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Faculty Sections / Listening to Quran
« on: December 17, 2016, 02:22:01 PM »
Listening to Qur'an recitation is the perfume of the souls, the calmer of hearts, and the food of the spirit. Is is one of the most important psychological medicines. It is a source of pleasure, even to some animals – and pleasure in moderation purifies inner energy, enhances the functioning of the faculties, slows down senile decay by driving out its diseases, improves the complexion, and refreshes the entire body. Pleasure in excess, on the other hand, makes the illnesses of the body grow worse.
Abu Nu’aim states, in his Tib an-Nabbi, that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said that the benefits of listening to recitation are increased when it is understood – that is, when its meaning is understood. Allah Himself says:
…so give good news to My slaves, those who listen to the word and then follow the best of it…(Qur’an: 39.17-18)

Source: As-Suyuti’s Medicine of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).


Thank you for sharing.

Faculty Sections / Azaan - An Amazing Discovery
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:52:12 PM »
Azaan: An incredible medium for the proclamation of Tawheed of Almighty Allah and Risaalat of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, the sound of which constantly echoes around the globe.
Amazing though it sounds, but fortunately for the Muslims of the world, it is an established fact. Have a look at a map of the world and you will find Indonesia (an Islamic country) right on the eastern side of the earth?s central landmass. Indonesia consists of numerous small islands, the principle ones amongst them being Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Saibil, all of which are well known. It is the largest country in the world, with 180 million inhabitants. The number of non-muslims here is negligible.
As soon as dawn breaks on the eastern side of Saibil, at approximately 5:30 am local time, Fajar Azaan begins. Thousands of Mu'azzins in eastern Indonesia commence proclaiming the Tawheed (oneness) of the Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient Allah and Risaalat (Universal Apostleship) of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.
The process then continues and advances towards the Western Islands of Indonesia. The time difference between the eastern and western islands of Indonesia is one and a half hours. Hence, one and a half hours after the Azaan has been completed in Saibil, it echoes in Jakarta on Java island. Sumatra then follows suit and before this auspicious process of calling Azaan ends in Indonesia, it has already begun in Malaysia. Burma is next in line, and within an hour of its commencement in Jakarta, it reaches Dacca, the capital city of Bangladesh. No sooner the calling of Azaan ends in Bangladesh, it has already prevailed in western India, from Calcutta to Srinagar. It then advances towards Bombay and the environment of entire India resounds with this august proclamation.
Srinagar and Sialkot (a city in north Pakistan) have the same timing for Azaan. The time difference between Sialkot, Kota, Karachi and Gowadar (a city in Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan) is forty minutes, and within this time, Fajar Azaan is heard throughout Pakistan. Before it ends there, however, it has already begun in Afghanistan and Muscat. The time difference between Muscat and Baghdad is one hour. Azaan resounds during this one hour in the environments of Hijaaz-e-Muqaddas (Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah), Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iraq.
The time difference between Baghdad and Alexandria in Egypt is again one hour. Azaan continues to resound in Syria, Egypt, Somalia and Sudan during this hour. Alexandria and Istanbul are situated on the same geographical longitude. The time difference between eastern and western Turkey is one and a half hours, and during this time it is echoed with the call to prayer.
Alexandria and Tripoli (capital of Libya) are located at an hour's difference from one another. The process of calling Azaan thus continues throughout the whole of Africa. Therefore, the proclamation of the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam that had begun in the eastern islands of Indonesia reaches the Eastern Shore of the Atlantic ocean after nine and a half hours.
Prior to the Azaan reaching the shores of the Atlantic, the process of Zohar Azaan has already commenced in eastern Indonesia, and before it reaches Dacca, Asar Azaan has started. This has hardly reached Jakarta one and half hours later, then the time of Maghrib becomes due, and no sooner has Maghrib time reached Sumatra, then the time for calling Isha Azaan has commenced in Saibil! When the Muazzins of Indonesia are calling out Fajar Azaan, the Muazzins in Africa are calling out the Azaan for Isha.
If we were to ponder over this phenomenon seriously and studiously, we would conclude the amazing fact that: 'There is not a single moment when thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Muazzins around the world are not proclaiming the Oneness of Almighty Allah and the Apostleship of the noble Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam on the surface of this earth!'  Insha-Allah, this universal and continuous calling of the Azaan shall not cease until the Day of Judgement, and we should all make du`a for the same.


Faculty Sections / Lots of advantages of playing Badminton game
« on: December 15, 2016, 12:05:17 PM »
শীতের এই সময়টাতে ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলা বেশ জনপ্রিয়। শরীর ও মনের সুস্থতায় অবশ্য ব্যাডমিন্টন বেশ উপকারী।
এক ঘণ্টা ব্যাডমিন্টন খেললে ৪৫০ ক্যালরি পোড়ানো সম্ভব। এই খেলা আপনার গতি বাড়াবে, শরীরটাকে ফিট রাখবে। বুদ্ধিতেও শাণ পড়বে। গড়ে উঠবে খেলোয়াড়সুলভ মানসিকতা। ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলতে গিয়ে দৌড়ঝাঁপ, ডাইভিং, ক্ষিপ্রতার সঙ্গে কর্কে আঘাত করার বিষয়টি আপনার পেশি ও সন্ধির দক্ষতা বাড়াবে।
এ ধরনের খেলায় রক্তে খারাপ চর্বির মাত্রা কমে, ভালো চর্বির মাত্রা বাড়ে। রক্তে শর্করার পরিমাণ কমে। ডায়াবেটিসের রোগীরা হাঁটার বদলে ব্যাডমিন্টনও খেলতে পারেন। রক্তচাপ নিয়ন্ত্রণে থাকবে। হৃদ্রোগের ঝুঁকি কমবে। সুস্থ ব্যক্তি খেলার অভ্যাস গড়ে তুললে পরবর্তী সময়ে তাঁদের এসব দীর্ঘমেয়াদি রোগ হওয়ার ঝুঁকি কমে।
এ ছাড়া এ রকম খেলায় অস্থিসন্ধিগুলো সচল ও সুস্থ থাকবে। হাত, পা, পিঠসহ শরীরের প্রায় সব জায়গার মাংসপেশির জোর বাড়বে এবং এর পাশাপাশি এসব পেশির নমনীয়তা বাড়বে। ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলার অভ্যাস সচল ও কর্মক্ষম থাকার পথে আপনাকে এগিয়ে দেবে। সচল থাকার মাধ্যমে হাড়ের ক্ষয় রোধ হবে।
ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলায় আপনার দুশ্চিন্তা কমবে। প্রফুল্ল থাকতে পারবেন। সামাজিক যোগাযোগ বাড়বে। শরীরের প্রতিটি কোষে অক্সিজেন যাবে প্রচুর পরিমাণে। এন্ডরফিন নিঃসরণ বাড়বে, যার ফলে শরীরের ব্যথা কম অনুভব করবেন, মানসিক চাপ কমবে এবং ঘুম ভালো হবে।


Faculty Sections / Delete yourself from the internet with this website
« on: December 15, 2016, 11:49:54 AM »
Developers in Sweden have created a website that can help you delete your online presence with just a few clicks.

Available at, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck designed the internet deletion site as a place for people to "clean up your internet presence".

The service lets you see all of the websites you're signed up to or have accounts for and asks if you'd like to delete them or unsubscribe. It asks for your email address and password so it can scan for the sites you're signed up to. is fairly limited at the moment. It requires users to have a Google email address that is used for all of your online accounts. So for those ancient MySpace and Bebo accounts that you signed up for with a Hotmail address you'll need to go to the websites yourself and delete your account.

It also hasn't managed to retrieve account deletion information from every service yet so some appear with a greyed out delete button. And it may never work for smaller sites. That said, it does already work with most major websites that users would be likely to have accounts with, such as Facebook, Twitter and Evernote.


Use of Forum / Re: Daffodil International University Forum (User Guideline)
« on: December 15, 2016, 11:31:12 AM »
Very good post for a beginner.

Thanks for sharing a nice article.

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