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Electronic waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. With the rapid increase in the use of electrical commodities the amount of electronic waste is increasing tremendously. Due to the ignorance and lacking of knowledge about the threat possess by these waste people used to treat these waste like the normal kitchen waste. But E waste may contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, or brominated flame retardants which can cause severe health hazard. So we should be careful about throwing those waste like batteries, cell phone, calculator etc here and there.   

Pharmacy / Kidney The ultimate filter
« on: January 07, 2012, 03:42:57 PM »
What kidnies do in our body? A very simple answer is that they filter our blood. But if one ask how they do that? Then the answer is far too complicated that even modern science is yet arguing to to find a solution. The normal process of sieveing is basically size dependent that is larger size particle will stay in the retentate and the smaller paritcle will be in the filtrate. But for kidney there are two more imortant factors. Particle charge and particle configuration. It was found that the glomerular(Filtering unit of kidney) barrier is negatively charged and hence it resist the particle of negative charge to pass through it. Particle shape also effects the the sieveing. 

Science Discussion Forum / Touchpad
« on: December 10, 2011, 05:08:43 PM »
In this era of science we are using many gifts of science in every aspects of our life but without understanding the basic thing "How they are working". A very common thing of today's world is touchpad that every laptop has for its proper use. But do we ever thing how this thing actually works? How our finger movement is understood and then used for different operations. It is basically the magic of electronics.
There are three ways a touch can be sensed
1. Capacitive
2. Resistive
3. Surface acoustic wave
Capacitive sensors are commonly used in laptop touchpads. Two layers of grid sense the change in capacitance at the point of touch and trace the movement of finger. A transducer creates an electric signal based on the movement which is fed into the system to move the cursor and to perform other operations.
Some links for more clear picture       

Textile science, events, trade and issues / Fluid dynamics of needle
« on: October 22, 2011, 04:41:59 PM »
Fluid dynamics of sewing needle is becoming more and more important issue in modern textile research. The motion of high speed needle and yarn associated with it and their interaction with surrounding fluid(air) is becoming topic of prime interest. Its the portion where experts in fluid dynamics are contributing to produce more dynamic needles.   

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