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Students' Activities / ‘Smart City-Good City-Our City’
« on: August 09, 2017, 02:47:34 PM »

Workshop on ‘Smart City-Good City-Our City’ jointly organized by Daffodil International University (DIU) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Bangladesh (FNF, Bangladesh) held today on July 20, 2017 at Auditorium-71 of DIU.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Md. Masudul Islam, an Architect and Urban Designer who is currently working in urban projects in Bangladesh and Hong Kong.

Mr. Hamidul Haque Khan, Treasurer, Daffodil International University inaugurated the workshop. Around 100 of students were present at the workshop.

Students' Activities / Seminar on Anti Drug and Discussion Meeting
« on: August 09, 2017, 02:44:26 PM »
Daffodil International University holds “Seminar on Anti Drug and Discussion Meeting”
Madok o Nesha Nirodh Sangstha (MANAS) in Association with Daffodil International University (DIU) holds a discussion on “Anti Drug” today at DIU 71 Milonayoton.

Mr. Obaidul Quader, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was present in the program as the chief guest while Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University was present at the program as the special guest.

Professor Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor, and Professor Dr. S.M. Mahbubul Hoque Mojumder, Pro-VC, Daffodil International University were present as the guests of Honour. Founder President of Madokdrobby o Nesha Nirodh Sangstha (MANAS), Ekushey Padak winner and Sound Soldier of Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendra Professor Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury presented the Keynote paper and presided over the program.

The program was conducted by Ms. Fahmi Hasan, Administrative Officer, Office of the Director of Students' Affairs, DIU.

Students' Activities / Art of Living Parents' Day, Summer-2017
« on: August 09, 2017, 02:37:00 PM »
Nobody on earth can ever love us more than our PARENTS. They are the well wishers, best friends and the first teacher in our life. To understand parenting and their empathetic bondage by extracting from the past, bearing present and exploring future by involving them directly, Daffodil International University (DIU) organizes "Parents' Day" in every semester as a part of the course "Art of Living".

In this Summer semester, the celebration was held on 28 July 2017 (Friday) in the Permanent Campus of Daffodil International University. Office of the Director of Students' Affairs organized the program with full enthusiasm. Around 3500 people, including 1600 registered students with their parents, teachers and officials attended the day long celebration. The day was filled with love, affection and respect and thus we named it as "Celebration of Unconditional Love".

The program was addressed by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Daffodil International University, Professor Dr. S M.Mahabub Ul Haque Majumder, Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Engineer AKM Fazlul Hoque, Registrar, Professor Dr. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Proctor & Controller of Examinations, Professor Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Dean (Permanent Campus) and Professor Dr. Farid A Sobhani, Dean, HRDI. A large number of students and guardians also spoke on the occasion.

Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director Students' Affairs conducted the interactive program where a large number of parents and guardians took part and exchanged their views. The program was included with National Anthem with parents, Foot bath, Embracing parents, open interaction, students' performance etc.


Daffodil International University Photographic Society (DIU PS) organized a daylong photography workshop titled ‘Introduction to Street Photography’ with the help of South Asian Institute of Media & Film on May 27, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Din Muhammad Shibly, Principal, South Asian Institute of Media & Film.

Mr. Din Muhammad Shibly explained details and taught about the basic term of photography, tools and techniques and what should be done and what shouldn’t be done in street photography. About 40 students from DIU and other public and private universities joined this workshop through registration. The workshop was also addressed by Zayem Bin Tajdid, President, Daffodil International University Photographic Society.
It may be mentioned here that South Asian Institute of Media & Film is one of the photography school in Bangladesh which teaches students about photography, conducts photography related workshops, photography exhibition and so on. This year the institution will take only 12 workshops in association with different photographic societies & clubs and ‘Introduction to Street Photography’ is one of them.
It was informed by the organizer that Daffodil International University Photographic Society will organize this kind of workshop more in future.

Dr. Neil P. Balba, President, Philippines Society of IT Educators-National and Professor A, Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU)- Laguna, Philippines who is currently attending at DIU as Visiting Professor conducted the session "How to Become A Better Person: From Different Cultural Perspectives focusing culture of Philippines" held on 4 June, 2017 from 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM at Milonayoton-52, Daffodil Tower.

This master class was the part of the lecture of 'Art of Living' course for the students. The students were highly motivated and encouraged by the lecture of Dr. Balba as it became very interactive for students' spontaneous participation.

Students' Activities / A Dream of Stars
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:33:50 PM »
All Stars Daffodil successfully completed their first ever official tour in their club history and they named it as a “Dream of Stars”. All Stars Daffodil is not just a club, it is like a family. And who doesn't want a refreshment tour with his or her family members? So, they planned for a tour. For them it was more than just a dream to visit to Shajek Valley, they worked so hard to make it happen and yes, they made it possible. They were able to enjoy the breath taking scenery of nature.

Day one: They started their journey at 11.30 pm from Dhaka on 28 April 2017. After enjoying an amazing journey they reached to their lovely cottages in Megh Machang on the next morning (29 April 2017) and it was in their dream place, Shajek Valley. They felt like it was another home because the environment and the cottages were very comfortable. After taking an awesome lunch they went to Konglak Pahar, reaching there flawlessly with all of the members was indeed a challenge but they did it. Then happily and safely they spent the night after enjoying an impressive dinner.

Day two:  In the second day, they woke up early to enjoy the cloud waves. After taking breakfast they went to Hajachara waterfall on 30 April 2017. They went to Alutila cave, Tareng, Risang, Oporajita, Jhulonto Bridge, these places were undoubtedly stunning and the sunset was also magnificent. Then after a superb dinner they again started their journey towards Dhaka.

A tour with family is always precious. Sometimes words can't express how deeply hearts can feel. They said that they will never forget this tour because now their bonding with each and every members of this club has become stronger and more powerful. And yes, they have experienced the things that were splendid and beyond their imagination. They have achieved their first dream, now they have to achieve more and more.

Caption Courtesy: Tanwaz Shoily
Write up by: Sumel Ahmed, Artistic Organizing Director, All Stars Daffodil.

Students' Activities / "WE CAMP, Journey from I to WE"
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:32:31 PM »
"WE CAMP, Journey from I to WE"- a special Foundation Class for Summer Semester 2017 was held on 2nd May 2017 at the Auditorium, DIU Permanent Campus, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.

It was a daylong session where the new students of Foundation Class explore DIU Permanent Campus, Club Activities and cultural performances by their own.

Daffodil International University Debating Club became Runner Up in university level debate competition of Dhaka Utshab 2017 organized by Dhaka South City Corporation held today (29 April 2017) at TSC Auditorium of Dhaka University. Daffodil International University Debating Club was lost to Dhaka University Debating Society in the final of the competition.

Mr. Mohammad Sayeed Khokon, Mayor, Dhaka South City Corporation was present as the chief guest at the award giving ceremony and handed over the Runner Up Trophy to the members of Daffodil International University Debating Club.

Students' Activities / Your Life in the Landscape of Mind
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:13:14 PM »
An exclusive session on "Your Life in the Landscape of Mind" conducted by Dr. Shankar Goenka, a Master Trainer on Whole Brain Thinking, Leadership, Positivity, Relationship, and Happy Life & Country Head of WOW Factors India Pvt. Ltd.

Coordinated by Office of the Director of Students' Affairs of DIU held today on May 16, 2017 at Auditorium-71 of Daffodil International University (DIU). Ms. Shelly Sharma, Soft Skills Trainer of WOW Factors India Pvt. Ltd. was also present at the program as co-trainer.

Emotional intelligence can mean the difference between behaving in a socially acceptable way and being considered to be way out of line. While most people will have heard of emotional intelligence, not many people really know how to spot it – in themselves or in others.

Emotional intelligence is essentially the way you perceive, understand, express, and manage emotions. And it’s important because the more you understand these aspects of yourself, the better your mental health and social behaviour will be.

It might be these are things you do without even really thinking – which can be the case for a lot of people. Or it might be that these are skills you know you need to work on.

Either way, improved emotional intelligence can be very useful in all sorts of circumstances – be it in work, at home, in school, or even when you’re just socialising with your friends.

So if you want to know if you’re emotionally intelligent, simply check the list below.

1. You think about your reactions

Emotional intelligence can mean the difference between a good reaction and a bad reaction to circumstances. Emotions can contain important information that can be useful to personal and social functioning – but sometimes these emotions can also overwhelm us, and make us act in ways we would rather not.

People who lack emotional intelligence are more likely to just react, without giving themselves the time to weigh up the pros and cons of a situation and really thinking things through.

People who are less able to regulate their negative feelings are also more likely to have difficulty functioning socially – which can exacerbate depressive feelings.

People with major depression have been shown to have difficulties understanding and managing their emotions. And research has also shown that more depressive symptoms are present in people with lower emotional intelligence – even if they are not clinically depressed.

2. You see situations as a challenge

If you are able to recognise negative emotions in yourself and see difficult situations as a challenge – focusing on the positives and persevering – chances are that you’ve got high emotional intelligence.

Imagine for a moment you lost your job. An emotionally intelligent person might perceive their emotions as cues to take action, both to deal with the challenges and to control their thoughts and feelings.

But someone with poor emotional skills might ruminate on their job loss, come to think of themselves as hopelessly unemployable, and spiral into depression.

3. You can modify your emotions

Of course, there are times when your feelings can get the better of you, but if you are an emotionally intelligent person, it is likely that when this happens you have the skills needed to modify your emotions.

For example, while average levels of anxiety can improve cognitive performance – probably by increasing focus and motivation – too much anxiety can block cognitive achievement.

So knowing how to find the sweet spot, between too much and too little anxiety, can be a useful tool.

It is clear that moderation is the key when it comes to managing our emotions. Emotionally intelligent people know this and have the skills to modify their emotions appropriately.

And this is probably why emotional intelligence has been shown to be related to lower levels of anxiety.

4. You can put yourself in other people’s shoes

If you are able to extend these skills beyond your own personal functioning, then that’s another sign that you have high levels of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can be particularly important in workplaces that require heavy “emotional labour” – where workers must manage their emotions according to organisational rules.

This can include customer service jobs, where workers may need to sympathise with customers – despite the fact that customers may be yelling at them.

This is why workplace emotional intelligence training is now common – with the most effective training focusing on management and expression of emotions, which are directly linked to communication and job performance.

It’s also worth pointing out that emotional intelligence is a cognitive ability that can improve across your lifespan. So if you haven’t recognized much of yourself in the traits listed above, fear not, there’s still time for you to work on your emotional intelligence.

By: Kimberly A. Barchard
Associate Professor in Quantitative Psychology, University of Nevada
Jose M. Mestre
Professor of Emotion and Motivation, University of Cadiz


বাংলা নববর্ষ- ১৪২৪ কে বরণ করতে ড্যাফোডিল ইন্টারন্যাশনাল ইউনিভার্সিটির ক্লাবসমূহ বৃহৎ পরিসরে আয়োজন করতে যাচ্ছে দুদিন ব্যাপী উৎসবঃ বৈশাখ পার্বণে- ১৪২৪। এতে রয়েছে আলপনা উৎসব (ধানমণ্ডি ২৭- ৩২ নং রোড সিগন্যাল পর্যন্ত ১৩ এপ্রিল রাত ১০:৩০ থেকে ১৪ এপ্রিল ভোর পর্যন্ত) গানে গানে নববর্ষ বরণ, মঙ্গল শোভাযাত্রা, মেহেদি উৎসব, পুঁথিপাঠ, কনসার্টসহ আরো অনেক কিছু।

ইভেন্ট লিঙ্কঃ

The Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment of Daffodil International University organized a seminar on “Social Awareness and Ethical Development of Students” on 29 March 2017 in the auditorium of Uttara Campus, DIU at 11 am. Ms. Rahima Sultana Reeta, Self-Management Counselor was the Keynote Speaker.

The program began with the recitation from the Holy Quran. CSE student Masrur Nayem recited the verses. In his welcome speech Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director, Students’ Affairs, DIU pointed out the need to open up and talk about stigmatized issues in our life for a deeper understanding. Ms. Rahima Sultana Reeta, Self-Management Counselor pointed out the importance of treating male and female students equally and with respect. The Chief Guest of the discussion session, Professor Dr. Yusuf Mahbubul Islam, PhD, Honorable Vice Chancellor, DIU shared his life stories to develop a sense of respect for human beings through sharing responsibilities. The Chair of the session, Professor Dr. Md. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Chairman, Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment, pointed out the need to show respect by both male and female students in academic situations.

The Keynote Speaker, Ms. Rahima Sultana Reeta shared a power point presentation on self-management with the students which was followed by an interesting question-answer session. The discussion session ended with a short enlightening video. The program was attended by a room fully packed with students and faculty members of Uttara Campus. Mr Anil Chandra Paul, Director, and Dr Md. Harun-or Rashid, Deputy Director, Uttara Campus, Daffodil International University were also present. The program ended with theVote of thanks by Ms. Tanzina Hossain, Academic Director (In-charge), Uttara Campus and Committee Member, Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment.

To create and develop social and ethical consciousness among the students of Daffodil International University (DIU) a awareness session titled “Social Awareness and Ethical Development of Students” was organized by Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment at DIU on April 5, 2017 at Permanent Campus at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.

Ms. Shaheen Anam, Executive Director, Manusher Jonno Foundation, was the Keynote Speaker. Ms. Shaheen Anam, focused on ‘basic human rights’ and ‘rights of women’. She put emphasis upon how women today have shown that there is nothing they cannot do if given the chances and how they are marching ahead in all professions of every level. She mentioned that despite these achievements there are some stories of repression, killings, bride burning and poverty and there are innumerable women who live their lives in utter misery. She explained the way-out of overcoming their situations.

Professor Dr. Md. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Convener, Complaint Committee to Prevent Sexual Harassment at DIU was the session chair. The session was also addressed by Professor Dr. Mostofa Kamal, Dean of Permanent Campus, Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan, Head, Department of Software Engineering, Dr. A. B. M. Kamal Pasha, Head, Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM). A large number of faculty members, administrative officers and students were present in the session. The program followed by an effective interactive session with students.

বাস ছুটে চলেছে ধানমন্ডি থেকে আশুলিয়ার উদ্দেশ্যে। বাসে অধিকাংশই তরুণ, তরুণী প্রত্যেকেই একই বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষার্থী। কিন্তু বাসে পিনপতন নীরবতা কেন? কেউ গান গাইছে না, উচ্চস্বরে কথা পর্যন্ত বলছে না। সকলেই নীরব ভূমিকা পালন করছে। তবে কি তারুণ্যের জোয়ার থেমে গেল?
প্রায় ২২শ’ মানুষের সমাবেশ। অধিকাংশ ব্যাক্তিরই চোখে জল। বাবা-মা তার আদরের সন্তানকে জড়িয়ে ধরে কাঁদছে। তবে এ কান্না কষ্টের না, এ কান্না আনন্দের।
আজ একদিনের জন্য বাবা-মা হয়ে গেলেন সন্তান, আর সন্তান হয়ে গেলেন অভিভাবক। কারণ বাবা-মা এসেছে তার চেনা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় প্রাঙ্গণে। সকালের নাস্তা, দুপুরের খাবার এনে দেয়া, ক্যাম্পাস ঘুরিয়ে দেখান এক কথায় সার্বিক সহযোগিতায় পরম যত্নে বাবা-মাকে সহায়তা করে যাওয়া।

অভিভাবক, শিক্ষার্থী ও শিক্ষকের এক ত্রিমাত্রিক মিলন মেলায় পরিণত হয়েছিল শুক্রবার ড্যাফোডিল ইন্টারন্যাশনাল ইউনিভার্সিটির স্থায়ী ক্যাম্পাস। প্রায় ১১ শ’ শিক্ষার্থী ও ৬০০ জন অভিভাবক উপস্থিত ছিলেন প্যারেন্টস ডে উপলক্ষে।

দিন দিন সন্তান এবং পিতা মাতাদের মাঝে দুরত্ব তৈরি করছে তথাকথিত আধুনিক সমাজ। সন্তানরা ভুলে যেতে বসেছে তাদের দায়িত্ব। এই দুরত্ব কমাতে এই ধরনের আয়োজন সত্যি প্রশংসনীয় দীর্ঘ আলোচনায় এই কথাগুলোই বলছিলেন সাংবাদিকতা ও গণযোগাযোগ বিভাগের শিক্ষার্থী নজরুল ইসলাম, রাকিবুল আলম রাব্বি ও মুনিরা জামানের মায়েরা।

বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়টির ব্যতিক্রমী এক সংযোজন ‘আর্ট অফ লিভিং’। এই বিষয়ে অন্তর্ভূক্ত রয়েছে শিক্ষার্থীর কথা বার্তা, আচার আচরণ, দক্ষতা বৃদ্ধি, চিন্তার প্রসার ঘটানো ইত্যাদি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়। এই কোর্সেরই অধীনে ‘প্যারেন্টস ডে’ অনুষ্ঠান পালন করা হয় চার মাস পর পর। প্রত্যেক শিক্ষার্থীর জন্য এই কোর্স বাধ্যতামুলক।
স্টুডেন্ট আ্যাফেসার্সের ডিরেক্টর সৈয়দ মিজানুর রহমান রাজুর সঞ্চালনায় উপস্থিত ছিলেন বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের বোর্ড অফ ট্রাষ্ট্রিজের চেয়ারম্যান সবুর খান, বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের উপাচার্য ইউসুফ মাহবুবুল ইসলাম, রেজিস্ট্রার এ.কে.এম. ফজলুল হক, ট্রেজারার হামিদুল হক খান সহ অন্যান্য শিক্ষকরা।

সকালের নাস্তা শেষে, সবুজ মাঠে সবাই একত্রিত হয়ে জাতীয় সংগীত গাওয়া হয় এবং শপথ করেন পিতা মাতাদের প্রতি নিষ্ঠাবান হবার। তারপর সন্তানরা পা ধুয়ে দেন পিতা মাতাদের, অনেক বাবা-মা তাদের চোখের জল ধরে রাখতে পারেননি তখনও। তারপর শুরু হয় অডিটোরিয়ামে আলোচনা অনুষ্ঠান।

সৈয়দ মিজানুর রহমান রাজু বলেন, ‘আমরা সৃষ্টিকর্তার কাছে প্রার্থনা করি, আমাদের সন্তান যেন মানুষের মত মানুষ হয়। মানুষের মত মানুষ হবার জন্য আর্ট অফ লিভিং দিক নির্দেশনার কাজ করে থাকে।’
‘আপনাদের সন্তানকে বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে পাঠিয়েছেন সন্তানের উজ্জ্বল ভবিষ্যৎ নিশ্চিত করতে। সেই লক্ষেই আমরা কাজ করে যাচ্ছি। আপনার সন্তানের মেধাকে গুরত্ব দিয়ে সব দ্বার উম্মোচন করবার চেষ্টা করছি এবং উদ্যোক্তা তৈরিতে আমরা সর্বোচ্চ গুরত্ব প্রদান করে যাচ্ছি’, বলছিলেন সবুর খান।
এরপরেই উপস্থাপক সন্তানকে জড়িয়ে ধরতে অনুরোধ করেন। বাবা-মা তার আদরের সন্তানকে জড়িয়ে ধরতেই আবেগপ্রবণ দৃশ্যের সৃষ্টি হয়। যার বাবা-মা উপস্থিত ছিলেন না কিংবা অনুষ্ঠানের দায়িত্বরত অন্যান্য কর্মকর্তারাও চোখে জল ধরে রাখতে পারেননি।
ছেলেকে জড়িয়ে ধরে যেন মনে হয়েছিল যেন আমি আমার বাবাকে জড়িয়ে ধরে আছি। আবেগ আপ্লুত কন্ঠে বলেন, বায়িং হাউসে কর্মরত বাবা আব্দুল জলিল।

‘আমি আমার মাকে জড়িয়ে ধরতে পারি নি কখনো। হয়ত সুযোগ হলেও লজ্জার কারণে তা সম্ভব হয় নি। আজ আমি মাকে জড়িয়ে ধরে অনেক আনন্দিত,’ হাসি মুখে উচ্ছ্বসিত হয়ে বলেন ইংলিশ বিভাগের শিক্ষার্থী ইসরাত নীলা।
জুম্মার নামাজ এবং দুপুরের খাবারের বিরতির সময় সুশৃঙ্খল ভাবে খাবার সংগ্রহ করে পিতা-মাতার সঙ্গে খাবার গ্রহণ করেন। দেখে মনে হচ্ছিল এ যেন আর্ট অফ লিভিং এর ব্যবহারিক ক্লাস।

বিরতি শেষে মঞ্চ মুখর করেন আবারো শিক্ষার্থী এবং অভিভাবকরা। রংপুর থেকে আগত অভিভাবক মাহমুদুল হাসান সেলিম বলেন, জঙ্গিবাদ দমনে এ ধরনের আয়োজন প্রত্যেক শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠানের অতীব জরুরী এবং এই বিশাল সবুজ ক্যাম্পাস বেশ আকর্ষণীয় যা শিক্ষার্থীদের পদচারণার জন্য অত্যন্ত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ।
অনুষ্ঠান শেষে বাসে করে অভিভাবকদের গন্তব্যে পৌছে দেয়া হয়। এভাবেই শেষ হয় ছোট বেলার ভয়ানক রেজাল্ট দেয়া প্যারেন্টস ডের পরিবর্তন হয়ে আসা আনন্দঘন প্যারেন্টস ডে।



Speakers at the seminar said, all repression and abuse of women in our country is responsible for not establishing equal dignity of women, not to show respect to women’s work. So, first of all, it requires economical recognition of women’s household work. When women will become economically independent and self-reliant, then society will look into them in the eye of dignity. They said these while speaking at the seminar on “Role of Youth in equal dignity of Men and Women” held today at Auditorium -71 of Daffodil International University. Daffodil International University (DIU) in association with Mattra and Manusher Jonno Foundation organized the seminar to mark International Women's Day today on 16 March 2017 (Thursday).

Ms. Shaheen Anam, Executive Director of Manusher Jonno Foundation was the chief guest in the seminar. Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, Vice Chancellor of Daffodil International University presided over the seminar. The Seminar was also addressed by Professor Dr. A M M Hamidur Rahman, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Professor Dr. Golam Maowla Choudhury, Proctor, Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director of Student Affairs of Daffodil Intewrnational University and Ms. Bonosree Mitra Nieogi, Senior Coordinator of Manusher Jonno Foundation.
Addressing as the chief guest Ms. Shaheen Anam said, The main objective of our Liberation War was to build a society of equal dignity for Men and Women, But it’s a matter of great regret that after a long time of our independence, we could not build a discrimination-free society yet. Terming the youth as the key architect of all of our movement, she urges the youth to change their attitude towards women and come forward to build up the men and women discrimination-free society.

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