Assignment on "The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp"

Author Topic: Assignment on "The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp"  (Read 14288 times)

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Assignment on "The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp"
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The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp


Mustafa is a tailor lived in one of the large cities of China. Mustafa is a poor man. He, his only son Aladdin and wife are the family members. Aladdin is a lazy boy, his father has tried many times to give up his idle habits but failed. Mustafa died cause of illness, soon the family falls on great trouble. One day a stranger, magician meets him and tells Aladdin that he is uncle to him. The magician spends money for Aladdin and his mother and make them believed that he is the brother of Mustafa. Magician brings Aladdin with him in a cave and shows some magic, then gives him a magic ring. Magician asks him to enter into the cave and bring out a lamp from there. Aladdin realizes soon after the catching of the Lamp that the person is a fraud. He asks the magician firstly the magician should help him to come out from the cave as a reply to the magician asking to give him the Lamp.  Then the magician closes the cave entrance by stones. A genie is come out from the ring and help Aladdin to get rescue. Aladdin discovers that a powerful genie is hidden in the Lamp. He gets lots of property through the genie. He marries the princess, the daughter of the Sultan. He has offered enormous rare precious things to the Sultan to marry the princess. He also builds a   palace in front of the Sultan palace. All he has done through the genie from the lamp. Aladdin lives quite happily till one day when he goes for hunt in a nearby forest. The magician comes again and captures the lamp from Aladdin’s wife through trickery. The magician removes the palace to Africa. Sultan arrests Aladdin and asks that where his daughter is. Aladdin understands what might be happened. He rubs the magical ring and asks the genie to bring the palace, the genie replies that he can’t do that because the genie of the lamp is more powerful than him. Then Aladdin asks him to take him to the place where the palace and his wife are. The genie helps him, and then he has killed the magician with the help of his wife. He again captures the lamp and rubs it so that genie can come out. He demands the genie to return the palace to the place where it was. Now Aladdin and his family live happily.

Critical Comment:

The story is taken from the Arabian Nights. It is a long story and includes supernatural elements like Genie. The story is very interesting in the sense that Aladdin can do or have whatever he wants to do. Though he is lazy all through his life but he is blessed by the Lamp and the magic ring. The Genie is bound to do anything that the Lamp owner wants. The story has all the features that are needed for to be a good one. The plot development is linear time line. The rise and fall, then rise and fall of climax take place in the story. The events are quite mythical. Children may be enjoyed the story very much rather than the adults.

Moral: Be aware of trickery.

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Md Kumrul Hasan
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Dear Kumrul,

I enjoyed the critical comment though I am an adult. Good writing.  I consider internet as Aladdin's Lamp.

keep on posting.

UK madam
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