) and Dr. Md. Kabirul Islam (Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE taking class in Dept. of Textile Engineering) were very interested, the system was also implemented to their courses.

The implementation was done by System Implementation and Support (SIS) team consisting of 7 CSE students, directly Supervised by Dr. Yousuf M Islam (Executive Director, HRD Institute & Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE).

What Are The Features ?

- Students can communicate with Teachers regarding their study, problems, as well as ideas through the individual Course Blogs.
- Course discussions, blog writing etc enable English writing habits
- Email, Chat, Notification etc. enable the easy communication
- Students received their events (exam date, time, venue) through the system
- Users can chat with other users regarding their study related problems.
- The system also gives The Social Community Networking flavors to the users.

Users' Experience:

Please see the Reply :

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« Reply #30 on: September 04, 2010, 09:38:35 PM »
« Reply #31 on: September 04, 2010, 09:43:51 PM »
« Reply #32 on: September 04, 2010, 10:08:28 PM »

Very Special Thanks to:

1. Mr. Siddiqur Rahman Sir ( for giving his valuable suggestions )
2. Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman Sir ( for his good planning to relate with the system from the next semester )
3. All the 506 Users of the website and also the users who always asks for our helps by over phone or physical meeting.

About SIS Team:

1. Muhammad Pasha, Creator-Administrator and Team Leader
    M.Sc. Student, Dept. of CSE

2. Md. Enayet Ullah, Creator-Administrator and Assistant Team Leader
    M.Sc. Student, Dept. of CSE
3. Kazi Shahinur Rahman, Team member
    Student of (L1 T3 ), Dept. of CSE
4. Md. Adib Rahman, Team member
    Student of (L1 T2 ), Dept. of CSE

5. Bijoy Pramanik, Team member
    Student of (L1 T2 ), Dept. of CSE

6. Md. Zahidur Rahman, Team member
    Student of (L1 T1 ), Dept. of CSE

7. A.S.M. Arifuzzaman, Team member
    Student of (L1 T1 ), Dept. of CSE


Best regards
Muhammad Pasha
M.Sc. Student
Dept. of CSE
Cellphone : 01678143011

HRDI / Re: In Honour of Women and Relationships - by Yusuf M Islam
« on: July 17, 2009, 02:59:26 PM »
 Thx to dear allah for giving me a chance to meet with Dr. Yousuf Sir
i dnt know how can i thank to my dear Yousuf Sir, Fortunately i got the article few days earlier from Yousuf sir, when i shared a problem with him about one of my O-Level students. She (my student) was facing some problems in her daily life and i was unable to identify the reason.
 Dr. Yousuf heard the whole things, and gave me some good suggestions including the article that i may give it to her and get her confidence back. Unfortunately by this time, she was out of country and i kept it to me.
 One day, somehow i just tried to see what was written over there [ but i was not interested to KNOW, Because it's size is too big and that is good enough for killing my all interests  :p ]

 I dnt know wht i got, but i must say, i got the message which i was looking for a long ! And i dnt know how many times i've read it out, but it obviously more than 5 times !

Thanks to Mr. Azam  for posting it over here

-Muhammad Pasha
Level-4, Term-3,
Dept of CSE

Mr. Azam and Mr. Kazi Shahin,

I'd like 2 thx both of u for sharing your ideas by proposing something " NEW as well as INTERESTING " over here in this Forum.

I think, u are very lucky bcoz u've got Dr.Yousuf sir from the 1st semester of ur University life (where as, unfortunately we got him in our Final year) and the result is of course TWINKLINK in front of us ! 

    The MIND MAP u've drawn is really AWESOME. I must say- I'M LOVING IT ! (Very special thx to Azam for uploading it over here, i downloaded and made it my Desktop Wallpaper, coz i want 2 C this one @least once a day )

keep drawing ur thinks, brother

One thing i'd like to share, that i 've learnt from ma Life,
     if u Share ur Knowledge (specially, ur study related knowledge Or other matters, which may help people) it will undoubtedly increases!
    And if u show some Respect to them who r suffering with any study related problems and give him/her some time to get out of that problem, It will make u WISE and SMART
 i would like to request u and ur frnds to help ur other friends and teach them how to draw Mind Maps and try to make them realize how much HELPFUL it is for him / her own self

thank u

-Muhammad Pasha
Level-4, Term-3
Dept. of CSE

HRDI / Re: Self Development Workshops
« on: June 28, 2009, 04:27:09 PM »
 After a long time, finally i could manage my time to join the workshop which was held on 27th June. The topic was-  
 " Note taking, self study skills mind mapping" as well as " Time management of a student "

It was really nice and seems very helpful to me.

I would like to thank Dr. Yousuf M. Islam Sir to allow me in the workshop with the 1st year-1st semester students.
i would also like to thank our University Authority for arranging this sort of useful workshop.

As a senior student of CSE Dept. i wish the new students will be very grateful by joining the workshop.

I cordially request Dr. Yousuf M. Islam Sir to announce the schedule of the workshop on the Noticeboard, which will help the other students who do not know about the workshop .

Thank U

- Muhammad Pasha
  Level-4, Term -3
  CSE Department

I STRONGLY SUPPORT the comments with both of my Loving brothers AMINUL  and RIYAD

From the very  beginning  of the incident i was present over there,
 i saw what happened , i  tried my best to help the Injured students, Me-myself with my beloved young brothers  RIYAD, ERFAN, AMINUL, ZAMIL, POLASH (who got also injured ), FAYSAL and others, BURIED the INJURED students to the MEDIAID HOSPITAL and Then  we shifted them to the SQUARE HOSPITAL.

we saw the conditions of the those students. We should not keep SILENT .

We are waiting for our honorable Chairman Sir, for the best remedies .

Thank U


CURRENT STATUS  of DIU Date : 07/02/09 upto 6:40 Pm

American International University-Bangladesh   1044
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology   853
East West University   452
Independent University, Bangladesh   193
Daffodil International University   146
United International University   112
Southeast University   84
International Islamic University Chittagong   82
North South University   66
ASA University Bangladesh   52
Stamford University, Bangladesh   49
Darul Ihsan University   48
IBAIS University   47
Brac University   37
Eastern University   28
Northern University   24
Primeasia University   17
Asain University of Bangladesh   15
State University Of Bangladesh   14
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh    7
The University of Asia Pacific   6
Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology   3
Dhaka International University   3
World University of Bangladesh   2
Uttara University   0

increase the position of ur UNIVERSITY and VOTE here :

CURRENT STATUS  of DIU Date : 07/02/09 upto 6:40 Pm

American International University-Bangladesh   1044
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology   853
East West University   452
Independent University, Bangladesh   193
Daffodil International University   146
United International University   112
Southeast University   84
International Islamic University Chittagong   82
North South University   66
ASA University Bangladesh   52
Stamford University, Bangladesh   49
Darul Ihsan University   48
IBAIS University   47
Brac University   37
Eastern University   28
Northern University   24
Primeasia University   17
Asain University of Bangladesh   15
State University Of Bangladesh   14
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh    7
The University of Asia Pacific   6
Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology   3
Dhaka International University   3
World University of Bangladesh   2
Uttara University   0

hi, good day....

Dear friends,
All the activities are well organized when we have good wishes in our mind, now this is the time to move towards future with some good wishes.

My proposal is, although we have got our official LOGO from the very 1st day of February, 2009, then why don’t we set an official SLOGAN for next year? The SLOGAN will must have the Mirroring capability of the Vision of DIUSN or the Goal of DIUSN

From my point of view, I would like to offer a SLOGAN, which can be used under the official LOGO of DIUSN. The SLOGAN might be like this:

                                  “ Let’s Make DIU  A  BRAND ”

# EXPLAINATION : Why we need that particular SLOGAN ?

because Daffodil International University is known as a " B Grade " University to the common people (although its sad, but its the reality, m saying that with having a good SURVEY RESULT ). Now we have huge Active Members and Volunteers who can Advertise for their University and Can improve its position from " B " to a " TOP RANKED UNIVERSITY "

so, plz ask for the STUDENTS/ MEMBERS of DIUSN, what can be the SLOGAN of DIUSN for this YEAR !!

Thank You,
Muhammad Pasha

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