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English / Prince Ahmed and The Princess. [ Assignment]
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:35:44 AM »

Prince Ahmed and The Princess.

Summary of the Story:

Long time ago in Persia lived a rich Sultan Omar and his lovely daughter, the Princess Nurina, who was the apple of eye of her father. Nurina is so beautiful that is why many neighbouring Kingdoms sought her hand in marriage, but she refused them all. Because they spend their time in idleness, eating, drinking and courting her favours. Nurina wanted a man, who had courage and skill, not a court flatterer who was a coward at heart. Her father, the Sultan understood and shared her feelings, one day, the Prince named Ahmed from a far off land, lost his way while out hunting and come to the Sultan’s palace for rest and refreshment. Prince Ahmed learned about Princess Nurina and her loveliness and he wanted to meet her, but forbidden him because he had to prove a man of strength and determination and a man of worthy for the Princess. Prince Ahmed begged but the Sultan still and firm in his decision. Then Prince Ahmed remembered how many years ago at his father’s court he had talked with aged soothsayer who had told him a strange things “In the years to come you will seek a beautiful bride, but to win her you must first find true things. You will need a magic telescope which can see everything, even through walls, a magic carpet to fly you wherever you wish and magic bow and an arrow will never fail your target.” The Prince asked the soothsayer where he will find such things. The soothsayer told him the place where he found the three things and Prince Ahmed went every remote place where he found three things. After finding the three things, he meets with viziers, who were very worried. He asked why he unhappy. Then he told the Prince that an evil spirit had cast a spell on Nurina and nobody could broke it and was tired. Prince Ahmed sawed Nurina by the help of three magical things and proved his courage in front of the Princess. At last Princess Nurina and Prince Ahmed married with each other and everybody was happy and in he excitement everyone forgotten about the three magical things.

Critical Comments:

It is a story about the beautiful Princess Nurina and her great wish to choose a life partner, and the Prince Ahmed, who is determine to gain anything by trying hard and soul. Princess Nurina want such a man who has courage, determination and he prove him as a brave and resourceful man. On the other hand Prince Ahmed is a great person, who to prove himself as a great man by gaining three magical things. He also proves himself as a worthy man by saving the Princess from an evil spirit. Then Princess Nurina and Prince Ahmed live with each other and had a happy life because they know that their all wishes are fulfilled.

Moral of the Story:

If any one determine to achieve a beautiful and trying hard and soul nobody can stop him from gaining such things and all is well in the end.

Submitted by:

Name: Reema Akter
ID: 101-22-147
Batch: 19th
Semester: Spring, 2010.
Course Code: Eng 514.
Course Title: Post Colonial Literature and Theory.

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