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« on: June 19, 2010, 12:19:10 PM »

Learn this principle of achievement well: We are successful in direct proportion to how well we motive other people. What we gain in money, influence, and power depends on what we cause other people to do. To succeed in selling, salesmen must persuade other people to buy. To achieve in management, you depend on the support of others to help do the work. To win an election, politicians must get citizens to vote for them. To profit, merchants are dependent on consumers to buy their products. Your success, then, depends on what you cause other people to do—work, buy, invest, sacrifice.

In whatever we do, we must have the support of others. To advance yourself through other people requires winning their cooperation. And the help of others must be voluntary. You can’t force people to support you. Nor will you gain much by begging or pleading.

Think for a moment how much your success depends on your motivational skill. You need motivational know-how to get your kids to do homework, to get an appointment with someone to see, to encourage your employees to put forth their effort, and to induce someone to buy your product, proposition, plan or idea.

Winning power and influence through skillful motivation can be learned.
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Re: motivation
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 02:16:12 PM »
Here are a list of 10 best motivational tips to help you:

1. You have to believe in yourself and follow your gut instinct. Having confidence in your feelings and if something feels right then you should go for it.

2. I make an effort to leave my troubles at the door. I have Stopped making excuses about why I can’t and taken action so I can say I have.

3. I surround myself with like-minded and positive people. I talk to individuals whose mindset is similar to mine, this helps me sustain and motivate myself to continue.

4. I constantly challenge myself to do better. I set myself short, medium and long term goals to work towards and make a point of looking at them every day, I use steps to chart my progress.

5. You really have to put the effort in to achieve the results you desire. You’ve got to work at it to figure out how to motivate yourself. Try to think broadly and look for opportunities to achieve more.

6. Stop talking and do it! Turn your To Do lists into To Done lists. Make your best laid plans happen.

7. Stay focused! It’s easy to say but can be very hard to do. I concentrate on one goal at a time. I take bite sized, easy to digest chunks and make a point of rewarding myself when I have achieved them.

8. An important consideration to think about is how you manage your time. Don’t overburden your workload with too many tasks, manage your time wisely.

9. Whatever it is you are making a difference to do it because you want to, for you and you alone, If it I someone else who wants you to change your motivation will be very hard to maintain. Your passion for what you do is the key to your happiness and success.

10. Change can and should be exciting. You have to be persistent use strong mental imagery and descriptions of time and context to build the foundations for success, and there’s always more to learn along the way.

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