Innovators Under 35 2018

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Innovators Under 35 2018
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:24:03 AM »
They’re building the technologies of the future, from stretchy electronics to new ways to test cancer drugs.

    James Dahlman

    His method makes it possible to test 300 drugs at once.

    Shreya Dave

    Her filtration system could eliminate much of the energy used in industrial separation processes.

    Shinjini Kundu

    Medical images are so detailed it can be hard to decipher them. Her program can spot what people can’t.

    Barbarita Lara

    An earthquake led her to invent a blend of analog and digital technologies for use when networks are down.

    Will McLean

    Hearing loss in humans has always been irreversible. His innovation may change that.

    Manan Suri

    His computer chips mimic the workings of the human brain.

    Sheng Xu

    Making off-the-shelf electronics stretchable.

    Huanping Zhou

    Her innovations could make better, cheaper alternatives to silicon solar cells.

Collected from MIT Technology Review
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