Corporate Baby Day Care Centre

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Corporate Baby Day Care Centre
« on: September 21, 2010, 02:07:27 PM »
Becoming a mother can be exciting, having good feelings, and fun... But one of the most distressing situations in a mother’s life is dropping her infant at home with maid. She can be plagued with doubt, worry and guilt. Various questions knock at her mind like, who will be with the baby?.....will the maid take care of her baby?

Modern world is very competitive and tough. Most of the today’s women are working in various firms or companies. After passing some days of baby’s birth they need to go back their previous job. So they are not able to take care of their baby for whole time of childhood. And in the small age of the baby, most of the parents concern is that where the baby will live when they will be stay in their work place as keeping a servant for baby is almost impossible in today’s time and also very much unsecured.

The modern times best solution of this problem is, Baby Day Care Centre. Selecting the best baby care center is important for every parent who are working and have pre-school children that need to be looked after. After all, in order to be productive at job, they need to know that he or she is well taken care of.

The most popular choice for working woman is Corporate Child Care. Luckily, many employers are starting to understand the value of providing this service to their employees. They support their staff with their childcare needs (like Grameen Phone). After all, more accessible child care means happier, more productive employees. Here working parents can put their minds at ease and focus on the workday, knowing that their children are in a caring, safe, and nurturing environment.

Benefits of Corporate Baby Care
Corporate child care programs generate a powerful return on its investment. By reducing absenteeism, enhancing an employer's ability to recruit talented workers and retain them, increasing productivity at work and retention ratio child care programs are not only an investment in employees, but an investment for the success of the company. In fact, after the first year of employment, most employee turnover occurs among the parents of young children. By providing programs that allow those parents to work - and perform to their full capacity - leading employers reduce the recurring costs of recruiting and retaining skilled employees.

                                                A benefit for your employees
                                                That benefits your company

1. Recruitment and Retention
In a study of employees with children in employer-sponsored child care programs, 93% of respondents said that work-site child care was an important factor in considering a job change. (Benefits of Work-Site Child Care, Simmons College, 1997). 42% of parents report that child care was an important factor in their decision to join the organisation for which they work. (Benefits of Work-Site Child Care, Simmons College, 1997).
2. Turnover
Among parent employees, 31% report they have considered leaving their employers due to child care issues. 85% percent of these employees report that a work-site centre would affect their decision to stay, with more than 50% reporting it would have a significant impact. (Bright Horizons Child Care Trends, 2002)

3. Absenteeism/Employee Productivity
Among parents, 45% miss at least one day of work every six months due to a child care breakdown. These parents average 4.3 days missed in a six-month timeframe. (Bright Horizons Child Care Trends, 2002)

Among parents, 65% are late to work or leaving work early due to child care issues. This occurs an average of 7.5 times in a six-month timeframe. (Bright Horizons Child Care Trends, 2002)

A MORI survey published in the UK in May 2002 by the Daycare Trust found that of the 104 employers surveyed, the majority of employers said childcare problems mean that staff are unable to work extra or late hours when needed (70 per cent) and cited absenteeism due to childcare problems (66 per cent). Almost half (45 per cent) identified difficulties recruiting and retaining staff, 42 per cent said childcare problems mean tiredness, irritability and stress and 40 per cent say childcare problems lead to female staff not returning to work after maternity leave (Daycare Trust 2002 n.p).

4. Employee Job Satisfaction and Performance
91% of all respondents, including employees without children, feel work-site child care will have a positive impact on the organisation for which they work. (Bright Horizons Child Care Trends, 2002)

Bright Horizons Family Solutions conducted the survey of 4,000 working adults: one group with access to employer-sponsored dependent care benefits and a second group without them. (Disclosure: Bright Horizons offers these benefits for employers and also operates child care centers.)

Among the survey's findings, workers with employer-sponsored dependent care benefits:

•   Were 31 percent less likely to report lost productivity due to stress?
•   Reported 25 percent fewer personal health concerns due to stress.

In contrast, workers without such benefits were nearly a third more likely to report being down or depressed and spend 20 percent more time dealing with childcare issues at work, among other findings.

Many employers are recognizing the need to provide child care in the work place, benefiting both the employee and the company. With more women working to support households and the need for dependable child care, this could be a win-win situation for both.
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Re: Corporate Baby Day Care Centre
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nice post informative ................ may need for women

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Re: Corporate Baby Day Care Centre
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I do agree with you. I think Baby day care centre is needed to our campus initialy.
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