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Departments / Re: Intra-university Relationship
« on: June 04, 2010, 01:46:42 AM »
Dear respected all

Its pleasure and good idea to make up intra-university relationship. I agree with this idea. But painful matter is, admin people are far away from these all program. so many active and intelligent peoples are available in admin. On behalf of them please added us, cause we are another most important side of university. And I can promise to you that we will help you from our last effort.

Thank you

(Accounts Officer)

Dear Sir

This is first time enjoying forum of my professional life. Thank you very much for giving us this great opportunity to express our thoughts and idea in a proper channel. I have seen so many departments in forum as like, CDC, Faculty, HRD etc, but there are no specific place for accounts. Please help me to open a specific department in forum. We want to know and share our thought with all. Please help us to practice forum of DIU.

Thank you

Md. Mohin Chowdhury

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