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Aarong engages some 37,000 rural artisans and handicrafts producers to produce its fabrics, according to a statement by the leading fashion house. Last year, Aarong’s consumption stood at about three million yards of hand-woven fabric.
Aarong’s sales in 2012 stood at about Tk 339.5 crore, says Q Pushpita Alam, programme manager (communications). Currently, the fashion house employs 2,113 regular people, she added.

Local clothing brands, like Cat’s Eye, Westecs, and Artisti, produce goods with imported fabrics.

But brands like Kay Kraft, Aarong and Banglar Mela are different, as they completely depend on local fabrics.

Fair and Events / Cats-Eye clothing brand and its outlets.........
« on: April 10, 2013, 10:02:31 AM »
Cat’s Eye, a popular  clothing brand that sells mostly menswear, saw 10-15 percent sales growth on an average in the last decade, said Ashraf Uddin Shiplu, the brand’s executive director.
The fashion house produced four lakh pieces of clothes last year, he said. Now, one of the biggest clothing brands, Cats Eye’s 37-outlet network covers five district headquarters, including Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar and Bogra, in addition to the capital

Kay Kraft currently has 15 outlets, including a recent one in Chittagong. The fashion house is also planning to open an outlet in Montreal, Canada, to satisfy the growing number of consumers abroad.

Greenhouse effect become  a great problem for the world. So we should be careful about it..

What an informative and instructive post?
It is really helpful for us.......


Some tips to reduce global warming.........

Step 1: Set limits on global warming pollution
Step 2: Invest in green jobs and clean energy
Step 3: Drive smarter cars
Step 4: Create green homes and buildings
Step 5: Build better communities and transportation

Wow....due to the blessing of hartal day  ...

We are now enjoying a vivid traffic jamless dhaka city..............

Dhaka is a mega city. More than twelve million people live here. Day by day the number is increasing and most part of Dhaka is badly affected by the population growth. More than 7 hundred thousand rickshaws ply the city road.
Which type transport should be reduced to minimize traffic jam in dhaka city?

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / Strike leads to no holiday....
« on: April 10, 2013, 09:42:36 AM »
No matter it is friday or saturday, we have to finish our responsibilities. And that is why we are taking classes the whole day on friday and saturday.

It seems we have no  holiday....

Just got a question in my mind.... need to know valuable suggestion ........what should we learn for better job sanctification?

Common Forum/Request/Suggestions / H.S.C Examinees getting tensed
« on: April 10, 2013, 09:36:57 AM »
Due to hartal...the students of HSC examinees are getting  tension..
As their scheduled exam are not held as a result good preparation are someway weakened....and causes mental disturbances...

What should our nation do?

No doubt are the most beautiful creation of creator...

and we all like this.........

What should be the ri8 solution?

during strike two parts of the society get the most hampered: Students and Patients. Students have their exam next month. But the syllabus is still yet to be finished. They are just waiting for when their make up classes will be held. Even the teachers are running back and through to look for their schedules to cover the make up classes.

It is observed by the medical world that after the age 60 years, the heart and liver start functioning slower and slower. As such, rest after meals is most necessary. And a change in diet is a must. Try to reduce cooked food as much as possible. Increase the intake of green juices, fruit juices, green salads, fruits and yoghurt, etc. which are easily digestible and which will give you enough energy. Moreover, light exercise, walking/ swimming for 40 minutes are must. Very soon you will be near nature and every morning will bring you new joys and new meaning of life. And you will feel young, sing merrily like a bird and will feel confident, of living for 100 years

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