We are not updated

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We are not updated
« on: September 04, 2012, 02:09:37 AM »
Daffodil International University is not upgrade itself. They upgrade what that don't needed to be. Their Lackings:

1. In new Semester some course are changed. Some are added and Some are removed. But in website we see that nothing is updated. so If anyone from outside Dhaka or Bangladesh want to see the courses then they see the wrong courses. Its the fault of IT members Of DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Because  Its a IT UNIVERSITY. We have to update in a second of time.

2. Every student can see the semester result of everyone. Thats not right. There must a restriction that every one can see only the result of himself.

3. No student know their payment. How much have to pay, if any student want to know, they have to go to the accounts. They have to go accounts regularly. If we know in web that the amount we have to pay in the semester at first, the amount have to pay in the mid term then every student be prepared for next.

  Ours is a IT university. So we must have to be very efficient and rich in IT sector.

We, The Student Of the DIU, request ADMINISTRATOR to make this improvement and give the university a big prosperity.
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Re: We are not updated
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2012, 10:25:32 AM »
My beloved student,

Thanks for sharing your feelings and some issues.

Your 3 issues:

1. Course Update:
Basically IT department come to know when Concern department inform us any information need to be changed.

2. Semester Result:
We can easily do that as we did for registration, teaching evaluation. But we thought that result should be viewed by parents and other well wishers of you. Well, we will discuss this issue to the concerned committee and will proceed

3. Payment Info:
We have done it but not published in web because waiver / scholarship calculation is not imposed yet. But we already discussed to publish it without waiver calculation.


Md. Rashed Karim
Sr. Asst. Director (IT)