Open your eye! 101 Professions!

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Open your eye! 101 Professions!
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:40:36 AM »
Open your eye! 101 Professions!

It is true we can change over our life anytime. If we get passion for our objective, we can achieve it of course. Unfortunately, we come to know about the real story in a much matured life. When we start to understand our ability and interest, it is too late. Frustration comes around of us.

Another reason of frustration is over expectation. It is very much true that our job market is not specified. When we see the career circular from a bank, the educational requirements are “Graduate from any discipline”. Graduate from English department is working for bank, BBA graduate working in the IT sector. Individually it’s not a problem but, collectively we are not choosing the right person for the right job. There are lots of reasons for this fact, and the principal problem is corruption. But we dream for Golden Bangladesh!

At the very beginning of our life, we don’t know anything but become doctor, engineer or banker. Our parents cite this. But it should keep in mind that everybody not will be this. There are lots of professions today. Why we don’t open our consciousness. Why our parents don’t show us the options. But eventually we realize that we are not walking in the right way. We become frustrated. As a result, many unexpected things happen in our life. Sometimes we don’t want our life.

Time is changing. The students and the parents are now very aware about their future. But the percentage is small. There are a lot of profession, job and career. We just need to be prepared.

Your opinion is highly appreciated.


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