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English / Re: Development of English Skills
« on: August 01, 2019, 02:14:05 AM »
How can I improve your oral communication skill?

Overcome all fears and worries by practicing English speaking and participating in conversations spontaneously.

1. Read as much as I can:
Reading regularly  is considered to be the best practice that can enhance basic oral communication skills.Reading English literature, news papers, magazines, novels, fiction, etc. improves vocabulary skills.Also, this will aid I can developing my  thinking process and enhance my sharpness in gathering ideas and expressing them in English.

2. Check out the dictionaries:
Dictionary is a wizard of new words with its synonyms, meanings, adjective and noun forms.Also, dictionary explains the word with in-depth explanation and example, helping the readers to learn best communication words for an communication and the word’s usage.In your spare time, I can always look for some uncommon words and their meaning with pronunciation in the dictionaries.

3. Listen to learn:
Listening is another practice that will help to train yourself for oral communication. Initially, I will be diverted from the listening as most of the words will appear to be unfamiliar and I might not be able to comprehend everything in one go.
Also, the accent of a native English speaker might also be non-understandable as might find difficulty in understanding the tone and accent of the spoken words and sentences.
However, gradually you will learn, but for that I need to have lot of patience and perseverance. Listening to slow English songs, speech, presentations, news, debate or watching movies will help a lot.Dedication will take you far in improving oral communication skills!

4. Writing the necessary points:
I can generally come across some specific words that are tough to spell out. Writing makes it easier to recognize and spell such words properly.

5. Read Out Loud:
Reading is indeed a good habit and I need to keep it up. However, murmuring will certainly not help in getting over my oral communication lags.Read loud so that I can clearly hear your own voice and make out the mistakes while reading. The golden tips for making my communication skills better are to pronounce each and every word clearly and loudly.This is the best way to improve English speaking skills. Read whatever I get in my hand, whether a torn out page from old book or a column from news paper .

6. Ask your guide or teacher:
The communication issues or errors can be corrected at the bud if  approach teacher or guide who holds expertise in English.Clearing the doubts related to both grammatical and sentence construction issues will significantly help become skilled at oral communication.

7. Take help from Google Translator:
Google, being the best option for the e-learners, can help clearing your doubts.If a particular pronunciation is bothering , enter the word in Google Translator and click the audio version to listen to the actual accent.

8. Look out for Online Dictionary:
Other than Google Translator, I can take the assistance of Oxford online dictionary or other renowned dictionaries. These dictionaries, not only have wide range of words and their meanings, but there is an audio version available.I can listen to the audio version for every word and can practice on your own.

9. Enhance your vocabulary skills:
A good orator has new words in his or her vocabulary and uses them intelligently while speaking.

10. Watch movies for learning more:
If watching English movies during leisure my favorite pass time, then I am a lucky one.Good quality movies can help in improving accent and sentence construction. Also, this effective way enhances  self-confidence. The sub-title part helps one to make out the accent.

11. Attend English-activities going around my:-
How about spending an evening in debate or discussion sessions in my locality I can find many activities going on especially during the weekends in local community halls or auditoriums. Surely attend them, just not for the sake of attending, but to learn something.

12. Enroll myself in conversation clubs:
I can find ample of conversation clubs all around the city, where special classes for improving oral communications skills are held.Local newspaper or internet can give proper idea about such classes..

13. Engaging in debates and discussions:
If I have few willing friends who also want to boost up their English oral communication skills, then plan a debate or discussion session with them. Contribute your ideas, I thoughts and ask them about their perspectives.A healthy and interactive session once or twice a week will definitely help you in learning and sharing.

14. Find out helping materials from the market:
Better to avoid books quoting ‘learn to speak English in five days’ or similar to this! These are nothing, but some bluff that will not help much.There are some really inspirational English learning books available in the market that will empower my oral communication skills. There are also few best books to improve English communication skills.

15. Inquisitiveness- the pillar to success:
How inquisitiveness helps in improving English speaking skills or oral communication skills is not new to anyone.

Submitted by:-
Md.Jakir Hossain

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