4 Layers Of The Internet Of Things

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4 Layers Of The Internet Of Things
« on: April 18, 2019, 11:43:23 PM »
In today’s age of fast track technology growth, it’s becoming very difficult to keep track of the rise of different technologies. However, there is a common theme underlying most of the modern technology trends. This constant theme is of ‘convergence of technologies’ and the internet of things is the perfect example of this phenomenon.

It’s very nature itself lends to the notion of a convergence of different technologies working together in unison to solve a real business problem or enable new products and services. But the problem is that the various players involved in the IOT ecosystem view the IOT technology stack from their own specific perspective, ending up confusing the audience.

So, “What is the link between IOT, cloud, Analytics, Data Science?” This is still a common question!

This article tries to allay this confusion by describing the 4 layers of an IOT technology stack.

The first layer of Internet of Things consists of Sensor-connected IOT devices:

The second layer consists of IOT gateway devices:

The Third layer of IOT is the Cloud:

And the Final layer is IOT Analytics:

For details visit here:

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Re: 4 Layers Of The Internet Of Things
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