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Smart Edu ERP of Daffodil Software Ltd.
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:37:26 AM »
Demo Software:

Username: demo
Password: demo
Contact: 01811458825

Online Smart Edu ERP is a solution considering the current ICT trend, worldwide digital advancement and complex management architecture. We offer you a Management solution which is a blessing to those smart leaders who run their schools, colleges, universities, and institutions digitally to ensure smart education with Automation. This lucrative and customizable web-based Software Solutions can be handled by anyone with basic IT knowledge and it generates essential reports at any time from anywhere in the world.
Education Solution Modules:
1.   Academic Module:

i.   Education Board Information
ii.   Board Program Information
iii.   Class Information
iv.   Subject Information
v.   Session Information
vi.   Section Information
vii.   Curriculum Information
viii.   Subject Curriculum Mapping
ix.   Batch Information
x.   Teacher Assign
xi.   Class Routine (Teacher wise & Total semester wise)

2.   Student Portal

i.   Students Personal Information
ii.   Previous Degree/Study
iii.   Parents Information
iv.   Guardian Information
v.   Health Information
vi.   Reference
vii.   Documents List
viii.   Students Feedback
ix.   Online Students Account

3.   Exam & Result Module

i.   Marks Head Setup
ii.   Marks Distribution
iii.   Marks Entry
iv.   Grade Sheet

4.   Teacher’s Portal

i.   Teacher’s Personal Profile
ii.   Marks Entry
iii.   Class attendance

5.   Students Payment System

i.   Payment Head
ii.   Payment Head Setup
iii.   Tuition Waiver
iv.   Payment Collection
v.   Payment Lock
vi.   Daily Collection Report (Date wise)
vii.   Payment Collection Report
viii.   Payment Head wise Collection Report
ix.   Transfer Payment Report
x.   Transport payment Due List
xi.   Dues List

6.   Admission/Re-admission Module

i.   Admission
ii.   Re-admission

7.   Financial Accounting Module

a.   Chart of Accounts
b.   Journal Voucher
c.   Payment (Dr) Voucher
d.   Receive (Cr) Voucher
e.   Voucher Posting
f.   Accounts Opening Balance
g.   Accounts Report

Md. Ariful Islam (Arif)
Administrative Officer, Daffodil International University (DIU)
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