Beauty tips related to make up and facial beauty

Author Topic: Beauty tips related to make up and facial beauty  (Read 1540 times)

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Beauty tips related to make up and facial beauty
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Beauty tips related to make up and facial beauty

    * To start with the morning, wash your face with water and when you take bath use mild soap on your face. Apply a good moisturizer depending on your skin type and remember that if should be having sun protection. Never go out without applying sunscreen lotion.
    * Apply a light lip color or lip-gloss in a shade, which suits your skin tone. You can put a dab of foundation on your lips before putting the applying the lip color as it helps to stay it for longer.
    * For eyes eye liner and eye pencil are available in many shades. Choose a good brand. You can apply brown eye pencil to give them a softer look. Use dry eye pencil on oily skin and do avoid eyeliner on small eyes rather use eye pencil to define them.
    * You can curl your lashes with mascara even if you don't want to put any other eye make up, you can use mascara.
    * Use light eyeshades on your eyelids for day use.
    * You can use compact powder a shade lighter to your skin tone on your face and neck to give it a finishing touch.
    * Always apply body lotion on your skin after having bath all over your body. It keeps your skin smooth and keeps the skin tone even.
    * Avoid using foundation for daily usage. Use it just for parties and functions and let your skin breathe.
    * Use a mild scrubber on your skin once in a week to remove black heads and dead skin and face packs to rejuvenate your skin.
    * Always sleep after cleaning your skin by removing your make up. Baby lotion or baby oil is good make up remover and can be used even to remove eye make up.
    * Use a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer on your skin before going to bed. You can choose a good night cream based on your skin type and your age. As for women who are 30 plus the requirement of creams are totally different than teen-age girls.
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