Following rules or showing humanity????

Author Topic: Following rules or showing humanity????  (Read 228 times)

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Following rules or showing humanity????
« on: April 08, 2019, 06:38:08 PM »
Humanity is a great virtue and is always encouraged. We always expect a person will always show humanity not only to other human being but also to all living being. But what happens when showing humanity will violate a certain rule? Should we still show humanity or we should refrain us? For example let us consider a patient who is admitted in a hospital due to some critical health issue. It is very common in out country that a group of people due to their extreme level of humanity and compassion will pay a visit to him. Sound normal and very appraising right? But don't you think it is actually going to be very bad for the patient to attend this much people in his current critical condition? He actually should take rest and be under the care of the hospital staff. Surely his information can be collected form the patient attendant rather than physically going to the hospital. It is really sad to see a large number of people making a hospital place crowded at every time. There are certain rules that people can visit at a particular time only (visiting hour) and can bring some selected staff to hospital but humanity is a the curse (in my opinion) that hinder us from following the rule. Another example could be sitting service bus. They have limited seat capacity. But everyday what we see is carrying more passenger than seat capacity. Here we also show humanity saying at office time they should carry more passenger, in rainy day they should carry more passengers. Very few people are seen arguing with the bus helper for this but most of them do it so that they can pay less for the ride. Almost nobody mention it wrong and violation of law. We have to understand if we continue to violate law to show humanity we will never be able to lead a civilized life. People will always have problems and there are specific ways to solve those. violating law to solve a problem will always linger the problem and eventually render it unsolvable. We have to build up the habit of following rules and for that many times we have to leave humanity behind. There are signs in Zoo "Don't feed the animal". It may look very kind to feed them, violating the rule, but who knows the food you are giving are harmful for them. The habit you are building in the animal will collapse them as they are becoming dependent on people. So may be we have to start thinking that what should we choose between humanity and rules.       
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