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BBA Discussion Forum / The male washroom condition of DIU Campus
« on: October 14, 2010, 02:53:41 PM »
Specially  7th floor  condition is not well . it is clean but the  condition of toilet door is not well . 3 toilet doors has not properly locked . because lock system is damagesed by the more repairing work .   every day we have suffered this problem !!!

Finally we want to  say ,  please  give me a solution  about this problem.  

Dear friends  give  me your opinion as sufferer ..  


Under the above perspective remedies are recommended as follows:

. Policy makers, city planners, researchers and the related directorates and offices must sit together and find ways and means to address the problem. Coordination is very urgent and important.

. Readjustment of office timings depending upon the nature of job of the offices.

. No shop or other installation be allowed in the footpaths and nearby.

. Every year Traffic Week is observed by the concerned department. More and more awareness be created to achieve the goal.

. Shifting of educational institutes namely, private universities, school and colleges and other offices from residential zone to outskirts of the city.

. More and more fly-overs and over-bridges be constructed to address the problem.

. Restriction on import of old and unnecessary vehicles be imposed rigidly.

. Traffic management should be improved further for which necessary training or facilities may be available ..

. Unregistered rickshaws must be withdrawn arranging alternatives for their employment.

. Unauthorised parking of vehicles be stopped.

Dear audience of DIU forum , Please give me your opinion as a sufferer !!!

Common Forum / A One Legged Man( sad strory)
« on: October 14, 2010, 12:19:20 PM »
 A One Legged Man

A few days ago I heard this story from a friend .

One day my friend was   going  to class in Dhanmondi  from his home . I got a rickshaw & asked  him to move as fast  as possible since  I was already late. Suddenly , I noticed that  the  rickshaw puller had  just  one  leg , but  was  cycling  away  with  ease  & evenfaster than many of the other rickshaws around . I  was filled  whith  sadness and  also curiosity . I asked him  what had  happned  to his other  leg  when  he said  that it  had  to be  amputated  because  of a disease . he also mentioned that  he did  not face any  trouble whatsoever  because of this on the streets . meeting  and  talking  to this  rickshaw puller actually  opened my eyes  to a whole new world . I thanked god for my two unharmed legs  & good  health  . and as for the  rickshaw  puller, he could  have  begged  if  he  wanted  to . instead , he took  up  this profession  survive .

Nur Saifuzzaman Shamim
Business & Economic   

Child labour is a crime.Child labour was first recognised as a social problem with the introduction factories in the late 18th century in Great Britain.Bangladeshi child workers are involved in 430 types of economic activities(source:situation of child labour in Bangladesh 2001,Bangladesh shishu adhikar forum )
’ Main causes of child labour

*  Poverty
*  Entrenched tradition
*  Lack of schools
*  Migration
*  Push factors
*  Pull factors
*  Interactive factors

Some families have lacking bond in family member they are not interested about their child what´s they doing, where are they going. It may important cause behind child labor.

The child labor´s common duty places are:

1. Agriculture sector-

2. Construction sector-

3. Industrial sector-

4. Street hawkers-

5. Vehicles; as a bus conductor, in workshop, etc-

6. Home worker
7. smuggling  ( Illegal)                                       

                                                    Stop Child Labour

                                     Protect our children... Stop child labour                                                             

Child labour is the employment of children under an age determined by law or custom. This practice is considered exploitative by many countries and international organizations. Child labour was not seen as a problem throughout most of history, only becoming a disputed issue with the beginning of universal schooling and the concepts of workers' and children's rights. However, rather than in factories and sweatshops, most child labor occurs in the informal sector, "selling on the street, at work in agriculture or hidden away in houses - far from the reach of official labor inspectors and from media scrutiny.

BBA Discussion Forum / The classification Bank & Financial Institutes
« on: October 14, 2010, 12:02:25 PM »

Central Bank

 Bangladesh  Bank

Nationalized Commercial Bank
a.   Sonali bank.
b.   Jonota bank.
c.   Agonic bank.
d.   Rupali bank.

Local private Commercial bank

a.   Dhaka Bank Ldt.
b.   Pubali Bank .
c.   Uttora bank.
d.   IFIC Bank ltd.
e.   National bank.
f.   The City Bank Ltd.
g.   United Commercial Ltd.
h.   NCC Bank .
i.   Prime Bank .
j.   South East Bank .
k.   Standard bank.
l.   One Bank.
m.   Mercantile Bank.
n.   Bangladesh Commerce Bank.
o.   Mutual Bank .
p.   Premier Bank Ltd.
q.   Bank Asia Ltd.
r.   Jamuna Bank Ltd.
s.   AB Bank Ltd.
t.   Brak Bank Ltd.
u.   Eastern Bank Ltd .
v.   Trust Bank Ltd.
w.   Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

Foreign Commercial Bank.
a.HSBC Bank.
b.Commercial Bank of Ceylon.
c  strate Bank of India.
d. Standard Chartered Bank.
e. World Bank.
f. Habib Bank.
g. AMEX Bank.
h. City Bank North America Bank.
i. Nation Bank OF Pakistan Bank.
j. Bank of Alfala

Islamic Bank .

a.  Islami Bank Ltd.
b.  Shajalal Bank Ltd.
c.  The First Security Bank.
e.  ICB Bank Ltd.
f.  Social Islamic Bank Ltd.
g.   Exim Bank Ltd .
h.   Bank al- arafah Islami Ltd.

Specialized Banks  

a.   Bangladesh Krishi Bank
b.   Bangladesh Shilpo Bank.
c.   Rajshahi Krishi Unnoyan Bank .
d.   Bangladesh Shilpo Rin songstha.
e.   Bang of Small Industries and Commercial Bank.(BASIC)
f.   Bangladesh Somobay Bank Limited.

Merchant  Bankers
A Consultants & Financial adviser
Banco trans world (bd) Ltd
 Bay b leasing  & investment Ltd
Capital market service Ltd
 EC securities Ltd
 Equity  valuation  research  & distribution Ltd
Fidelity assets &  securities Company Ltd
Grameen Capital Management Co. Ltd
IDLC Finance Limited
Millennium investment  Management Co.Ltd
Pangaea Partners Bangladesh
 Paramount Sequreties Ltd
Prime  Finance  & investment Ltd
Prime securities & financial  SErvies Ltd
Rapit securities & management  Ltd
Saudi_ Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural investment capital Ltd
South Asia capital Ltd
 Swadesh Investment  Management Ltd
Uttara Finance & investment LTD
 Lankabanla  finance LTD
 Mercantile Securities Ltd  
GSP finance company ( Bangladesh)Ltd
Bangladesh Mutual Securities Ltd
 Equity partners Ltd
Prime bankLtd
Arab Bangladesh Ltd

Banks & Financial  Institutes in Banglades:

Non Banking Financial Institutes  

IDLC  Finance Ltd
United leasing company Ltd
Industrial Leasing company of Banladesh Ltd
Industrial Promotion & Development Company of Bangladesh
 Saudi Bangladesh industrial & agricultural Investment Co.Ltd
Phoenix Leasing
Union Capital Ltd
Ultra Finance & investment
The U.A.E Bangladesh Investment co.Ltd
International leasing & financial services Ltd
 G.S.P Finance company Bangladesh Ltd
Prime Finance & investment Ltd
Bahrain Bangladesh Finance & investment Co.Ltd
Bay Leasing & Investment Ltd
Delta Brac Housing Financial Corporation Ltd
Vanik Bangladesh Ltd
 Peoples Leasing financial services Ltd
 Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd
 Bangladesh Industrial Finance Co.Ltd
National housing Finance Investment Ltd
Bangladesh housing building finance corporation

Other Banks  

Ansar & VDP Bank
Karamasangsthan  Bank
Grameen Bank ( NGO Bank)





Be Alert / The Negative Effects of Facebook
« on: October 13, 2010, 11:12:16 AM »
Facebook has quickly become one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet. These days it's not only available on your computer but through most mobile devices like cell phones and 'I-Phones'. And like all things that become so popular, it has developed some downsides. Here are just some of the negative effects of using Facebook .

Facebook is quite addictive. Once you get started you'll find yourself checking it everyday if not more. You'll be quickly hooked on reading all of your friend's updated status messages and trying to come up with interesting ones to post for yourself. Everyday Facebook will recommend 'people you may know' as possible friends to connect with as you spend hours going through the list looking for old high school friends or former sweethearts from past romances. Then there are all the pictures. You'll be uploading pictures of yourself, your family, your kids, your dog, your car, etc. almost every day. Then you have to spend time adding witty and descriptions to the pictures and tag all the faces of your friends all while deciding which picture should be your default picture for today. You'll also spend hours looking at all of your friends' pictures too, leaving fun and entertaining comments for them and others to read.

One of the most addictive things on Facebook is all of the games that are available. From bowling against your friends to starting your own mob; there are literally hundreds of game applications for your Facebook account. You'll find yourself spending hours upon hours playing games against your friends instead of doing your work or spending time with your family. To say Facebook is addictive is an understatement.

Another negative effect of Facebook is how accessible it makes you. Once you have signed up for a Facebook account you have made yourself completely exposed to the world. Anyone who wants to find out anything about you will be able to find it on Facebook . If you have exes who are trying to find you, or people in your life who want to stalk you or intimidate you.

 SO be careful about FB !!  I  suggested  all the  students  of  DIU to use our own technology that is DIU forum !!!    Welcome in DIU forum !!!

MD Nur Saifuzzaman Shamim
Program: Bachelor Business Administration (BBA)
Faculty: Business & Economic

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