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To be continued
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The Probabilities of Chance
Protein molecules are an important constituent of the structure of living cells. They are made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen oxygen and sulphur. Theses molecules are structures which may contain tens of thousands of atoms. There are about 92 naturally occurring elements which are randomly scattered. The probability of union of five elements of the protein molecule to form one protein molecule can be calculated to find out the proportions of matter which interact to give rise to one of these molecules, and, to find out the time required for this reaction and union of the atoms (Frank Allen).

It has been calculated that the probability of the factors concerned to produce a protein molecule by chance is only 1 in 10160 , and, the quantities of interacting substances to produce this molecule have been estimated to be so collosal as to be millions of times bigger than the universe. The time required was calculated to be 10243 years (Charles Ugene Guy).

How many protein molecules are there in one cell? And how many molecules of other compounds? And how many molecules are there in all the cells of the body? The total number of these comes to about 6 billion at birth? The making of all this takes only 9 months. Does this process repeat itself every day in millions of embryos by mere chance?

Al-Nutfah Al-Amshaj (the zygote) develops into billions of cells by the end of term. Each group of these cells has been prepared to carry out specific functions and was directed to a specific position in the body of the embryo with perfect timing during a complex process of ever-changing creation. Each of these organs has been constructed physically and chemically for the physiological and biochemical functions for which it was planned. Furthermore, each of the organ systems has been closely related and connected with other systems for co-ordination of their functions.

The question arises: Can this structural and functional co-ordination occur by chance and repeat itself regularly and consistently in human embryos and those of animals and plants? It is far more logical to say that the letters and words in this document, its headings and figures and thousands of its copies have come together by chance or as a result of an earthquake.

Those who worship the natural elements enter darkness (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). Those who worship sambhuti sink deeper in darkness. [Yajurveda 40:9]; Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc.