FAQs of Job Interview!

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FAQs of Job Interview!
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FAQs of Job Interview!

Souce: Skill.jobs Blog Post

Welcome to Skill.jobs Career Article Zone (https://blog.skill.jobs/) and the ‘navigator’ of Career Development Center (CDC), Daffodil International University, your handy resource in starting your career.

You are on the spot but do not be caught with your guard down. Here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) during the interview.
Caution: This is merely a guide and not to be treated as textbook answers because there is none.

Question # I    : Tell me about yourself.

Tips:     Prepare a two-to-three minute presentation that briefly introduces yourself (where you are from), your personal interests (hobbies, community involvement, etc.), your work history and recent career experience, with the most time spent on detailing accomplishments in the last two areas.

Question # II    : Why do you want to join this company/organization?

Tips:     This question is intended to clue them in on your motive for wanting to join. So dig up the facts about the company, its culture and market. Don’t offer “give-me”-oriented answers such as “Oh, because it’s such a cool place to work”, “I like your salary and benefits package” or “My friends are already here and it makes it easier for us to hang out together”. Instead, demonstrate what you can chip in to help achieve the company’s goals and how your skills and experience match their requirements.

Question # III    : Why are you looking for a new job?

Tips:     This may seem like a straightforward question, but it is very easy to slip up if you are unprepared. Keep in mind that relating anything in a negative light is in bad form. Even if you got fired from your last job, try to keep your explanation honest, brief and positive. And since most terminations happen because of an ill fit between the company and employee, not so much because of performance, you could also try taking this angle.

If you left voluntarily, do not dwell on the negative reasons for leaving; instead demonstrate how you can make a significant contribution to the company’s objectives.

Some sample answers that may work:

 => I want to move my career in a new direction (Make sure you say something about this new direction).
 => My company was restructuring and I chose to search for better opportunities elsewhere.
 => I decided to make a change because I wanted to keep developing new skills but was unable to do this in my previous company.

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Question # IV    : What kind of position are you looking for?

Tips:     Vague answers such as “I want an exciting job” or “I want to grow my skills in this area” show lack of career focus and motivation.  For read more ... click the following link: https://wp.me/paugyn-98

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