Ensuring better Career

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Ensuring better Career
« on: May 28, 2017, 11:32:54 AM »
Most of my students ask me, “Sir, how can I enrich my career?” Many of them are bright and want to lift their career up to a very high level. But the problem is, they have almost no idea about the challenges of making career successful. A good number of them even do not understand the proper meaning of the word ‘career’. In most cases, people think career means a “good job”. And they translate “good job” as a “job with high salary”. But ‘job’ is not the only way to ensure your better career. Similarly, “high salary” is not the only indicator of a good job. If you are truly committed to boost up your career, if you want to achieve an extra-ordinary position in your life, you must understand the underlying preconditions of getting success of your career.
I am passing fourteenth year of my career. During this long time period, I have worked for a consultancy firm as a Research Associate, a couple of national newspapers as a Journalist, a bank as a Senior Officer, and then for several private universities and a College as a Faculty. Altogether, I have switched my job for nine times and my current job is my tenth job. At the very beginning, I was a confused, less confident job-seeker. Over the time, I have learnt many more things from my failures which helped me to come to my present position. In the last ten years, my salary has been increased more than fourteen times and I have achieved a better position than many of my classmates who had better academic results. From my own experience, I have realized the inherent meaning of the word ‘Career’ in the following way:
                C = Creativity
                A = Attitude, Adaptability
                R = Rationality, Reflection of the Reality
                E = Energy, Enthusiasm
                E = Efficiency, Effort
                R = Result-oriented, Risk-taker
In summary, I can say that to be successful in career one must be creative, must control his/her attitude, must adapt himself/herself with new environment, must be rational, must understand the reality, must have high energy level, must be enthusiastic, must be efficient, must show high effort, must be result-oriented, and finally, s/he must be a risk-taker.
Bottom Line:
If you want to be successful in your career, focus it right now. Otherwise, you will be “planning to fail” in your career.