Your Participation Is Warmly Welcomed

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Your Participation Is Warmly Welcomed
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:55:43 AM »
Be a part
DIU Social Business Student Forum

What is Student forum?

Student forum is a Part of Social Business Cell Which Works to Make
social Welfare & Social Awareness among the Student as well as Youth


Making strong SB movement in Bangladesh as well as International

To explore the power of SB concept among the student community of BD

Change the World


•       Arrange Motivational Programs to motive student & youth
•       Participate Distinguish Social activities
•       Participate student or Youth Related SB and other research with SB cell
•       Arrange SB project competitions at different educational institute
         among the country
•       Arrange SB workshop at distinguish school & college to share SB concept
•       Publish SB Journal which include news of our current activities ,
        National & International SB activities , Motivational report , Article
        or Message from important person home & abroad and many more
•        Developed page in DIU Forum , social web ,Daffodil blog, Facebook
         Twitter , G+ etc to make SB & social awareness
•       Arrange  seminar on SB at distinguish Department  to sent the concept of SB
•       Develop a Personal Website
•       Making  a strong youth network\ Communication .
•       Many more

Go to this link & like our page

Thank you

DIU Social Business Student Forum
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DIU Social Business Cell
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University
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