Worlds smallest e-vehicle revealed

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Worlds smallest e-vehicle revealed
« on: February 27, 2014, 10:02:30 AM »
The Urb-E can reach speeds of 15mph, and even has space for a handbag or briefcase. When not in use, the tiny trike can be folded - and pulled on its wheels like a piece of luggage.'The URB-E Commuter is the perfect vehicle for the highly congested urban environment,' the firm boasts.

'Its three wheel trike design allows for added stability and greater lower speed maneuverability, perfect for navigating pedestrian traffic. 'The two rear wheels also serve as a very stable way to roll the URB-E around while in its folded position, similar to pulling a piece of luggage.' The trike has disc brakes, and comes in two versions a normal and a GP, which is faster. The external USB plug also allows you to use the URB-E's Lithium Ion battery to charge any additional device such as a laptop or tablet. The trike also has a special smartphone mount which can charge your handset, and lets users see the special app for the vehicle.'The URB-E App is being developed for both IOS and ANDROID, and will monitor battery charge, range, speed, controls for LED lighting, music, and navigation,' the firm says. There will also be an optional power override feature which will allow you to utilize your mobile device as the URB-E's key.

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