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English / Re: Assignment for 11th Batch, Department of English
« on: April 20, 2010, 04:09:38 PM »

Waiting for Godot    is a world famous absurd drama, written by Samuel Beckett. ''Godot ''is the most noteworthy and significant character of it, though we find no presence of him (for once!) in this play. Beckett himself doesn't make it clear who, which or what is 'Godot' (?) So, we have liberty to imagine him (G) with our own way. During giving an interview in television Beckett once says, '' Godot is in no sense a God. '' May be, 'Godot' indicates a hope for good future or the 'waiting of human being ''for a 'savior' .There is also somebody who believes that 'Godot' symbolizes the uncertainty of getting something in life. Moreover,'Godot ' often seems to us as the waiting for decay or death. Again. 'Godot ' can be defined as simply an idealization of Vladimir's own way of life. Anyway, we can sum up 'Godot ' as the sign of something pure, innocent, a new beginning for humanity and a savior who takes away all the dark, dirt and sufferings of the humanity. Like Vladimir and Estragon we are all waiting for a 'Godot' or a 'happy new beginning".

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