Business ERP of Daffodil Software Ltd.

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Business ERP of Daffodil Software Ltd.
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:44:58 AM »
Demo Link:
Username: demo
Password: demo
Contact: 01811458825

Business ERP Software: This software is a fascinating kind of business solutions for those, who emphasize on peace of mind, as well as want to adopt technological acceleration. The software is designed with a focus to address the need for any kinds of business. By this solution, you can connect your departments, branches, customers, suppliers, agents under a central system.

Followings are the module of this Software:

A.   Financial Accounting Module

a.   Chart of Accounts
•   Assets
I.   Current Assets
II.   Non-Current Assets
•   Liability
I.   Equity
II.   Non-Current Liability
III.   Current Liability
•   Income
I.   Direct Income
II.   Indirect Income
•   Expenses
I.   Direct Expenses
II.   Indirect Expenses
b.   Journal Voucher
c.   Payment (Dr) Voucher
•   Cash Payment
•   Bank Payment
d.   Receive (Cr) Voucher
•   Cash Received
•   Bank Received
e.   Voucher Posting
f.   Accounts Opening Balance
•   Assets
•   Liability
g.   Accounts Report
•   Balance Sheet
•   Trial Balance
•   Accounts Ledger
•   Receipt and Payment
•   Income and Expenses
•   Income Statement
•   Supplier Ledger
•   Received and Payment
h.   Money Receipt Pending List
i.   Client Ledger
j.   Budget
k.   Year End Process
l.   GL Mapping
m.   Purchase Payment Posting
n.   Voucher With Multiple Client

B.   Purchase Management

a.   Purchase Requisition
b.   Pending List
c.   Approve List
d.   Purchase Order
e.   Bill Prepare
f.   Payment
g.   Purchase Report

C.   Inventory Management

a.   Item Info
b.   Item Receive
c.   Inventory Report
d.   Branch Transfer Requisition
e.   Item Issue
f.   Lost Info
g.   Damage Info
h.   Pending List
i.   Approve List
j.   Item OB
k.   Reproduction Approval
l.   Item Requisition
m.   Item Requisition Issue

D.   Payroll Management

a.   Allowance Or Deduction
b.   Bonus
c.   Pay Scale Setup
d.   Payroll Configuration for Employee
e.   Salary Setup
f.   Generate Salary Sheet
g.   Disbursement And Printout
h.   Pay Slip
i.   Pay Slip Pending and Approve list

E.   Sales
a.   Sales Order
b.   Sales Info
c.   Sales Return
d.   Sales Report
e.   Exchange
f.   Money Receipt
g.   Sales Approve Pending List
h.   Modify Sales Price
i.   Sales Price List with Stock
j.   Perform POS Batch Process
k.   Sales Installment

F.   Reports
a.   Purchase
b.   Inventory
c.   Accounts
d.   Sales
e.   Client Ledger

Md. Ariful Islam (Arif)
Administrative Officer, Daffodil International University (DIU)
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Re: Business ERP of Daffodil Software Ltd.
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Thanks for informing.
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