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Dear All,


I am planning to offer a seminar on “Teaching Learning Relationship at Private Universities” (highly paid institutions where students may have scope of holding a mindset for having the certificate first than knowledge and skills).

Let’s start talking online first!



Dear All,

Please try to answer it in a short time of reading.


You need to know / Teaching Learning Relationship!
« on: June 19, 2009, 09:46:52 AM »

Dear All,

Please see the subject and let’s give your thoughts, idea and expression to enrich ourselves!



Dear All,

May be you can see sometime that people are viewing your post but no way to view there face or mind if there is no response directly.

How we can share ourselves completely rather than unidirectional posting only?

May be we all like to listen people’s comments on issues raised here. Let’s create a culture of responding and showing agreement and disagreement nicely on each other.



IT Forum / ICT for Development!
« on: June 08, 2009, 11:36:43 PM »
Dear IT Friendly group,


This is just asking IDEA for using ICT for development considering Bangladesh situation. Anybody here can help me sharing any idea of using ICT for development? It can be with computer, net, mobile, digital camera etc. Obviously development understanding is not similar for everyone here and all ideas can be unique. I would love to get direct reply with your IDEAS.



You need to know / "HOW TO SAY NO"....3 simple ways!
« on: June 07, 2009, 12:33:08 AM »
01.        Just say, “I’m sorry. I can't do this right now.” Use a sympathetic,
but compact tone. If pressured as to why, reply that it doesn’t fit with
your schedule, and change the subject. Most reasonable people will accept
this as an answer, so if someone keeps pressuring you, they’re being rude,
and it’s OK to just repeat, “I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t fit with my
schedule," and change the subject, or even walk away if you have to.

02.        If you’re uncomfortable being so hard or compact, or are dealing with
pushy people, it’s OK to say, “Let me think about it and get back to you.”
This gives you a chance to review your schedule, as well as your feelings
about saying "yes" to another commitment, do a cost-benefit analysis, and
then get back to them with a yes or no. Most importantly, this tactic
helps you avoid letting yourself be pressured into over scheduling your
life and taking on too much stress.

03.        If you would really like to do what they’re requesting, but don’t have
the time (or are having trouble accepting that you don’t), it’s fine to
say, “I can’t do this, but I can…” and mention a lesser commitment that
you can make. This way you’ll still be partially involved, but it will be
on your own terms.

It’s not very common in Bangladesh soul without boundary. It’s a long history of Bangladeshi people to be with a vicious circle of same kind of activities and understanding. Self employment is not only individual but also creates employment for others. Now a day university students and scholars are in responsibility to create job opportunities for people around considering over population and poverty.

Get ready for seeing yourself successful business personnel whether you are male or female, good or bad student (so called).

Remember, it’s your intellectual capacity only, financial support is waiting for you from many corners including GO, NGO, Bank etc.

This forum can link you properly!



Dear All,

I am so happy to see that people are seeing our posts. Now I realized that it will be good to assess a need before selecting topic. I am suggesting here some topic for next and you all just can suggest me hot issue from here from your perspectives.

01.   How to say NO!
02.   How we can avoid over expenditure!
03.   How I can deduct financial and health cost from mobile use.
04.   How we can reduce stresses!
05.   How to cope with peer pressure!
06.   How we can face good interviews!
07.   How I can impress my boss!
08.   How I can continue good relations!
09.   How I can reduce lying!
10.   How I can stay with ethics and development!
11.   How I can use ICT productively!

You are most welcome to set new topics that we can discuss and can express ideas creatively to solve the same.



Dear All,

This forum will discuss, examine and create motivation among people in favor of using creativities for positive change of the world. May be you will be agreed that change can happens from anywhere by anyone, anytime! So, why not from DIU? Non-judgmental thoughts and creative contribution can create new kind of motivational language from this forum to save the world from disharmony, intolerance, corruption, racism, injustice, unethical events, poverty( financial and non-financial) and so on. We will be discussing single issue for every month keeping in mind that people who are producing all these harms might be cleaver, creative, powerful or stupid!

The objective of the forum will be collecting your thought provoking content and motivational languages to disseminate nationally at the end of the year. If you really think yourself as a proper user of ICT facilities please let’s start with us to see a product by next year through fun and learn process.

I believe your single word can change our beloved country.

Issue of the month June 2009: Corruption

These days corruption became a cultural truth from many ends including governmental, nongovernmental and individuals. Directly or indirectly most of the Bangladeshi people are responding positively with corruption knowingly or unknowingly. Considering historical, anthropological and cultural relationship with corruption in Bangladesh may be we need to develop new kind of tools creatively for reducing or removal corruption from the root.

May be people who are engaging themselves in corruption are clever, creative, energetic, extempore and with improvisational quality all the way. Please start brain fry for discovering how we can utilize creative people with all human potentials to tackle corruption from the root.

How you think the issue and comments we placed here?  Please start interaction with all forum members…..



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