A Sixer of success for Interviewee

Author Topic: A Sixer of success for Interviewee  (Read 1033 times)

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A Sixer of success for Interviewee
« on: April 08, 2013, 12:09:05 PM »
Six Effective Tips for Interviewee
   Preparation & Confidence is essential. 
(Look into the mirror. See what you want to see!!)

   First impression does matter in most cases.
( Sixer or a duck!!!! )

   Uncover the interviewer’s needs.
(Potato or Chicken!!! Feed interviewer what he/she wants)

   Relate yourself to the person’s needs.
(Drive the car I say!!! Present yourself as interviewers way)

   Think before answering. Understand, think and speak.
(Spoken word & Sped arrow are the same!!! Neither you can change nor can you get it back)

   Make a good appearance and show enthusiasm.
(Enthusiasm is the father of success!!!)