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Here are four ways in which you may get more visual content with your social networking strategy:

Decide What Types of Images Work Best
Every business can be expressed through images, you just have to do a little brainstorming to determine what will perform best. For some companies, it will likely be obvious, like a handcrafted jeweler make use of images of her pieces or perhaps a photographer examples of his work.

Other companies may have to get creative using the images they choose. As long as it provides a clear link with the kind of business you’ve, the picture will be helpful. If you are a dentist, you can use images of teeth- healthy and unhealthy- to offer a visual impact.

Build an Image Archive
It is a great idea to have a folder of images to make use of for your small business. If there isn’t one already, get a decent camera. Experiment somewhat with lighting to discover what works best and take more than one picture of the same item in order to select the top one.

Put all of your organization-related photos in to a computer file in order that they are easy to access when you need to upload these phones your social media marketing.

Integrate Images to Social Sites
You may use your images in your website, blog and social networking updates. Pictures add visual interest to anything. Using them on social media marketing will get a greater portion of your followers’ attention.

The images that creates a great deal of interest have a lot more attention, especially on sites like Pinterest. Try using close-ups of your products, include images of your staff and your small business’s physical location. Pick a great image to make use of in your Facebook cover photo so that you can stand out.

Encourage Customer Images
People wish to share today. Encourage your fans and customers to submit their images that show them making use of your product, or anything else that is related to your business. You can host a photograph contest and advertise it using your social support systems.

You may also ask your fans to “pin” a common products from you on their own Pinterest boards. Come up with a unique hash tag for your business and get followers to use it when posting images on Instagram.


Here are 8 quotes from entrepreneurs that show how entrepreneurship is a way of life, and to help you to stay motivated through rough patches:

“If you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It defines you. Forget about vacations, about going home at 6 PM. The last thing at night you’ll send emails, first thing in the morning you’ll read emails, and you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. But it’s hugely rewarding, as you’re fulfilling something for yourself.” – Niklas Zennstrom, Co-founder, Skype

“Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets.” – Victor Kiam, an American entrepreneur

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s

“The cover-your-butt mentality of the workplace will get you only so far. The follow-your-gut mentality of the entrepreneur has the potential to take you anywhere you want to go or run you right out of business – but it’s a whole lot more fun, don’t you think?” – Bill Rancic, an American entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” – Student of Warren G. Tracy

“Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.” – Richard Branson

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.” – Reid Hoffman, Entrepreneur, VC, Author

“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” – Catherine Cook, Co-founder, MyYearbook.

If you think being an entrepreneur is like a regular 9-to-5 job, think again. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and it comes with its own rewards, like flexibility and excitement. But there also challenges, and it is a tough act to follow.

What are your favorite quotes that inspire you to be an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments!

— Published on September 18, 2019


Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship / Ideas in Business (Pinterest)
« on: September 15, 2019, 10:59:11 AM »
Best Home Business Ideas in 2019

For Details--

65 Genius Side Business You Can Start While Full time


For Details--

A sleep expert gives The Best tips for falling asleep quicker

PLs see the link

Source- Facebook

Entrepreneurship education is learning directed towards developing in young people those skills, competencies, understanding and attributes which equip them to be innovative and training them to identify, create, initiate and successfully manage personal and community business as well as working for themselves. Entrepreneurship education is a pathway to job creation, poverty reduction and national development as well as economic development. A developed nation can only be so classified if certain core parameters are identifiable. Such parameters include a vibrant private sector led economy to complement the public sector. No national development can take place without a robust economy that is driven by the collective actions of several entrepreneurial actions. Consequently, national development is a function of the development of individuals and corporate entities within the country. Entrepreneurship through its developmental impact on individuals plays a fundamental role in the development of nations and their economics.

For instance, China has become one of the most important engines for world economic growth since the financial crisis in 2008. To achieve this, the Chinese government amended its constitution to allow the private sectors compete and develop within the limits prescribed by law. The constitution protects the legal rights and interests of the private economy, and exercises the guidance, supervision and management. Also, the central government proposed several policies for integrating more youths into the business sector that would provide more solutions to curb its growing unemployment rate. Some of these policies are the Chinese Medium and Long Term Youth Development programme (2016-2025), Scholars Keyan Podium plan, The Excellent Engineer Education Programme, Outstanding Legal Talent Programme and Top-notch Innovation Talent in Agriculture and Forestry programme, among others. These programmes were jointly implemented by the Chinese Ministry of Education, private sector, other ministries and commissions with the aim of cultivating a large number of high-quality professionals in various fields with strong innovation ability and adapting to the economic needs and social development for enhanced national development of china.

In the first year of implementation, about 208 universities were attracted by the plan with over 6,000 graduate entrepreneurs, 21 industries created in seven sectors. The Chinese government invested 2,200 million Yuan as special funds for the programme while the private sector invested 420 million Yuan. Through entrepreneurship education in China, about 10.97 million jobs are created yearly in China while increasing its GDP growth rate of 1.2 trillion Yuan in the year 2000 to 11.2 trillion Yuan in 2016 and 12.237 trillion Yuan in 2017.

In Africa, youth unemployment is high across the continent. However some countries like Kenya, Botswana, Ghana and Nigeria, have tried to tackle this problem by equipping children with entrepreneurial skills while they are still at school. For instance, in Kenya, the government and private businesses have taken an initiative at attempting to address these challenges of unemployment and high poverty rate through entrepreneurship education. This was achieved through the creation of enabling environment via investment in physical infrastructure, and also create and enabling environment for dialogue with the private sectors through the establishment of Presidential Round Table (PRT) to discuss the role each party had in improvising entrepreneurship education in Kenya for enhanced national development. One of the approaches adopted towards enhancing entrepreneurial activity and enterprise growth in Kenya is to create an enterprise culture among the youth, while targeting the youth in school. This approach has helped the Kenyan government provide a long term solution to the problem of job creation for enhanced national development. All colleges and universities in Kenya offer business studies programmes within the schools, departments or faculties.

In Nigeria, the menacing problem of unemployment and poverty spurred the Nigerian government into developing a policy framework for youth entrepreneurship education. This saw the birth of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) in 1986 and the Work For Yourself Programme (WFYP) in 1987. Both programmes were joint programmes of training and financial support to entrepreneurs. The NDE was however more extensive and included three core programmes namely the Youth Employment and Vocational Skills Development Programme; the Agricultural Programmes, and the Small Scale Industries and Graduate Employment Scheme. These programmes made significant impacts on Nigeria’s economy and National Development as they were able to empower young graduates in the task of job and wealth creation through entrepreneurial thinking. However, the youths were also confronted with the problem of non-possession of sound knowledge of entrepreneurship. In an effort to fill this gap the NDE introduced several programmes such as Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) which has offered functional education for the youth to enable them to be self-employed and self-reliant. Other efforts by the Nigerian government include the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS), Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN), Subsidy reinvestment Programme (SureP), NPower and Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme.

These efforts notwithstanding, the problem of graduate in employment continued to soar high and constituted a major challenge the Nigerian nation with 7.53 million unemployed youth in 2017. This is largely due to the curricula of the universities and other tertiary schools with emphasis on training for white-collar jobs.  These have a negative effect on Nigeria’s national development with high crime rate, youth restiveness, drugs abuse, among others. The tertiary education in Nigeria has failed to meet the employment requirements of its teeming graduates. The monumental increase occurred despite the fact that all tiers of governments as well as the organized private sector generated additional 1.2 million jobs, which thus put the estimated labour population at 85.1 per cent for the same period. There is an urgent need for a proactive employment drive in the country through entrepreneurship education, massive public infrastructural development such as railways, roads construction, reinvention of public schools and hospitals which could enhance national development in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship education has various benefits to the individuals as well as the nation. It will provide the young graduates adequate training that will enable them to be creative and innovative in identifying great business opportunities. It will also offer functional education to the youths to enable them to be well empowered and self-reliant people in their own right and serve as catalyst for economic growth and development. In addition, It will offer tertiary institution graduates with adequate training in risk management to make learning outcome feasible and reduce the high rate of poverty and insecurity as well as violence. Furthermore, it will create job and employment opportunities for its citizenry and reduce the rural-urban migration. It will provide the young graduates with enough training skills and support that will enable them to establish a career in small and medium size business, and incubate the spirit of perseverance in the youths and adults which will enable them to persist in any business venture they embark on as well as create a smooth transition from tradition to modern industrial economy. Finally, entrepreneurship education will result to balanced regional development and increase in GDP and Per Capita Income.

For Nigeria educational institutions to be an instrument for national development and transformation, it is suggested that lecturers/instructors be trained regularly on entrepreneurship education within and outside the country, while the federal government should increase the budgetary allocation as well as provide fund to graduating students to start their own businesses. Also, university managements should contact some non-government organizations or banks to give soft loans/grants to entrepreneurship educators to establish their own business, while students should be provided with adequate information about new businesses. The universities should regularly organize workshops for the students and invite successful business men and women to give talk on how to start and run a business successfully. In addition, centre for entrepreneurship education should be established in every tertiary institution while undergraduate students should be mandated to go for internship for at least a period of three months. Furthermore, the institutions should ensure provision of appropriate instruction materials and local infrastructure and support services relevant to Nigeria situation.

Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship / Notice Board
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We can get the update notice of the Dept of Ent. here

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Collected from Youtube.............

Allied Health Science / The 10 best foods for pregnancy
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The 10 best foods for pregnancy

1 / 11
Eating for two can be a nerve-wracking responsibility, especially with so much conflicting information.

Is it important to eat enough fish, or does it contain too much mercury? Do you need meat for protein, or is it too fatty? Are eggs okay, or do they have too much cholesterol?

It's enough to make you want to throw your hands up and dive into the nearest bag of candy bars. There are lots of ways to ensure that you and your baby are getting the nutrients you both need.

Here's some advice from nutrition experts on their top pregnancy foods. You don't need to like or eat them all, but pick and choose your favorites to give your pregnancy a nutritional boost.

2 / 11
"It's amazing what you get in one egg for only about 90 calories," says Elizabeth Ward, dietitian and author ofExpect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy.

In addition to more than 12 vitamins and minerals, eggs contain lots of quality protein, which is essential for pregnancy.

"Your baby's cells are growing at an exponential rate, and every cell is made of protein," Ward explains. "Plus, as a pregnant woman, you have your own protein needs."

Eggs are also rich in choline, which promotes your baby's overall growth and brain health, while helping prevent neural tube defects. Some eggs even contain omega-3 fats, important for both brain and vision development. (Brands that have omega-3s will probably state it on the label. Look for DHA-enriched eggs because those contain the most beneficial form of omega-3s.)

As for the egg's bad rap about cholesterol? Not warranted, says Ward. It turns out that eating saturated fat does much more damage to your cholesterol level than eating the cholesterol naturally found in food.

And while eggs are high in cholesterol, they're also relatively low in saturated fat, with only about 1 1/2 grams per egg.

"Healthy women with normal blood cholesterol can consume one to two eggs a day as part of a balanced diet low in saturated fat," Ward says. But if cholesterol is a concern for you, substitute egg whites for whole eggs.

Need more convincing? Eggs are cheap, easy, quick, and versatile. When you're too exhausted to cook a full meal, a couple of hard-boiled or scrambled eggs are just the ticket.

3 / 11
Not only is salmon rich in high-quality protein, says Ward, but it's also an exceptionally good source of omega-3 fats, which are good for your baby's development – and may help boost your mood. And unlike swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and shark, salmon has low amounts of methylmercury, a compound that can be harmful to your baby's developing nervous system.

Just remember that even for salmon and other low-mercury fish, such as canned light tuna and pollock, the FDA recommends eating no more than 12 ounces per week to avoid ingesting too much mercury.

4 / 11
Navy beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas … there are so many to choose from. "Beans contain the most fiber and protein of all the vegetables," says Ward.

You already know that it's important to get enough protein during pregnancy, but you may not yet realize that fiber could become your new best friend. When you're pregnant, your gastrointestinal tract slows down, putting you at risk for constipation and hemorrhoids. Fiber can help prevent and relieve these problems.

In addition, says Ward, food that contains fiber tends to be rich in nutrients. This is certainly true of beans, which are good sources of iron, folate, calcium, and zinc.

5 / 11
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes get their orange color from carotenoids, plant pigments that are converted to vitamin A in our bodies, says Ward.

Although consuming too much "preformed" vitamin A (found in animal sources, such as liver, milk, and eggs) can be dangerous, carotenoids are a different type. They're converted to vitamin A only as needed, so there's no need to restrict your consumption of vitamin A-rich fruits and veggies.

Sweet potatoes are also a great source of vitamin C, folate, and fiber. And like beans, they're inexpensive and versatile. "Cook extra and save them to slice up later as a snack," Ward suggests.


6 / 11
Whole grains
Yes, you read that right. Popcorn is a whole grain. "People love it when I tell them that!" says Ward.

Whole grains are important in pregnancy because they're high in fiber and nutrients, including vitamin E, selenium, and phytonutrients (plant compounds that protect cells).

But don't stop at popcorn: There are lots of other whole grains out there, from oatmeal to barley. Fluffy, nutty-tasting quinoa is one of Ward's favorites.

"Whole grain quinoa is easy to make and is very high in nutrients, particularly protein, making it a superfood in and of itself," she says.

7 / 11
"Walnuts are one of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3s," says dietitian Kate Geagan, author of Go Green, Stay Lean. "A handful of walnuts is a great choice for an on-the-run snack or an addition to a salad."

While plant-based omega-3s don't provide much of the DHA that will benefit your baby, they're still good for both of you. Walnuts are also a good source of protein and fiber.

8 / 11
Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt typically has twice the protein of regular yogurt, making it one of Geagan's favorite pregnancy foods. And any kind of yogurt is a great source of calcium, which is vital in a pregnancy diet. If you don't take in enough calcium, the limited amount you have will go to your baby, says Geagan, depleting the calcium in your bones.

"The goal during pregnancy is to make sure you provide everything your baby needs without sacrificing your own health and nutrition," she explains. "Calcium will help keep your own bones intact while laying down a healthy skeleton for your baby."

9 / 11
Dark green, leafy vegetables
Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and other green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, as well as the all-important folate. They've also been found to promote eye health, Geagan says.

10 / 11
Lean meats
Meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein, says dietitian Karin Hosenfeld of North Dallas Nutrition. "Look for lean meats with the fat trimmed off," she says. "When buying red meat in particular, look for cuts that are around 95 to 98 percent fat free."

Beef and pork stand out among meats because they contain choline in addition to protein, says Ward.

Don't eat deli meats or hot dogs, though, unless they're heated until steaming hot. There's a small risk of passing bacteria and parasites, such as listeria, toxoplasma, or salmonella, from the meat to your baby, says Mayo Clinic obstetrician Mary Marnach.
(Collected from google)

Latest Technology / What is SIM Cloning and be alert
« on: July 22, 2015, 04:58:33 PM »
 সাবধান হন এখনি। আপনিও হতে পারেন সিম ক্লোনের শিকার। হাঁ ভয়ানক এই তথ্যটি জানতে পারি একুশে টিভির এক বন্ধুর মাধ্যমে। পরে বিষয়টি সম্পর্কে আরও স্পষ্ট ধারনা পেতে একুশে টি ভির নিউজ দেখে শিওর হলাম মাত্র।

► ১- সিম ক্লোন কি?

একটি সিম যেটি আপনি ব্যবহার করছেন সেই সিম টি যদি অন্য কেউ ব্যবহার করে কিংবা এক নাম্বার যদি দেখেন এক সাথে দুইজন ব্যবহার করে কিংবা হঠাৎ করে যদি দেখেন আপনার সেল ফোনের কানেকশন নাম্বার থেকে ব্যালান্স কোন কারন ছাড়া কমে যাচ্ছে তবে আপনি সিম ক্লোনের শিকার।

► ২- কিভাবে শিকার হবেন সিম ক্লোনের

আপনি যদি অপরিচিত কোন নাম্বার থেকে মিসড কল পান এবং সেটাতে যদি কল ব্যাক করেন তবে আপনি সিম ক্লোনিং এর শিকারে পরিনত হতে পারেন। দুষ্কৃতকারীরা বিশেষ একটি সফটওয়্যার এর মাধ্যমে আপনার নাম্বার টি ক্লোনিং করে। অর্থাৎ আপনি যখন মিসড কল নাম্বারে কল ব্যাক করবেন তখন একটি সফটওয়্যার এর মাধ্যমে আপনার নাম্বার টি ক্লোন হতে পারে। সিম ক্লোনিং হলে আপনার সিমে রাখা ডাটা ক্লোন নাম্বারে চলে যাবে। এবং আপনার প্রাইভেসি ক্ষুণ্ণ হবে।

► ৩- যে সমস্যায় আপনি পড়তে পারেন সিম ক্লোনিং হয়ে গেলে?

সাধারনত জঙ্গি কিংবা দুষ্কৃতিকারীরা আপনার নাম্বার টি ব্যবহার করে আপনার জীবন বিপন্ন করতে পারে। অর্থাৎ ওই নাম্বার দিয়ে কেউ কাউকে মৃত্যুর হুমকি, চাঁদাবাজি কিংবা জঙ্গি কানেকশন করলে আপাত দায়ভার আপনার উপর বর্তাবে। কাজেই আপনি আইন শৃঙ্খলা বাহিনীর হাতে ধৃত হবেন। পরবর্তীতে আরও নানাবিধ সমস্যায় পড়তে পারেন।

► লক্ষ্য করুন———–
* ভারতে সম্প্রতি এক লাখ সিম ও রিম কার্ড ক্লোনিং হয়েছে। সেখানকার গোয়েন্দা বাহিনী সতর্ক অবস্থায় রয়েছে। ভারতের গোয়েন্দা সংস্থা জানিয়েছে ওই ক্লোনিং সিম বা রিমের মাধ্যমে অনেক অপরাধ সংঘটিত হচ্ছে।

* বাংলাদেশে এখনও সিম ক্লোনিং হয়েছে বলে ৬ টি মোবাইল অপারেটরের হাতে এমন কোন তথ্য নেই। তবে বাংলাদেশের গোয়েন্দা সংস্থা জানিয়েছে যে কোন সময় এমন অনাকাংখিত ঘটনা ঘটতে পারে।

► সতর্ক হবেন যেভাবে-
* অপরিচিত নাম্বার থেকে মিসড কল এলে আপনি কল ব্যাক করার পূর্বে ভালো করে চিহ্নিত করবার চেষ্টা করুন যে এটি কার নাম্বার। অথবা কল ব্যাক করা বন্ধ করুন।

* মনে রাখবেন সিম ক্লোনিং হতে হলে মিসড কল আসবে। ডাইরেক্ট রিং হলে সেটি রিসিভ করলে আপনি সিম ক্লোনিং এর শিকার হবেন না। মিসড কল এলেই সতর্ক হন।

* যদি দেখেন আপনার সেল ফোনের ব্যালান্স অকারণে কমে যাচ্ছে সাথে সাথে কল সেন্টারে ফোন করে জানান।

* আপনার সেল ফোন টি এখনি বন্ধ করে অন্য একটি নাম্বার থেকে আপনার নাম্বারে ফোন দিন। দেখুন রিং হয় কিনা। রিং হলে আপনি সিম ক্লোনিং এর শিকার।

 পোস্টটি অবশ্যই সবার সাথে শেয়ার করুন এবং সপরিবারে নিরাপদ থাকুন
Source- Facebook

Job Opportunity @ Apex Footwear Limited

Apex Footwear Limited is the leading local manufacturer and exporter of leather footwear from Bangladesh to major shoe retailers in Western Europe, North America and Japan. While AFL has predominantly earned both critical and commercial fame through export of high quality leather footwear in the international arena, Apex has sought to adeptly make use of that expertise to provide high quality, fashionable footwear to the Bangladeshi consumers.
Job Position: Lab Technician
Educational Qualification: in Textile with good academic record from Daffodil International University.
Job Description / Responsibilities:

Supports laboratory staff by maintaining glassware; maintaining logs and record books; troubleshooting and resolving problems; helping with special projects.
Maintains glassware by picking-up, cleaning, washing, sterilizing, and distributing.
Provides glassware by ordering, receiving, and inventorying glassware.
Keeps laboratory supplies ready by inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.
Keeps equipment operating by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for repairs.
Documents information by maintaining daily logs and equipment record books.
Resolves problems by examining and evaluating data; selecting corrective steps.
Completes projects by assisting project team; attending and participating in group and project meetings.
Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical publications.
Enhances laboratory and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments..
Additional Job Requirements:
Chemistry Techniques
Lab Environment
Creating a Safe
Equipment Calibration
Bio-hazard Safety

Experience Requirements: 0 to 1 year(s)
Job Location: Gazipur,Dhaka

Other Benefits:
Provident Fund
Yearly Increment
Festival Bonus
Profit Bonus
Transport (Pick & Drop)

If you are interested to apply, please send your Updated Résumé here: on or before July 28, 2015.
**Please mention “Lab Technician-Apex” as a subject of the mail.
N.B.: No Résumé will be allowed if it is not sent from DIU Student email ID and have to use the DIU student email ID as the Contact point in the Résumé.


For more info: 01713-493162, 01811-458866, 01713-493042

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কিছু কার্যকরী ঘরোয়া টোটকা


কিছু সমস্যা আছে যা, হঠাৎ করে যার সমাধান পাওয়া বেশ দুষ্কর। যেমন, হেঁচকি, মুখের দুর্গন্ধ, হঠাৎ মাথাব্যথা ইত্যাদি সাধারণ সমস্যাগুলোর সমাধান রয়েছে আমাদের ঘরেই।

স্বাস্থ্যবিষয়ক একটি ওয়েবসাইটে এমনই কিছু সমস্যার ঘরোয়া সমাধানগুলো উল্লেখ করা হয়। এই প্রতিবেদনে সমাধানগুলো তুলে ধরা হল।

1.নখের কোণায় ফাঙ্গাস

বর্ষার মৌসুমে নোখের কোণায় ফাঙ্গাস বেশ সাধারণ একটি সমস্যা। অনেক সময় এর ওষুধ হাতের কাছেও পাওয়া যায় না। কিন্তু এই সমস্যাটির সহজ সমাধান হতে পারে মাউথওয়াশ। প্রতিদিন দুবার যে কোনো মাউথওয়াশে পায়ের আক্রান্ত অংশ ১৫ থেকে ২০ মিনিট ভিজিয়ে রাখলেই কিছুদিনের মধ্যেই এই সমস্যা দূর করা সম্ভব। মাউথওয়াশে থাকা অ্যান্টিসেপটিক উপাদান নখের ফাঙ্গাস দূর করতে সাহায্য করে।

 2. মুখের দুর্গন্ধ দূর করতে দই
চিনি বিহীন দইয়ে থাকা ব্যাক্টেরিয়া মুখের দুর্গন্ধ সৃষ্টিকারী ব্যাক্টেরিয়া দূর করতে সাহায্য করে।

3. একজিমা দূর করতে অলিভ অয়েল

ভিটামিন ই সমৃদ্ধ অলিভ অয়েল ত্বক নমনীয় করতে সাহায্য করে। গোসলের পর হালকা ভেজা ত্বকে এক্সট্রা ভার্জিন অলিভ অয়েল ব্যবহার একজিমা দূর করতে সাহায্য করে।

4. হেচকি রোধে চিনি

হেচকি বেশ বিরক্তিকর সমস্যাই বটে। পরিত্রাণ পেতে এক চামচ চিনিই যথেষ্ট। গবেষণায় দেখা গেছে হঠাৎ জিহ্বায় মিষ্টি স্বাদ স্নায়ূ শীতল করে হেচকি দূর করতে সাহায্য করে।

 5. অবসাদ দূর করতে পেপারমিন্ট বা দারুচিনির গাম
গবেষণায় দেখা গেছে, পেপারমিন্ট বা দারুচিনির গাম চিবানোর ফলে ২০ শতাংশ অবসাদ দূর করা সম্ভব। গবেষণায় জানা যায়, ওই ফ্লেভার সমৃদ্ধ চুইংগাম খাওয়ার ফলে একজন মানুষের ৩০ শতাংশ সচেতনতা বৃদ্ধি পায়, অন্যদিকে তাদের দুশ্চিন্তা করার পরিমানও ২৫ শতাংশ হ্রাস পায়।

6. আঁচিল সরাতে ডাক্ট টেপ

অবাক হলেও সত্যি! ডাক্ট টেপ দিয়ে আঁচিল দূর করা সম্ভব। আর এর সফলতার হার শতকরা ৮৫ ভাগ।

আঁচিলের উপর ডাক্ট টেপ লাগিয়ে রাখুন এক সপ্তাহ। তারপর টেপ খুলে আক্রান্ত জায়গায় ঝামা পাথর দিয়ে ঘষে নিন। যতদিন আঁচিল না যায় ততদিন এই পদ্ধতি চালিয়ে যেতে হবে।

 7. মাথাব্যথা দূর করতে পেন্সিল চিবানো
মাঝে মধ্যে মুখের চোয়ালে চাপের কারণে মাথাব্যথা হয়ে থাকে। একটি পেন্সিল দাঁতর মাঝে চেপে ধরে রাখলে চোয়ালের পেশিগুলো শিথিল হয়। আর এতে মাথাব্যথা কিছুটা দূর হয়।

8. সি সিকনেস দূর করতে লেবু এবং জলপাই

সমুদ্র যাত্রার সময় অনেকেরই শারীরিক নানা সমস্যা হতে দেখা যায়। এক্ষেত্রে বমি হওয়া বা বমি বমিভাব হওয়ার সমস্যা দেখা দেয়। এ সমস্যা দূর করতে লেবুর রস বা জলপাই বেশ কার্যকর। লেবু এবং জলপাইয়ে আছে ট্যানিন যা বমিভাব দূর করতে সাহায্য করে।

9. ব্রণের প্রতিকারে টমেটো

ত্বকে ব্রণের সমস্যা হলে একটি টমেটো ছেঁচে রস ব্রণের উপর পুরো ত্বকে ছড়িয়ে এক ঘন্টা অপেক্ষা করতে হবে। দিনে এক বার করে টানা এক সপ্তাহ এই রস ব্যবহারের ফলে ব্রণের সমস্যা দূর করা সম্ভব।

টমেটোতে আছে প্রচুর ভিটামিন সি এবং এ, অ্যান্টিঅক্সিডেন্ট এবং অ্যাসিডিক উপাদান যা ত্বক সুস্থ করতে দারুণ উপকারী।


আগামী বছরের টি-টোয়েন্টি বিশ্বকাপের প্রথম রাউন্ড বা বাছাইপর্বে বাংলাদেশ ও জিম্বাবুয়ের সঙ্গে খেলার টিকেট পেয়েছে আয়ারল্যান্ড ও স্কটল্যান্ড।

২০১৬ সালে ভারতে হতে যাওয়া এই টুর্নামেন্টের কোয়ালিফায়ারে ‘এ’ গ্রুপের চ্যাম্পিয়ন হয়ে এ যোগ্যতা অর্জন করে আইরিশরা। গ্রুপ পর্বে ৬ ম্যাচের ৪টি জিতে ৮ পয়েন্ট পায় তারা।

এর আগে ‘বি’ গ্রুপে চ্যাম্পিয়ন হয়ে বিশ্বকাপের প্রথম রাউন্ডে খেলার টিকেট পায় স্কটল্যান্ড। গ্রুপ পর্বের ৪টি ম্যাচ জেতে তারা।

গত রোববার ডাবলিনে গ্রুপ পর্বের শেষ ম্যাচে জার্সিকে ৭ উইকেটে হারায় আয়ারল্যান্ড।

টি-টোয়েন্টি বিশ্বকাপের বাকি চারটি জায়গার জন্য প্লে-অফ খেলবে হংকং, নামিবিয়া, পাপুয়া নিউ গিনি, নেদারল্যান্ডস, আফগানিস্তান ও ওমান।

১৬ দলের টি-টোয়েন্টি বিশ্বকাপে সরাসরি মূল পর্বে খেলার টিকেট পায় আইসিসির পূর্ণ সদস্য ১০টি দেশ। তবে এই ১০ দেশের মধ্যে টি-টোয়েন্টি র‌্যাঙ্কিংয়ের শীর্ষ আটটি দেশ আবার সরাসরি টুর্নামেন্টের দ্বিতীয় পর্ব বা সুপার টেনে খেলবে।

বাকি দুই দল বাংলাদেশ ও জিম্বাবুয়েকে খেলতে হবে কোয়ালিফায়ার উতরে আসা ছয়টি দলের সঙ্গে প্রথম রাউন্ড বা বাছাইপর্বে। প্রথম রাউন্ড থেকে শীর্ষ দুই দল সুপার টেনে খেলার সুযোগ পাবে।

আগামী বছরের ১১ মার্চ শুরু হতে যাওয়া টি-টোয়েন্টি বিশ্বকাপ শেষ হবে ৩ এপ্রিল।

স্পোর্টস ডেস্ক,  বিডিনিউজ টোয়েন্টিফোর ডটকম

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