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Research / Workshop on Research Methodology
« on: February 05, 2016, 01:10:39 PM »
A workshop on "Resource Methodology" was held on January 25, 2016 at Hall-1, Daffodil Tower-5, during 9 am to 4 pm. IQAC of DIU organized the workshop and Prof. Dr. Mawdudur Rahman was the keynote speaker.

Professor Dr. Mawdudur Rahman is a global knowledge leader and an entrepreneur and an innovative organizer. Currently, he is a Professor of Accounting at Suffolk University, Boston, is the Founder- President of Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, USA, the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Knowledge Globalization (JKG), a multidisciplinary refereed journal, founder-chairman, KGlobal University ( Prof. Dr. Rahman also holds positions as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Shijiazhuang University of Economics, China and a Professor of Globalization and European Integrations Faculty of Law, University in Bihac, Bosnia. His research interests embrace design and implementation of AIS and MIS, continuous quality improvement, cost and quality in higher education, distance learning, change management and global knowledge sharing.

Professor Dr. Rahman conducted the workshop sharing his long experience on the area. According to his plan, he formed 2/3 teams consisting potential participants (junior to mid level faculty members) for the session and have furnished the following issues:

1.  Writing a research question- couple of sentences to half a page (without any references)
2.  How do the participants want to collect data?
3. What analytical tool the participants think they can use

As per the request, Heads of Departments nominated five (5) faculty members ( junior to mid level faculty members) and they attended the workshop.

Students satisfaction and performance issues - Implementation plan

1.   Increase bandwidth and lab
2.   Focus on practical learning
          a.   Offer foundation course
          b.   Ensure english speaking environment everyday
          c.   Setup self access center

          a.   Inspire students for volunteering
          b.   Increase club activities
5.   Establish a grievance committee

Teacher related Issues- Implementation plan

Miscellaneous Issues - Implementation Plan

1.   Lack of coordination and respect - Causes
           a.   self centrism
           b.   Egoism
           c.   Lack of mutual understanding
           d.   Ambiguity of responsibilities and regulating/
2.   Recommendation
           a.   Proper orientation
           b.   Developing broader attitude and outlook towards people around
           c.   random self evaluation
           d.   Proper rewards and recognition
           e.   Proper understanding of rules and regulation of diu.
1.   Increase bandwidth and lab
2.   Focus on practical learning
3.   -
           a.   Offer foundation course
           b.   Ensure english speaking environment everyday
           c.   Setup self access center
4.   -   
           a.   Inspire students for volunteering
           b.   Increase club activities
5.   Establish a grievance committee

Ensuring Quality Education - Implementation Plan

1.   Course objectives and fundamentals
2.   Task based lecture/learning
3.   Learner centered approach
4.   Teacher student interaction
5.   Incorporating Technology
6.   Students profile

Uttara Campus / Problem Cards -PAP Forum - Uttara Campus
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:40:17 PM »
Problem Cards -PAP Forum - Uttara Campus

A. Ensuring Quality Education
1.   Using participating techniques
2.   Making capable to learn
3.   Filling gaps - prerequisite
4.   Facilities for satisfaction
5.   To produce good students we are to be perfect first
6.   Help to creating students profile
7.   Ensure available lab and research facility in uttara campus
8.   e learning
9.   Proper guideline regarding career

B. Miscellaneous

1.   Lack of coordination and respect
2.   Positive impression to rules and regulation   

C. Students Satisfaction and Performance

1.   Students limited use of IT resources
2.   LAck of approach of community work of students
3.   Students focus on CGPA rather than learning
4.   Recent DIU decisions are against students satisfaction
5.   English language problems
6.   Presentation skill problem
7.   Students dont know what they want to be.

D. Teacher Related Problem

1.   Create academic Environment
2.   Teachers Common Room
3.   Problem in question pattern
4.   Short time for evaluation
5.   Teachers transport facilities
6.   Frequent changes of the courses of the faculty
7.   Maintaining professional manner of the teacher
8.   Non use of counseling hous appropriately.
9.   Not having enough time to serve the best to the students   
10.   Insufficient teachers room hampering students teachers collaboration outside class.

Recognition Issues - Implementation Plan

1.   Competitive salary package.
2.   Course load and office hour
3.   Weekly working days
4.   Limits the workload for higher study
5.   Residential facilities
6.   Timely promotion and increment
7.   Certainty of future benefits
8.   Semester break with recreation allowance
9.    Medical facilities
10.   Proper logistic support
11.   Avoiding multiple titled course
12.   Special Reward for extraordinary work/performance
13.   Semester wise combined academic/administrative meeting

Time frame issue - Implementation plan

1.   Minimizing course load to promote research activities.
2.   Ensuring logistic support timely.
3.   Reforming semester duration.
4.   Punctual performance
5.   Organized lesson plan
6.   Using teaching aids
7.   Reforming examination system by eliminating midterm
8.   Initiating outcome based evaluation system

Students Issues - Implementation plan

1.   Pre requisite for enrollment
2.   Assessment
3.   Semester for basic courses
4.   Assessment
5.   Enrolled
6.   Motivation
          a.   Real world knowledge
          b.   Mind map
          c.   Merit and Reward

Enrollment Issue - Implementation Plan
1.   Champaign
     a.   Seminar
     b.   Brochure
     c.   Banner
2.   Accommodation - To ensure
3.   Transportation - To extend
4.   Resources - Experienced Faculties
5.   Motivation - To motivate
6.   Interaction - To enrich

Admin Issues - Implementation Plan

1.   Syllabus design and development proper course allotment
2.   Classroom and faculty room facility counseling space
3.   Quick registration collaboration

Academic Issues - Implementation Plan

1.   Sitting Arrangements - More Faculty rooms with logistic support
2.   Lack of senior faculties - Appoint more full time senior faculty in permanent campus.
3.   Classroom atmosphere - Register 30 students at best in per section. Provide Ac projector and internet
       connection in each classroom.
4.   Updated curriculum - Revise syllabus with latest courses with a combination of faculties of all level
5.   Lack of practical teaching - Provide available laboratory arrange more industrial visit and offer study based
6.   Logistic Support - internet speed, printer, photocopier.          

Permanent Campus / Problem Cards - PAP Forum - Permanent Campus
« on: October 12, 2015, 05:49:01 PM »
Problem Cards - PAP Forum - Permanent Campus

A. Academic Problems
1.   Sitting arrangements
2.   Faculties
3.   Lack of logistic support
4.   Class size
5.   LAck of senior faculty
6.   Updated Curriculum
7.   Classroom atmosphere
8.   Lack of trained human
9.   Proper implementation of rules and regulation.

B. Admin Lackings

 1. Course load for teacher
2. Course load and distribution
3. Course load for students
4. Lack of skill development services
5. Lack of cooperation
6. Residential facilities
7. Tier Management
8. Change behaviour
9. Less time to research

C. Enrollment

1.   Poor student enrollment   

D. Students Background Issues

1.   Demotivated Students
2.   Students less serious
3.   Motivation
4.   Afraid at english
5.   Lack of knowledge of students
6.   Students lack of interest
7.   Lack of basic knowledge
8.   Lack of proper knowledge
9.   level of students
10.   Ethical
11.   Adaptability
12.   Basic education with morality
13.   Students less conscious about practical life.

E. Time frame

1.   Time frame.
2.   Time duration shortage of time.
3.   Shortage of time duration.
4.   Time management
5.   Assessment

F. Recognition

1.   Value Appreciation
2.   Recognition
3.   Lack of proper Identification
4.   Teacher Motivation

IQAC / 5. Academic Issues- Implementation Plan
« on: October 11, 2015, 05:58:16 PM »
Academic Issues- Implementation Plan

Academic Issues:

1.   Governance - 3.5.9
2.   Curriculum design and review - 3. 4. 5. 7
3.   Teaching Learning - 2. 6.
4.   Learning assessment - 8. 10-13
5.   St entry qualification - 2
6.   Structure e facilities - 9
7.   St supportive service - 2. 5. 7. 8.
8.   Research and extension - 5. 6. 7. 8.
9.   Staff and facilities - Recruitment staff - 9. 10. 11. 12
10.   Areas of evaluation - 3

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