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Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Stones of Life
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:01:30 PM »

Have you ever seen or found a river stone that was perfectly smooth? Did the stone start out this way, or did it change over time? To most of us, the answer is obvious. Over time, the forces of the river current changed the river stone. And, like the river stone, forces in our lives are constant and never ending causing changes whether we like it or not.

The important question for all of us though is how do we respond to change?

Past Is Not Present
Many of us, have to work to support ourselves, or our family. But, does change in the work environment, or changes in our lives go unnoticed, or is of little concern?

Take our working environment in particular. No longer can we rely on past experience to gives us a safety net. No longer can we count on seniority to guarantee us a job. Nor, can we count on the company we work for either being bought out or going out of business entirely.

Are You Properly Prepared?
Let's be honest. You can resist change but it's going to happen anyway. Ask yourself, what are your chances of surviving if you continue to resist change?

Change is hardly new to our society. Just look at your daily newspaper, or T.V. newscast, or Internet stories. Change is everywhere. It has been a constant companion for as long as people have roamed the earth. The most important and significant aspect about change is that it has accelerated over the last couple of decades due to technological advances, and a more global society.

Change Your Thinking
In order to benefit from change we need to focus more on the advantages rather than the negative. Remember, change is going to happen anyway; wouldn't it be better to be part of it rather than a fallout statistic because of it.

If you find yourself resisting a new process, a new strategy, a new way of doing business, a good question to ask yourself is why the change is necessary. It is easier to adapt to change when you understand the reasons the change is required.

Take Charge Today
Taking the inevitability of change one step further, it is vitally important to keep expanding your knowledge, and to upgrade your skills, or learn a new skill. Don't wait for someone else to suggest upgrading, or enrolling in a specialized course. If you wait, you may never get the opportunity because others may have already completed what you should have done. Sometimes, it will make the difference from keeping your job to having no job at all.

Change, adapt, and continue to learn. Change will affect you one way or the other, just like change happened to the river-stone.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Ladder of Achievement
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:56:18 PM »

There are many people in the world who have succeeded in climbing the ladder of achievement. Some of these people have persevered throughout their career having met what appeared insurmountable obstacles yet overcame these challenges to keep moving forward.

In one situation similar to surmounting obstacles, was a woman I know who had a high school education and started in a company at the bottom of the totem pole. She was a hard worker and didn't want to always be kept at the bottom. She wanted more. This is her story.

Sally's Story
Rather than just call her a woman I know and to protect her identity, let me give her a fictitious name - I'll call her Sally.

I will give you the end of the story first so as not to keep you wondering what eventually happened to Sally. In her final days in this company, she became a well respected executive dedicated to always going that extra mile and then some, true to her values of helping any one who wanted to learn more do so, and assisting anyone who wanted to achieve more in their life if they were willing to work hard. She rose from the bottom to the level she only once dreamed about.

How Did She Do It?
Sally had a burning desire to succeed, to learn, to rise above petty jealousies, or office politics. She decided early on that her high school education wasn't going to be enough to help propel her to where she wanted to be so she took night courses while at the same time raising a family. Although it took her nine years to complete her advanced designation, she never lost sight of her end goal; a goal that wasn't easy for her with all her other responsibilities and demands.

As she started to be recognized as a doer, as someone who got the job done despite obstacles or issues, she was offered a promotion. But, this promotion meant she had to uproot her family and move over one thousand miles to a new city where she didn't know a soul. But, she did it knowing that achievement isn't always an easy road, nor a road traveled without sacrifice, and requiring a decision to move out of her comfort zone.

Then, Sally met another obstacle or challenge. She was required to report to another individual who had no experience in her field but was brought into the position because she had a university education. So, what did Sally do? Did she give up; did she refuse to help her new boss learn the job; did she ask for a transfer to another unit; or, did she just up and quit?

No, instead she went out of her way to help her new boss learn the business. Her decision paid off in the end because she was promoted to another area that required a leader, a person who could change an operating unit and make it more profitable. Her diligence, her dedication and her persistence started to be more and more recognized as senior executives watched her progress closely. Sally was able to not only turn a sizeable profit but was able to do so by earning her employees loyalty and dedication.

After her latest assignment, Sally saw one challenging position after another being sent her way. Each new assignment meant more and more diligence and long hours. There was risk in every position; there were staff issues, work performance issues, politics, and profit issues to deal with. It didn't matter to Sally how hard the job was, or how many obstacles or issues, or how much effort it took - she persevered, progressed and moved forward on her ladder of achievement.

Where Is Sally Today
So, after over twenty years of dedicated service, where is Sally today? Sally chose to leave the company where she had started at the bottom and rise to the top because she was ready for a new challenge; she was ready for a new ladder of achievement. And, for those who know her even now will recognize that burning desire to succeed in her own business where obstacles and challenges are still the order of the day, but where these challenges are overshadowed by success.

Principles of Success
Sally demonstrates some sound principles on the ladder of achievement that all of us should remember. You can wish all you want to achieve but wishing does not accomplish anything. Persistence, a clear focus, the willingness to take risks, the undying quest to learn, the unselfishness attitude to help others succeed, the willingness to work hard and then some, and the ability to keep going no matter what is thrown your way. The road to achievement means the ability to climb mountains, to pass over potholes along the way, and a relentless belief in yourself that you can do it.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Giving Back
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:55:45 PM »

It was a hard few years, I must admit. It had taken its toll on the finances as the years rolled by and I had to pay for university. I was living in a one room apartment with an old beat up couch, a wobbly old kitchen table with two chairs, a small black and white TV sitting on a book case made out of old two by six lumber supported with bricks. It wasn't pretty but it did do the job.

Could They Get Worse
But, times were getting worse and I needed some financial help. I didn't need a lot, just a bit. But, let's go back in time to tell this story a little more clearly. For two years before I went to university, I had lived over a shoe store with very little to do on weekends. So, I usually went for a walk in the downtown area. One Sunday morning, I stopped at the corner not far from my shoe store apartment and said hello to the bus inspector on the corner who was busy making sure all the buses were keeping to their schedule.

He wasn't exactly friendly but he also wasn't rude. I think he was more surprised than anything that someone would stop and start to chat with him on a bleak, lonely Sunday morning. This ritual developed into several times a week and went on for several years during which we became quite close friends. Since I had moved further away to attend university, I would visit him on Sunday morning.

Just One Condition
On one of these days, he asked how I was getting on. I was a little reluctant to tell him my troubles but I thought I'd at least have a friendly ear to talk to so I told him I was in a bit of a bind. He asked me specifically what I needed, so I told him. He stood there for only a few seconds and then turned to face me directly. He told me he belonged to an organization that would probably be able to help me but it would be done on one condition. That condition had nothing to do with paying the money back, or anything like that. The condition was that I would agree to help someone else in need during my life, in other words, to give back.

Those few short and simple words stuck with me over the entire course of my life. And, it was to be a helping hand to many over the years as a result. But, here is just one time that giving back meant more to the person than I could have ever imagined.

One of Many Opportunities
At my place of work, I happened to meet a single mother getting by but without the means to do anything but survive. Both her parents were dead, and she had no other family members to help her. Over the months, I also found out that the old car she was driving had several problems that she needed to get repaired or she would not be able to drive it, and therefore, couldn't get to work, and she couldn't afford a taxi everyday.

One morning, I happened to pass by her on my way to another department and noticed that she had tears in her eyes.

I couldn't help but stop and ask her what was wrong. She was reluctant to talk but I sensed she really wanted to. So, I asked her again if something was wrong and could I help. She started to cry again and blurted out that she had only one possession from her father and that it was a special Bible. She went on to say that she had to pawn if for eight hundred dollars in order to get her car repaired and that it was really unlikely that she would ever have enough money to get her father's Bible back.

I told her that I may be able to help and not to worry, and left.

That night, I discussed the situation of this single mother with my wife. She was also upset and agreed that we should help her so she could afford to get her father's Bible back. We both agreed that we would give her eight hundred dollars with the condition that she would help somebody else during her life.

But Just One Condition
The next morning before she was supposed to start work, I asked her to come outside on the pretence to meet my wife. After introductions, we told her that we wanted to help and handed her an envelope with the money inside and told her she could now get her father's Bible back. Before we could tell her the one condition, she started to cry and said through tears that she couldn't afford to pay us back. We then told her that there was no repayment necessary on the condition that she would help someone else at some point in her life. Her surprise was apparent and she turned to both of us and said, "You must be angels."

An Opportunity For Us All
Those words although unnecessary have stuck with me to do this day. Just by helping a little when someone is need and is hurting is a true reflection of giving back. Maybe, just maybe, more people could adopt this simple principle of life and then we would all live in a much better and wholesome world. Have you given back?

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Do Not Be Discouraged
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:55:11 PM »

When faced with failure, reflect on the wisdom in this Japanese proverb: "Fall seven times, stand up eight." As long as you keep getting up, you are not failing.

We All Face It
Those who learn how to overcome failure become stronger. Let's face it we are all confronted with failure. The difference is how we deal with it.

Some people use failure as an excuse to give up, to become bitter, or cynical. They no longer try, they take the easy way out by saying, "well I tried but it didn't work." They try one thing and they give up.

Other people look at failure as an opportunity to revisit past decisions and to devise new strategies.

Doomed If You Don't Try
We think the words said by Beverly Sills have wisdom in them, "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." Don't be one of those people who later on in life wonder what would have happened if they had done things differently. Or, one of those people who then see someone else succeed using their idea.

When you look at why it failed and try and figure out what went wrong you will find yourself learning from the experience. And armed with new knowledge you can start again this time stronger.

Successful People Fail
Thousands of successful people did not achieve success on their first try, but they were not discouraged. They picked themselves up and went back at it with an even stronger, single minded tenacity to achieve their goal.

There are many examples of what some might consider failure. Many times we hear or read about the success of people, but what we do not hear is about how many times they started and failed, and started again.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Dreams Can Be Achieved
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:54:39 PM »

It really doesn't matter who you are, old, young, or whatever occupation. The most common thing we have in common is our desire to be more, or to live the life that may have once been only a dream. For some of us though, dreams are the closest we ever get to have a different life, or to be engaged in a lifestyle that better fits our daily fantasy. So, what makes the difference? Is it luck? Is it having a mentor to guide us down the right road? Is it simply being in the right place at the right time?

For me, I thought I'd never leave my corporate position. I had a career that a lot of people would envy including a good salary, and great benefits. But, as the years rolled by, I experienced more and more dissatisfaction with the on-going politics and the never-ending demands of working to propel someone else's business forward. I came to the realization that I wanted to spend my energy working on my own business or businesses that gave me not only personal satisfaction, but gave me control and to benefit from the fruits of my own labour. Some of you reading this thought as long time visitors know part of my story. For others, let me just say that I made the move away from the corporate world and, although it wasn't always easy, it was accomplished using my 3 favourite P's - patience, persistence and perseverance. Nothing in life is achieved without hard work, and the ability to overcome challenges. It wasn't any different for me.

One of my goals was to develop a small business that could help support our lifestyle, a lifestyle of basics not of excess, a lifestyle that would allow us to do what we wanted, what we loved, and what would allow us to be creative. And, it wasn't that we didn't attempt a few things that didn't work out. With perseverance as our ally, we were able to find, grow, and benefit from an art form that was both fun and creative. That art form was the creation of fused glass jewellery products and fused glass motivational products. And, at this point, we are able to say that people throughout many parts of the world have enjoyed our fused glass one-of-a-kind products. The point is this; don't let obstacles stand in your way; learn to view failures as an opportunity to find out what works and what doesn't work; develop the inner attitude of patience, persistence, and perseverance; and, defeat your own procrastination through action not dreaming.

Part of our success is the joy of having our son be involved in our business, and his enthusiasm in helping us succeed by creating an on-line store that will allow many more people to enjoy one or more of our creations, creations that were once only a dream. Dreams can come true.

And, remember this: a dream is only a goal unplanned and not yet put into action.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Write Your Vision Statement
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:54:09 PM »

What is your vision of the future?

See Where You Could Be
To have a vision for your life is to see where you could be, not where you are now. Great leaders move people not by what they see today, but by what they see as the future.

Your vision may result in travelling down a different road than your friends.

Successful Corporations Have Them
Many corporations have clearly defined "vision" statements. These statements allow the employees, and shareholders, to see where the company wants to go, and what it wants to achieve.

Do you know what you want, and where you are going? A personal vision statement allows you to look forward to the future with positive expectations for yourself.

Before You Start
Before you write your vision statement, think of it as a high level statement about what you want from life. It is a statement, one to two lines at the most.

From your vision statement you can then set your goals. Many people set goals but forget about the vision statement.

Writing your own vision statement gives you a high level statement and will help keep you focused as you then think about setting your goals.

To use the wisdom of W. Clement Stone who once said, "The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision."

Joseph Campbell's Thought
You can also think about your vision statement as what you are dreaming or wishing for. Joseph Campbell's quotes summarizes this thought well when he said, "A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. A goal is what specifically you intend to make happen. Dreams and goals should be just out of your present reach but not out of sight. Dreams and goals are coming attractions in your life."

Your Future
Envision your future? Set your direction. Write your vision statement!

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Success and Giving
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:51:52 PM »
What is success?

To some it is money; to others it is position; yet to others, it is power. We all have different thoughts on what constitutes a successful person. And, at different times in our lives you may find that success will have a different meaning.

In developing your own definition of success, think of others and how you can help them.
If success means money to you, then donate money to a worthwhile charity.

If success means a position of status, then share your knowledge with others.

If success means power to you, then use that to advance worthwhile causes.

If success means happiness to you, then work at a job you love.
All to often, we get caught up in all the things we want, and forget to give back to the world. Our society seems to place more value on how much we have rather than how much we give.

What a different world it would be if society placed more value on how much we gave! If success was defined as helping others our world would be a changed world.

The words of wisdom said by Martin Luther King, Jr., sums up our thought:

"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries
or the size of our automobile rather than by
the quality of our service and relationship to humanity."

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / See The Positive In All Situations
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:51:11 PM »

Learn to look at every difficult situation as a present; the gift within is the possibilities it holds. To open the gift you must find the "possibility".

When you are in a difficult or a stressful situation, reflect on the following four questions:
1) Could it be worse?
2) Are there lessons I can learn to avoid a similar situation in the future?
3) What good can be realized?
4) What am I going to do about it?

In the majority of cases, there is always a worse situation we could be in. By reflecting on a worse situation, it helps put the current situation into perspective.

Look at the situation. Could it have been avoided? Don't go beating yourself up for not realizing this previously. Learn from the situation. Mistakes are our greatest teachers! No sense dwelling on the issue. Recognize and think of ways for the future to avoid a similar situation and then move on! Remember you can't change the past, but you can change the future!

This is the gift. Rather than focusing our energy and thoughts on the negative of the situation, look for the positive. Sometimes you have to look hard, sometimes you don't even realize until later. But in every situation, there is positive, you just have to find it! By focusing on the positive you are helping to reduce your stress levels!

In my opinion, this is the most critical! What are you going to do? Often just by taking action, by doing something about the situation can relieve the stress and help correct the situation.

If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, YOU CAN positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible.   

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Just A Customer
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:50:35 PM »

Being self-employed, I realize the importance of a customer. Recently, I was in a situation where the customer service I received was appalling. First the person who was waiting on me made me feel like I was taking time from their day. They didn't seem to have any real concern for the situation I needed help with. While explaining my situation to them, their phone rang and they immediately picked up the phone without so much as an "excuse me". To make a long story short, my situation is still not resolved. I left the store vowing never to shop there again.

A couple of days later I saw the following on a poster and I thought whoever wrote this truly understood the importance of a customer:
A customer is the most important person in any business
A customer is not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon him.
A customer is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it.
A customer does us a favour when he comes in. We aren't doing him a favour by waiting on him.
A customer is an essential part of our business, not an outsider.
A customer is not just money in the cash register. He is a human being with feelings and deserves to be treated with respect.
A customer is a person who comes to us with his needs and his wants. It is our job to fill them.
A customer deserves the most courteous attention we can give him.
He is the lifeblood of this and every business.
He pays our salary.
Without the customer we would have to close up.
Don't ever forget it.
What does this have to do with motivation or inspiration? A lot because how we deal with others is more a reflection of how we demonstrate our inner worth than the actual application of a business. A reflection of our inner self through great customer service means we give value to others because we value our own values; these values also mean that we care about service to others where the adage what we give we receive comes into full force.

Remember this: the more we demonstrate our much we care in the service to others also reflects how much we think about our own values and ethics. And, in direct application to a business, it doesn't matter what position you hold, without your customers you would have no job, no business. I would encourage you to print a copy of this and share it with others who deal directly with customers. Sometimes in business, we get hung up on inventory, business results, and other trivial matters. If we want to improve our business, we should first improve our customer service by simply asking ourselves if our service to others is what we would want if we traded places. You are who you are in every situation whether that be in a job or at home with your own family.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / The Play of Your Life
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:49:54 PM »

Life can sometimes be like a play the difference is how you act. We hope the words of wisdom in this thought reminds you that life is not a rehearsal.

What we think is only a rehearsal.

The play begins once we take action. We can think and think about things for a long time, but if we don't take action, our thinking is only a rehearsal.

The same applies to talking. It is easy to talk about what we are going to do, but it doesn't mean anything until we take action and make it happen.

Far too many people assume that they only have to take a few steps to be successful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that sitting on a couch watching TV, or drinking, or playing a sport just cannot help towards success. It is a matter of being able to take action after action and never be dissuaded from moving forward by obstacles.

Obstacles crossed are simply stepping stones onward. Nothing is ever accomplished without some sort of challenge or obstacles.

The real test to what you want to achieve is how easy it is to give up. Or, more often than not, it is only a matter of finding an available excuse to quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit ? believe and live this and you will succeed where others fail.

What is it you would like to achieve?

So, you have an opportunity to write your own play, a play where you can be in the lead role and there are thousands sitting in the audience applauding. The first thing to do is to sit down and create a play that ensures that there is a strategy where every move, every action, and each chapter is written in a clear dialogue that can be completely understood and followed. This will mean that your opening chapter of the play sets the scene so the main character in the play, this is you, knows where to go and what to say. Each chapter must be as clear and focused as the last and must lead into the next chapter without any gaps in what to do.

There will be times in the play that you might find that you have to somewhat rewrite your chapter because of small snags, or your props for the play must be redesigned. This is not an unusual occurrence so you must set out from the beginning realizing that a rewrite either small or large may just happen. There are no guarantees that every chapter unfolds just the way you originally intended.

As you know in any production, there is a reason to have a trial run or several rehearsals. This is a sound idea because this is the time where you can find that certain readjustments are vital if the play is to succeed. One of the best ways to rehearse your beginning play is to invite a small but critical audience of the best advisors you can find. These are not just a few people that you pick willy nilly but are people who know quite a lot about the total play having either witnessed first hand a similar kind of play, or have actually been in a production that accomplished the same end that you want.

It is the feedback from this rehearsal that will allow you to rewrite critical elements of the play so that mistakes or poor flow can be corrected before the opening night. After your rehearsal and all appears to be set properly, this is the time to go into full production. There is no better time than right now to set the stage, bring all parts of the play into reality, and go for that ear splitting applause.

Think about what it is you want. Then, set realistic goals by asking yourself whether your goals are consistent with your own values? Communicate your goal. Write it down. Verbally share it with someone you trust and who will support you.

Then, take action! Start working toward your goals today.

Don't let your ideas and goals be just a rehearsal.
Take action and let them be the play of your life!

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / The Finish
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:49:16 PM »

How many years has it been since you graduated from high school, or college or university?

For some of you, I bet it has been quite a few years. And, for these people where it has been many years since graduation, you may be thinking that you do not have to learn anything new or take any more courses.

Life Has a Way of Telling You Different.
You may have found yourself cast off by your employer and when you go out to the marketplace to offer your services, you find that you are not able to find work.


Do you think that just maybe it has something to do with your qualifications?

Several Things that You Might Consider
One of these is to look into a different career altogether where you can take your qualifications and experience and transport these to another job. In this case, you are offering a series of experiences that relate to the new job you are seeking.

On the other hand, you may have to look into taking upgrading courses in your specialty area, or you may have to examine the possibility, like many have done, to start a totally new career path. If this is the case, you will have to consider going back to school full-time, or on a part-time basis while you find some other kind of work that can pay the bills.

Or, you may need to consider the possibility of taking something you really enjoy doing and turning that into a business. But, starting a business takes money and time to get your business up and running and time to make a profit. If you desire to start a business, you may have to still go out to work for someone else and then plan to go into your own business as you become financially stable again.

Keep Learning
As a lot of us have found out, graduation only means that you are ready to keep learning, to keep your skills advanced and growing because you never know when you will find yourself out on the street.

Continuous learning isn't just a matter of something that is interesting to do - it is . . .

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Smiles Are Sunshine For All
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:48:40 PM »
Research has shown that smiles can be heard. When a person who is speaking on the phone is smiling, the person listening can actually sense it.

Many telemarketing companies require that their telemarketers speak to their mirrored reflection so they can see their facial expressions. If they are not smiling, they can see themselves in the mirror as a reminder to smile as they speak.

Reasons Why Smiling Is Better Than Frowning
- It takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown "It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown." Author Unknown

- Smiling will relieve stress whereas frowning can actually increase stress "It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body... the heart." Author Unknown

- People are attracted to those who smile. When was the last time you wanted to meet a person who was frowning? "Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?" George Eliot

- Smile and your eyes lighten up. Frown and your eyes darken. "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important." Janet Lane

- The cost of a smile is zero. "A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks." Charles Gordy

A Signal?
When you smile, you are certainly transmitting a special signal to those who are in receipt and to others who observe your smile.

This was a signal that I used quite often in various work that I did over the years and have even tested the theory that a smile is a more welcoming sign for people to approach than if you do not smile.

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Extra-Mile The Speedometer of Life
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:47:36 PM »
There is no doubt, we all put miles on our life's speedometer. It is inevitable; we cannot avoid it. But, this inevitability begs a question: when is it better to put on extra miles?

Confused? Let me explain.
Whether we go to work daily, develop our own business, or enter into or develop relationships with others, there are times when it is either necessary, or just a good strategy to do more than is required, or go the extra mile to make a difference.

Take Your Work Environment For Example
Your employer requires that you do a certain amount of work, or finish a project based on a certain yardstick of time or performance. All too often, people only do what they have to and no more. Their attitude is one that portrays the notion that they don't owe anything to the company, or what is the company doing for me.

Change Your Attitude
When you change your attitude from "what are they doing for me?", to one of embracing "what can I do for the company", you move away from being self-centered to become more value-added. You reflect the attitude of going the extra-mile.

Consider, for a moment, that you reflect an on-going "go the extra-mile" attitude at work. Who do you think will be more likely to get a bonus? Who do you think would more likely be considered for a promotion? Who do you think would be one of the last people to be let go when downsizing, or rightsizing comes to visit?

Apply This To Your Life
The same notion applies to a great many aspects of life. Often, relationships will more likely flourish when each person goes the extra mile - whether we talk about the union of two people, or whether we talk about service clubs. Who would you rather be one who is known for going the extra mile to make a difference, or the one who does enough just to get by?

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Beyond The Dream
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:46:56 PM »

Have you ever had a dream? I'm not talking about a dream that we all experience while we sleep. I'm talking about a dream that shows a new career or pursuit. Something that you wished you had.

Most people have these kinds of dreams and some people have the same one over and over again sometimes consuming their every waking moment. Is there anything wrong with this kind of dream?

Is This Daydreaming?
Some people might suggest that to have a recurring dream that depicts a new reality is simply daydreaming where this dream only acts as a way to fill the void from a less than satisfying job and provides a necessary escape from their current reality making it somewhat bearable.

The interesting and more significant point though, is that this dream may be what should be turned into a day-to-day reality that provides a more pleasing and fulfilling life.

So, why not invest the energy wasted on dreaming by developing a plan that will move you closer and closer to what you really desire?

Reasons Why
Some reasons for not starting is just that; you never start; you never take any steps whatsoever in taking any steps or actions.

If you find yourself in this situation, one positive action is to talk with someone you know who has changed their career, someone who has had to make sustained effort to change despite obstacles or circumstances. Why?

Simple. The person who has taken action to move beyond an unsatisfying career has learned what it takes; has developed a set of procedures; has formulated an action plan; and one who has learned to overcome obstacles.

I understand that this may be a little difficult just to plunge into implementing a dream, so, one of the . . .

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Attract Positives NOT Negatives
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Everyday, without fail, there are a host of negatives in the world around us. Some of these negatives are passed down by family and friends, and some are in every conversation you hear between co-workers, or those you just happen to hear at the coffee shop, or around the water cooler.

Just Ask Yourself
How many times have you engaged in negative thinking, negative conversations, or personal complaints?

On the other hand, how many times have you heard positive conversations, conversations of gratitude expressing thankfulness for what we have, of what we can do, or the choice of options that are available to us?

Don't Lose Sight
We are fortunate to live in a democracy where free choice to do, to have, to be what we desire is available. The sad situation, however, is that most people have lost sight of available options by falling prey to negative messages from those who choose NOT to make the most of countless opportunities.

What is really interesting to learn is that you need to develop a mindset of "creativity" not "competitiveness". This concept was clearly explained in a book from 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles, called "Science of Getting Rich".Napoleon Hill also wrote about aspects of the power of the positive mind in his book, "Think and Grow Rich", first published in 1937.

Moaners and Complainers
Despite information available to the contrary, it would seem that a lot of people would rather complain and moan about what they don't have, can't do, or wish they could have or do without exercising even one act that could start to turn their lives into a positive.

Sure, there are obstacles - sure there are challenges - no one ever said that you'd get everything you wanted for nothing.

The real fact is this - you can do what you want, have more, be more, but you need to develop a vision, an outlook of possibilities not an age old path of seeing a problem in everything you view.

Simple Truth
By forming a thought or vision in your mind, you connect to a source of energy that can create what you're thinking about. If your thoughts are negative, you'll probably attract negative events into your life. You will see the bad, not the good.

On The Other Hand
You can attract positives by being positive. Just try a simple exercise like smiling and saying hello to everyone at work. When you smile, in all likelihood, you will receive a warm response in return.

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