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Meghna Bank Tap 'n Pay is the first time that a fully secured MFS using 4th generation technology enters into Bangladesh market.Tap 'n Pay is the pioneer in the field of NFC card Based Mobile Banking in Bangladesh named as Tap ‘n Pay. Tap 'n Pay will allow the use of mobile technology to send and receive monetary value electronically through own mobile handsets or NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag or Tap Card through authorized outlets across the country.

Current Services:

1. Cash In
2. Cash Out
3. Send Money
4. Balance Check
5. Mobile Top Up

Upcoming Services

1. Utility bill Payment
2. Tuition fee Payment
3. Merchant Payment
4.Buy Ticket
5.Online Shopping
6. Remittance
7. Disbursement
8. Government Allowance, Subsidy & Tax Payment
9. Insurance Premium Collection, DPS & A/C Deposit
10. Loan Disbursement & Installment Collection

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