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English / Symbolism in A Passage to India
« on: April 26, 2010, 02:54:34 PM »
A passage to India is divided into three sections –Mosque, caves and temple. Each section is invested with a symbolic meaning. As a matter of fact, mosque, caves and temple are the three major symbols in the novel. Firstly the mosque is the symbol of peace. Mosque section opens out the possibilities of friendship and affection between Indian and English which is one of the principal themes of the novel. It symbolizes the values of Islam such as the equity of all men and universal brotherhood. Marabar caves are the center of gravity of the story of the novel a passage to India. The marabar cave was another name of barabar caves situated near gaya in northeast India. Dr. Aziz invites Mrs. Moore and Adela quested to a picnic in famous marabar caves. The temple is the last section of the novel. This section comes as a restorative of harmony. The temple symbolizes the meeting together of different people represent synthesis and affirmation

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