DIU Alumni Participation at 10th Foundation Anniversary 2012

Author Topic: DIU Alumni Participation at 10th Foundation Anniversary 2012  (Read 1928 times)

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DIU Alumni Participation at 10th Foundation Anniversary 2012
« on: February 02, 2013, 08:05:15 AM »
Dear DIU Alumni:
We believe, all of you are already aware that DIU is going to celebrate the much awaited daylong 10th Foundation Anniversary 2012 at our Ashulia Permanent Campus. All preparation has already been done. We are anticipating a gathering of 10,000+ people there.

Attractions on the day:

- Displaying our unity for a couple of hours by wearing DIU Polo T-Shirt of different colors!
- Full page special supplementary in some popular Bengali & English national newspapers!
- Reaching the Ashulia campus around 175 buses from the Manik Mia Avenue. Other vehicles 200+
- Refreshing breakfast
- Visiting the beautifully structured and decorated 6 storied campus premises
- Encircling with banners and festoons with different themes and quotations
- Overwhelming with thousands of colorful balloons all around
- Delicious lunch packet
- To be acquainting & listening to the motivating speeches of our honorable guests
- Live telecast of the program at Bangla vision channel
- Daylong cultural events— performed by DIU participants
- Raffle Draw of 10+ air tickets & 100+ other gifts
- Live Concert of Ayub  Bacchu (LRB).
- Departments will perform their colorful & meaningful display

We must say, your spontaneous participation in this event would definitely satisfy you and it will be a memorable day of your life.

1.   Please ensure you participation by paying Tk. 300/- to DIU accounts by February 02, 2012 (Friday)
2.   Please reach at Manik Mia Avenue by sharp 7 am on 04th February, where the buses will be waiting to carry all of us at the program venue

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