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CURRENT STATUS  of DIU Date : 07/02/09 upto 6:40 Pm

American International University-Bangladesh   1044
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology   853
East West University   452
Independent University, Bangladesh   193
Daffodil International University   146
United International University   112
Southeast University   84
International Islamic University Chittagong   82
North South University   66
ASA University Bangladesh   52
Stamford University, Bangladesh   49
Darul Ihsan University   48
IBAIS University   47
Brac University   37
Eastern University   28
Northern University   24
Primeasia University   17
Asain University of Bangladesh   15
State University Of Bangladesh   14
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh    7
The University of Asia Pacific   6
Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology   3
Dhaka International University   3
World University of Bangladesh   2
Uttara University   0

increase the position of ur UNIVERSITY and VOTE here :

hi, good day....

Dear friends,
All the activities are well organized when we have good wishes in our mind, now this is the time to move towards future with some good wishes.

My proposal is, although we have got our official LOGO from the very 1st day of February, 2009, then why don’t we set an official SLOGAN for next year? The SLOGAN will must have the Mirroring capability of the Vision of DIUSN or the Goal of DIUSN

From my point of view, I would like to offer a SLOGAN, which can be used under the official LOGO of DIUSN. The SLOGAN might be like this:

                                  “ Let’s Make DIU  A  BRAND ”

# EXPLAINATION : Why we need that particular SLOGAN ?

because Daffodil International University is known as a " B Grade " University to the common people (although its sad, but its the reality, m saying that with having a good SURVEY RESULT ). Now we have huge Active Members and Volunteers who can Advertise for their University and Can improve its position from " B " to a " TOP RANKED UNIVERSITY "

so, plz ask for the STUDENTS/ MEMBERS of DIUSN, what can be the SLOGAN of DIUSN for this YEAR !!

Thank You,
Muhammad Pasha

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